Best PS1 Horror Survival Horror Games Of All Time Best PS4 Horror Games : Best PS3 Horror Games …

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  • thatonedrewguy 55 mins ago

    Clock Tower 2: The Struggle Within? As one of the best? You're nuts.

  • Paul Phoenix 55 mins ago


  • mata matosa 55 mins ago

    there was a game with a horror ps1 game with a clock DOES anyone knows it ? Not clock tower

  • Benji James 55 mins ago

    Clock Tower 2? I personally enjoyed the first Clock Tower way more.

    Nightmare Creatures 2? O.o The gameplay was changed, the style was dulled down and not as creepy – went from a creepy, gothic horror, survival, puzzle, hack and slash to overly hyper active hack and slash with no real magic that the original felt like it had.

  • Diego Gabriel Gonzales 55 mins ago


  • Ahmad Fadzli 55 mins ago

    I think most the highest graphics is the fantasy and horror games

  • 王大大 55 mins ago

    countdown vampires & parasite eve2

  • Robert Schlie 55 mins ago

    Why the music, I want to hear the game not some lame techno crap.

  • Khiet Nguyen 55 mins ago

    these are horror games why have this music so as fuck

  • Juno Belmont 55 mins ago

    Song: Aero Chord – Time Leap (Original Mix)

  • luc de Villars 55 mins ago

    seriously,,i think that the game BloodBorne is based STRONGLY on nightmare creatures…and of course demon souls gameplay,

  • Frank West 55 mins ago

    The worst game in the clock tower series and just a bad game on a too 5 best list.

  • Farhan mahmud 55 mins ago

    clock tower 2 is a flop game and its on the top 5 best horror games for the psx really.Play clock tower 1 first fear

  • Илья 55 mins ago

    Why so FUCKING LOUD?

  • MariiMushii 55 mins ago

    anyone know games from psx/ps2 shirtless male main character with tribal tattoo,look alike billy from resident evil zero?i think its action adventure games btw

  • Rene Lacoste 55 mins ago

    nightmare creatures ll MY GOD FINALLY I FOUND IT ! YES YES YES ! <3

  • Ahmed Ebshara 55 mins ago

    ياريت لو ترجع أيامات البلايستيشن1 أو يعملوا ألعاب البلايستيشن 1 القويه ع البلايستيشن 4 متل ما عملوا ف لعبه ريسيدنت إيفل 0

  • مرتضى الجمري 55 mins ago

    there is a game on ps1,you are the ambulance save the not infucted people upgrade your car how know the name of the game

  • DerZeppterdesAldi 55 mins ago

    3:39 Is this really on PSX? The Grafics look like its on PS2

  • dede9806 55 mins ago

    I never had any doupt about SILENT HILL being #1…

  • Dom Valdez 55 mins ago

    I need help please! I used to have this game for my ps1 and I don't remember what it was the disc was a picture of a hand with the number 5 on it and I just want to know if anyone knows what it is haha it was such a long time ago that I don't remember what it was haha. it was like multiple games but there was this one game on it where you where a lizard in some haunted house and you were supposed to escape or something but I don't remember haha does anyone know what this is!! please and thanks!

  • 飛段Hidan 55 mins ago

    Song name? 🙂

  • nosha kans 55 mins ago

    My first video games is nightmare creatures 2 <3

  • SonicoTheGirl PSN 55 mins ago

    Whats this music called?

  • Was it Nightmare Creatures 1 or 2 which was unable to be completed due to a massive bug

  • daniel pepin 55 mins ago

    Ugghhh I just played through edward carby scenario of Alone in the Dark New nightmare and it was really good through the first disk. Then when I got to the second half of the game I couldn't wait for it to be over. They must have run out of dev time for the game and just half assed the rest.

  • WildPinkSalmon 55 mins ago


  • Hunter Kempket 55 mins ago


  • Magenta Teletubby 55 mins ago

    Turn that fucking music off

  • Jason Vorhees 55 mins ago

    Awe fucking Sum bro!👍

  • scruffyfunny 55 mins ago

    Please specify the title of the music tracks… I'd like to listen to them; they're very hot!

  • strange ass octopuss 55 mins ago

    Music hot as hell

  • Québécois5677 55 mins ago

    number one : Silent Hill 

  • Rainbow Doge 55 mins ago

    CLOCK TOWER GHOST HEAD/ THE STRUGGLE WITHIN?!?!?! THAT GAME IS HORRIBLE! HAVE YOU ONLY PLAYED THE FIRST CHAPTER?!?!? If you have, I suggest you try to complete the entire game because it just goes downhill after the first chapter. The Original clock tower for the PS1 with scissorman should be on there. That game doesn't have a clock tower in it. 

  • Dustin Gavisk 55 mins ago

    Impressed you but Silent Hill as #1 

  • Gamer Geek World 55 mins ago

    Good vid , enjoyed. Can't beat the retro gaming scene. Recently did our top 8 games video on this beast of a console. Would love to hear your comments on our top 8 games