God Hand is an incredibly challenging and rewarding beat ’em up that has rightly cultivated a hardcore fanbase with its insane comedy and indepth combat …

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video rating: 4.82
time : 7:12
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  • olbap se aburre 1 month ago

    I doubt this game is set in the Wild West

  • destiny spider 1 month ago

    Great video.
    Always nice to see this game get some attention

  • SaberRexZealot 1 month ago

    Been meaning to play this for years. After Resident Evil Remake and 4, I’ll play anything Mikami cooks up.

  • Gggmanlives 1 month ago


  • Tom Portengen 1 month ago

    Looks awesome

  • Matoro Zeliph 1 month ago

    I wonder why this game isn't on PlayStation 4 store. It's in the PS3 store though. Is this game on PC?

  • dtPlaythroughs 1 month ago

    Some people say Mad World is a spiritual successor but I never got into it. God Hand is a one of a kind gem.

  • KeithShizuo 1 month ago

    took one look at the ebay price and activated NOPE.exe

  • gilgamesh310 1 month ago

    I just got around to beating this game early this year. I originally bought the game about 4 years ago, but it took me this long to get into it and enjoy. I grew to love it more than just about any beat I ever played. It's very tough but also very fair. Just a brutally honest challenge.

  • Pantsu Pirate 1 month ago

    I really wish more games had God Hands type of humor and character to them. Cutscenes tend to annoy me but in this game I absolutely love them.

  • NewtypePunk 1 month ago

    Yeah this game is a classic alright, I had so much fun playing it. That part where you fight the fake midget power rangers was hilarious, well theirs so many funny parts to the game, and the combat is one of the most rewarding, when you get into the zone of dodging and weaving, then throwing out a whole bunch of kicks and supers, it just felt awesome. I need to go back and replay this sometime soon. Good review!

  • Hemang Chauhan 1 month ago

    Fun fact, this is on the same engine as Okami

  • Sir Grim Locksmith VIII 1 month ago

    That thumbnail needs to be a meme

  • BLOOD VETTEL 1 month ago

    I miss this game so much, had some of the most stylish and powerful combat/combo systems I've ever seen on a game from that era. Super fun once you were in the zone and I loved the customization in every aspect. Respect, Salokin 🙂

  • civilwarfare101 1 month ago

    I played this game years ago but got stuck on the fat dude. I was really low on health by that point in the game so I gave up. All though lately I do want to go back to the game mainly because I've seen gameplay vids of the amount of insane over the top shit you can do in this game. Plus I've beaten other Platinum/Mikami games so leaving out this one would just make me feel bad.

  • Pumpactionmusket 1 month ago

    Good to see you uploading more frequently. Always look forward to your reviews.