No filler, just racing. Get an extended look at Grid 2’s Hong Kong course. Grid 2 on GameTrailers: Grid 2 …

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  • Jerry Chan 1 month ago

    unrealistic view in hong kong, there no road like this in hong kong.  Can't be race in Hong Kong street?  What?  Macau street even more smaller that Hong Kong the street is more busy than Hong Kong, but still they can re-arrange traffic.

    As I say, Hong Kong Island Route 4 is a great "Half Hong Kong" track as well, for supercars racing a single track may just 3 minutes.

    If Route 4 linked to Victoria Road round Mount Davis, This road doing great challenge of up hill battle.  After this connect to Pok Fu Lam Road at north of Wah Fu Estate.  Than Shek Pai Wan Road, Wong Chuk Hang Road than the Aberdeen Tunnel, back to Wan Chai east Flyover and link back Route 4.

    Route 4, Pok Fu Lam Road, Shek Pai Wan Road,  it was over 6 lines 2 way road.

    The concern is not in busy hour of some road still getting trouble when plan for race:  Victoria Road, Aberdeen Tunnel and Wan Chai east Flyover.

    Of course it could start the race at 4:00am and end at 8am Sunday time, as this time for Hong Kong traffic would be very low.

    How about of south east of Hong Kong?  There problem only for rich man in Hong Kong living in Repulse Bay Road.

    For my highly suggest the route4 for Hong Kong race, the reason is we Hong Kong people own "The World's best skylines" city in the world that we proud with.

  • Hong Cheung 1 month ago

    yes it's unrealistic. but hey, if it's realistic, u can't race in Hong Kong streets to be honest. (if that's what you're after)
    It's wise to pick roads around the mountain, and add some signature buildings from far away, so as to make it possible.

  • Peter Chan 1 month ago

    this is not the real hk(by hong konger)

  • HDChubbydude 1 month ago


  • Diego Khoo 1 month ago

    we may check HK's Google "streetview" to see who's true about the route's authenticity…

  • MajorSir 1 month ago

    If only the real hong kong streets were that big.

  • Kenneth Hui 1 month ago

    wow, this is hong kong ? amazing!

  • I think this is good. If someone think it's not, then you better give me another option/suggestion of game software with such(Hong Kong) feature.

  • I do. Born in HK, been living in HK for 30+ years by now.

  • plumman23 1 month ago

    pretty fake, no such place /view in HK, they just mix up eveyrthing, unrealistic

  • HDChubbydude 1 month ago

    you're actually right, do you live there?

  • Hugo Tang 1 month ago

    There's no such a place in Kowloon

  • Zarko Misolic 1 month ago

    depends witch need for speed

  • TheJyippy 1 month ago


  • johnrickmartin 1 month ago

    this is not hong kong, and , gameplay is sucks.
    P.S. I have lived Hong Kong since i was born for 24 years, and this track is not exist…..=3=

  • This is not Hong Kong

  • Ray Leung 1 month ago

    gt5 = gran turismo 5

  • Kit Lam 1 month ago

    The first thing we will see if this in hong kong is rolling down the hill lol

  • matthew81610 1 month ago


  • Grandis 1 month ago

    Even though the roads are not exists in Hong Kong, they make the feel just right.

  • obscure-_ 1 month ago

    4 more days. Cant wait 🙂

  • Its obvious that none of the creators of this game had been to hong kong

  • FT9910 1 month ago

    wow, smooth road

  • Yiu-Сhung, Sunny Mak 1 month ago

    I hope we got such a wide road in Hong Kong…

  • Rey CalavaZa 1 month ago

    que divertido hurra

  • fifalgnd 1 month ago

    learn to read please 🙂

  • Mission Zero 1 month ago

    Hong Kong road doesn't like that big

  • Chris Redfield 1 month ago


  • PowerUp 1 month ago

    Waiting for this game~

  • Annie Soria 1 month ago

    @rawhbet true that dude BUT! this game is tight been playing all day >>>

  • Obsidian One 1 month ago


  • Marcus te Poel 1 month ago

    No cockpit, no buy!

  • Marcus te Poel 1 month ago

    It is comfirmed: There will be no cockpit view! It´s a shame and especially for people with expansive racing wheels.

  • Nagelfar 1 month ago

    who talks about gta5? gt5 is gran turismo 5 man

  • PressuresEric 1 month ago

    Wow! Looks like fun!

  • TheKnightV 1 month ago

    better than NeedForSpeed

  • JohnnyBNL1 1 month ago

    Booring with out seeing a steering wheel in front of you (Cockpit view?). Won't buy this.

  • Ben Crowe 1 month ago

    GTA 5 isn't even out yet.

  • fifalgnd 1 month ago

    ahem, gt5 had it before bf3, only gt5 looks real.

  • Christian E-O 1 month ago

    J.J. Abrams has actually been directing all of these games' cameras.

  • SaintSuperstitious 1 month ago

    God, I hate that lens flare/dirty screen effect. Why does every game have to adopt it? Thanks Battlefield 3…

  • domdomdrumdrum 1 month ago

    a race track in my hometown? guess I'm buying this game now.