We return to the world of Myst with Riven, the sequel to Myst! Keep your eyes and ears open for clues, and Wahrks… Game available here: …

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  • Never asked you but… who is actually singing in your intro? Would that be you and someone else? Regarding Riven, I had Myst and Riven but always HATED puzzles… so that never worked for me… My dad was the one playing. When I think about it today, I am having a hard time picturing my dad playing video games! He completely stopped after he turned 35 yo maybe. Wonder if I'll reach that point? Nah.

  • Hemang Chauhan 1 month ago

    Really great job on the art works.

    Also that strategy guide joke had me rolling. XD

  • Katherine Smith 1 month ago

    Great video as always! I still can't believe you have as few subs as you do, you deserve a lot more!!

  • Marian Apgar 1 month ago

    It took my neighbor 3 years to play and finish this game – he was determined to get through it without hints. He had a lot more patience than I do. Thank you for the great review. Oh, and I like your shirt. 🙂

  • Psychonara Productions 1 month ago

    Seeing as your reaction to the original Myst was kind of "meh", I was curious if you felt Riven holds up a lot better after all these years compared to its predecessor. Also, have you considered doing a separate review for "realMyst"?

  • Thomas Witt 1 month ago

    This was a Great Review with good jokes. Sadly we have to wait another year for the next Myst Review? 🙁

  • DarkNekoStudio 1 month ago


  • UziSuicide666 1 month ago

    Best adventure game reviews on the planet. Always entertaining.

  • TOMYSSHADOW 1 month ago

    Great video!

  • Markus Lampe 1 month ago

    The Cat Lady is a GREAT choice for your next video! Looking forward to it…

  • Dragon might fly 1 month ago

    First one! Good work!