During I mentioned I play a lot of terrible horror games I choose not to upload to this channel. This is one of them. WARNING …

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  • Millie Wilson 1 month ago

    Sir @cjugames dead sercet circle just came out. I need you to play it!

  • Ginger Kubicz 1 month ago

    This wasnt a bad game it was just weird lol

  • hellomikie92 1 month ago

    Best game ever! Lol

  • Justin Ku 1 month ago

    A masterpiece.

  • jmm1233 1 month ago

    Art house i would put this under

  • Zadose18 1 month ago

    Cju can you please make terrible games a series? These are beyond funny to watch

  • Zadose18 1 month ago

    The hoop guy lolololol

  • DJUniMekaju 1 month ago


  • Jericho Mortlock 1 month ago

    What in the actual fuck just happened?

  • Kotaro Fujita 1 month ago

    Haha. I never expected this to be Let's Played. So thank you for that.

    I helped made that game jam game. Unfortunately, it contains a TON of inside jokes that only the Philly Dev Night people would get at the showcase. I guess its a reminder when we make these games and post them up on, we need to provide some broader perspective about the game itself.

    So some context: Philly Dev Night does a monthly game jam. This month was "Down the Rabbit Hole" Jam, where we are at the "new world is revealed" part of the hero's journey. We're given 2 weeks to make a game and present it to the crowd. Part of what we do is then post it on to be able to record the games that were made there.

    If you're ever in the area, come check us out:

    And you can check out more weird games from those jams here:

    Your reactions is what I loved the most and were spot on. Again, my sincerest thanks (and condolence :-)) to you for playing the game.

  • BASSOSOVIETICO1987 1 month ago

    It's my first dislike for you. You've feed my inner stupidity and I didn't like it. 😉

  • MsAquamonkey 1 month ago

    The Willy Wonka bit was actually really sad, as Gene Wilder died today. :/

  • Jonas Christensen 1 month ago

    This used to happen to me all of the time when i was commuting to and from Copenhagen, all down to the sheets, the hotdogs and the asthma. It's terribly, really, but unavoidable.

  • Joseph Rutkowski 1 month ago

    i love that the first response to the door not opening is to look in the trash and say "hotdog?"

  • Nader620 1 month ago

    Completely underwhelming

  • Charlie Evergreen 1 month ago

    Did the posters say "Philly Dev Night"? Maybe this was a 24-hour development game? Ugh. Even so, it'd pretty bad. 🙁

  • Ethan Gonzalez 1 month ago

    Can you play bioshock

  • Scriptor13 1 month ago

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! "Hello…is it you that's breathing. Unlikely. I think you're dead. "(Pause) "Am I asthmatic??"
    OH, YEAH, that's the ticket. One truly dreadful game complete with hula hoop man, the battle of Little Big Horn, and haunted hotdogs (and a couple of French Fries). I'm a happy little girl!
    If you want to laugh yourself silly, Chris, check this out:

  • zeratulcraft 1 month ago

    He actually did it, the absolute mad man!

  • 1991Atlas 1 month ago

    well, that was slightly concerning

  • Black Pug 1 month ago

    >_> Please add a warning before sequences with flashing lights in future playthroughs.

  • Jamie Bates 1 month ago

    Sometimes the inner machinations in the mind of an indie horror dev is the scariest thing of all.