SUBSCRIBE TODAY: Big Rigs is heralded by many (myself included) as the absolutely best video game of all time. The game combines the …

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  • JoelTheChocolateGuy JoelTheChocolateGuy 18 mins ago


  • SunnySydeRamsay 18 mins ago

    You mean over 3 playable trucks

  • Ocean Blais 18 mins ago

    You are a drunk gamer if you say that Big Rigs Over the Road Racing is the worst game ever.
    this game is like
    Sonic Go 6, Bubsy 3D, Aquaman Battle For Atlantis and Billy The Wizard.
    all horrible games.
    they reviewed the Big Rigs poorly.
    Netjak – 0/10
    TechTv- 0/5
    Vgforce – 0/10
    Game Raiders- 3/100
    Gamespot – 1/10
    Thunderbolt – 1/10
    it recieved 3.41%

  • Griffin Vos 18 mins ago

    Where’s the battle Royale?

  • Shawn A86 18 mins ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm literally dying over here. 😂

  • Barath_ r BaTech 18 mins ago

    Will this do 30fps on at least low settings, on my 1080ti? Cuz the graphics are way too good

  • Paulo Ferreira 18 mins ago

    This game sucks dick it’s been voted 72 % the most horrible game the physics in this isn’t normal you can go through the trees and houses It lacks sound graphics and ONLY 20,000 copy’s where sold compared to other games this sucks

  • June 2009 18 mins ago

    stan what happened to the darkstone review? That was my first of yours I ever seen.

  • TRΛCΞ • 18 mins ago

    Apanya Yang Winner Pantat.
    Kan Gak Gag Lawan Siapa-Siapa Yak.

  • Staaelmemez 18 mins ago


  • Claes Andersson 18 mins ago

    Best review ever!

  • Kithro Games 18 mins ago

    I like the game it's hilarious with all the glitches

  • Eli videos and kermit a.k.a elis gaming channel 18 mins ago

    that is nothing like real life i mean common a big ass truck going 80 mph and how does it go up steep hills

  • Eli videos and kermit a.k.a elis gaming channel 18 mins ago

    angry video game nerd would highly disagree with you

  • docmass15 18 mins ago

    Awesome just got this game today. i wasn't sure if i was going to get it. but you made me make up my mind thanks man. BTW do you know if they're are coming out with any DLC.

  • DirtyDan 1020 18 mins ago

    Today is opposite day

  • doctorx0079 18 mins ago

    You can go right up a mountain! Come on! Who can beat that??

  • Phunky towel 18 mins ago

    This video is a masterpiece of sarcasm..

  • Sonic el Erizo 18 mins ago

    Nunca habia visto tanta caca junta
    Fue un espectaculo impresionante

  • Total Wafflez 18 mins ago

    You're winner !

  • doggydude98 18 mins ago

    The game crashes because it is so detailed

  • Isaac Thompson 18 mins ago

    The troll is strong with this one

  • CRAZY FACE GANG 18 mins ago

    GTA 1 is better

  • Repent and Believe 18 mins ago

    This review is hilarious you should make more reviews of good games like this. lol

  • Der TV 18 mins ago

    OMG AMAZING… what engine the developers are using ??? it looks so fantastic!!!!!

  • Ashley Percival 18 mins ago

    I was only 9 years old
    I loved Big Rigs so much, I had all the merchandise and games
    I pray to Big Rigs every night before bed, thanking it for the life I’ve been given
    "Big Rigs is love" I say; “Big Rigs is life”
    My dad hears me and calls me a nerd
    I know he was just jealous of my devotion for Big Rigs
    I called him a console peasant
    He beats me at all the games and sends me to go to sleep
    I’m crying now, and my ego hurts
    I lay in bed and it’s really cold
    Suddenly, a warmth is moving towards me
    It’s Big Rigs
    I am so happy
    Big Rigs whispers into my ear “I’m the best game ever made.”
    Big Rigs grabs me with its powerful gameplay and sends me back onto the game
    I’m ready
    I drive my truck for Big Rigs
    I reverse and enter the Neverrealm
    It hurts so much but I do it for Big Rigs
    I can feel my PC breaking from the amazing graphics
    I dig under a bridge
    I want to win Big Rigs
    I roar in a mighty cheer as I win the game
    My dad walks in
    Big Rigs looks him straight in the eyes and says “You’re Winner.”
    Big Rigs drives through my window
    Big Rigs is love. Big Rigs is life.

  • Fabricio M Vega 18 mins ago

    me pregunto quién habrá sido el afortunado que compró esta maravilla :v

  • Squeguin Gamer 18 mins ago

    The best sarcasm ever. I hope its sarcasm. If it's not, you need to see a doctor, you might have a mental problem

  • Yolo 54321 18 mins ago

    Man, this game is awesome! It's the best game ever! It has a killer soundtrack, epic gameplay, no annoying AI, no police, no rules, and last but not least, "YOU'RE WINNER!"

  • Lord Inquisitor Sec 18 mins ago

    Then we have established one thing only.
    You are not a good developer.

  • Cdub2k 18 mins ago

    5:30 Holy smokes dude just lifted up into outer space LMAO