Get more information about the games in the list here! In this Top Ten list we look at the best games out currently that rock a nice action combat system which is …

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  • Alarnold 2 months ago

    lol dragon nest mobs jus walk back when u suing ur sword making u look like retard

  • Tactless Guy 2 months ago

    Why would you talk about Vindictus being an action MMO and then show Fiona, the slowest-paced character in the game?

  • Weighted Leos 2 months ago

    Vindictis for sure

  • Yukinari Okido 2 months ago

    Firefall would be a great example of a good combat system except that it's dead now

  • Sujal Thapa 2 months ago

    Actually Apm is not a big deal for me. But anyone has watched kings avatar! I want the same game with high graphics and a gamer God like ye qiu.

  • Dremora Valkynaz 2 months ago

    RuneScape 3 has the most complex combat system of any game I've ever played. It certainly belongs on this list.

  • GamingStew 2 months ago


  • mastermill79 2 months ago

    Yes, but lolli races, immersion breaking outfits, armor, pets and the fact aiming in an mmorpg constantly with action combat can suck a fat dick really negates your list as being a shit list which is telling of the impatient fps-mentality kiddies who invaded my favourite genre and turned it to absolute cancer.

  • NannersTV 2 months ago

    Guild wars 2 is a tab targetting game.

  • Robbie Robinson 2 months ago

    Kritika online combat still beats all these.

  • Max1892 2 months ago

    fuck tera, it's the only game i cant even load for no fucking reason and i maintain the shit out of my PC

  • ultimasurge 2 months ago

    dragon nest , c9 , and Dungeon fighter online seems to be the best in terms of action combat mmo's ive come across available out here in the west. Terra is not true action combat like it says in my opinion. it falls to the same tier of hybrid like terra does. Both of them far out class skyforge and never winter though. But again DFO (Dungeon fighter online) Takes the cake even though its only 2d. dragon nest second c9 3rd.

  • Renseiga 2 months ago

    any suggestions for a mmorpg with battle rating system and for low spec pc?

  • Inez Fitri 2 months ago

    Do all of them need to use internet?

  • Darkune 2 months ago

    BDO not on the list TRIGGERED
    looks at date of the video… ah ok

  • Isaiah Steele 2 months ago

    black Desert and Vindictus are the best hands down and also Tera is a poor example of an ACMMORPG

  • th3prot4gonist 2 months ago

    GW2 is NOT action combat wtf it's clearly tab target

  • Милена Матвеева 2 months ago

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  • Jeff Chandler 2 months ago

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  • sag1432 2 months ago

    vindictus is the only action mmo that has combat i enjoy but the game is dying anybody know any good action mmos with similar combat ?

  • blastomb 2 months ago

    5:45 10 is the new six a netfake original

  • Mimi Delapena 2 months ago

    old school mabinogi combat though!

  • Freddie Grant 2 months ago

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  • Zakky Asyqolani 2 months ago

    Dragon nest definitely beat the shit out of these lists. The only problem with the game is a jackass developer who doesnt give two shits about the player, and they only care about money. Thus the game is ruined by p2w system which is almost unbeatable if you aren't spend any bucks on it.

  • TheNastyBAGL 2 months ago

    Don’t forget wow guys. Nothing says skill like spamming numbers and drinking water at the same time.

  • SpiritWildfireGaming 2 months ago

    Hmm? No TROVE? No Elder Scrolls Online?

  • HighBridRed 2 months ago

    0:37 what game is that?

  • Kristaps Rieznieks 2 months ago

    Well as far as it comes to action MMo i found Kritika to be best… tho i didnt like it RNG that was way 2 harsh… 6 chars farming endgame dungeon getting 1 drop per month … idk i have grown 2 tired of RNG so i quit online games

  • Micheal Sam 2 months ago

    i just wanna to know…how to play VINDICTUS out from us

  • theeverlastingspiral 2 months ago

    You completely missed Fallen Earth which has a true action combat system.

  • Arthur Collignon 2 months ago

    onigiri is good at low levels but at around 80-100 it is basically spam skills regain magic and spam skills again until your enemies die which is why I stopped.

  • Dr. A.I. Kryptanical 2 months ago

    i'm sorry but in having played most of these games i'm disagreement with your past not but only due to the fact these just aren't the case anymore
    i've played a many mmo since 2005 with my first main being runescape then shaiya second which I started at 15 (despite being 18+ due to the gore) I was hooked.

    1. i'd have black desert as number 1 due to the fact your able to fully pad out the controls (this has resulted in a different controller setup suited to each combat style e.g. your standard warrior I had fight with a very zelda style controller setup and due to the sword and shield what can I say it works,
    then set myself up for my wizard and brawling classes work in ways that suit their abilities,
    what really shows of comfort is in my favourite the shinobi class where both kb/m and controller is concerned is how easily i'm able to switch between agile acrobatics, and amazing fighting and dash mechanics.

    I saw two ninja's having a battle in mediah at a pace seen in animes so I joined in the battle making an entrance jumping down from a high wall i'd used the ninja's double jump technique to get up too after sneaking up there unseen then proceeding to battle cry and then speedily dashing forward at them both
    some of us with controllers others with mouse and keyboard equally matched in level and fought showing our skills we fought hard and repeatedly killed each other with barrages of blinding attacks after much dodging ninja style combat,

    then the icing was when someone with the games new fighter…
    (like goku or at least saiyan inspired evident in the first purchasable style with flowing upwards moving chakra immiting hair all was missing was body lightning, with a martial arts gi as most of its basic class armour styles and even has an ability similar to kao ken in a way to restore stamina from the get go this class became predominantly op)

    …class joined the fray and used what I can only describe as the Kamehameha charging at a distance and managed to severely damage two of us the other damaged from battle died then dash forward killed me and proceeded to wail on the ninja still alive ending him with a ground strike.
    it was smooth and played like it should of been on console like the ff:XV which was great in terms of controls (and narrative) it just felt right especially in some of the quicker classes it felt like what the final fantasy mmo perhaps should of been.

    2. while I don't much like the game cause of all I put into and nothing to show for it as a leeching pay to win game after tier1 I would say DCUO is definitely in second due to just how good the combat feels and ever since i've been struggling to find a less pay to win hero mmo that comes close to this feel but so far nothing has emerged.

    3 vindictus: I found this fun but quickly got board due to it's limited area (I was a beta player for the orginal so don't get em wrong I just havent played it if it's much better now i will check it out), it's promised bf3-4 like level destructibility (which was scaled down shortly after and I mean it was like b3 or 4 as those games I believe didn't exist yet or 3 was in production who knows).
    and it's customisation of style even during creation was price tag locked and hard to earn in game, the repition got boring as back when I played it last the archer had released but I found it still lacked the fluidity I was hoping for in it's combat that black desert nailed yet it made 3 because it's still above other games like tera which i'll get to why in a bit.

    4.Blade and soul can't say this enough the combat felt fluid and great no matter which I did so why 4th you ask well cause some of the pve to pvp standards were unbalanced when I entered the beta and even on release there was people who could get you fighting simply cause you wore a piece of gear that's right gear, there was a faction base of the game and in the first town upon finishing the introduction your met with people recruiting whichever side you choose to wear

    if you should wear it in a pve combat instance any high levelers of the opposing faction would proceed to squash you like a bug as the gear was pvp gear that switched you to pvp mode you was often unmatched and it suddenly broke the immersion as all the combat knowledge you acquired was suddenly useless and made you feel powerless despite being able to do many things most mmo players have never experience and thats a tradition oriental martial arts fantasy combat system like house of flying daggers and such of the like!
    despite all this it is still one of the best i've handled on a controller and if they removed this issue adn also made it so theres no more instance I would be glad to rejoin the community

    5.GW2 this game amazes me in multiple ways at first though I was worrie dthe f2p would be much like my first f2p experience on WoW with a depressing cap of lv15 so I avoided it like the plague in fear it would be the same years later I rediscovered it looking for a decent rpg something that was fully free and I hadn't played I was shocked it was so good looking and the video creator set about all thats good about it. though it sets a price on clothing styles you arent wearing which i've decided to make instead it has a leveling system that unlike wow did at first amazingly you don't have a level cap in fact the only thing capped is the dlc,

    I have barely scratched the surface of GW2 I have a human mage and a viking like character, they each have a speciality of 4 in their class to choose from but it's different in it wont lock you to that choice so if your a fire mage you can still use the other elements (this reminded me of my days in shaiya as a mage in the original version good times man).

    but what really shined was the main focus combat classes I had a viking like guy strong as an ox who was based on the ravens wisdom giving him a pet (a tamer class equive) but it allowed you to focus on weapons rather than abilities and each weapon with it's own ability and even dual weapons provided a mixed hybrid feel to it as I got dual melee setup where you can switch mid combat I switched from sword and throwing axes to sword and torch which allowed me to burn enemies, while also having it's on dynamic light to brighten up the splendid ice caves in the game and the graphics in this were above dcuos.

    all in all it's combat was a a little ridgid on the controller so if i was in slow pace combat I would use that but as I came across serious combat that required me to dodge well and use more mobility I prefered keyboard though I wouldn't say fast paced wasn't entirely well suited in this game as it boasts pretty decent support.

    it's just I missed a game that felt as good on kb/m as games like shaiya did back in the day which even black desert didn't match up to that old school feeling for me but GW2 hit home and it's still going strong also due to it's damn good graphics for the time it was made(ahead of it's time boys)!

    6. Neverwinter: as a player of the original pc games I saw this and thort I might play it but inevitably with so many other games out at the time it took a backburner…Enter Xbox One… So I finally got to it (for nearly least half a year then got bored and then sold it only 4 months later) I was bored and looking for a good mmo with controller support as I had finally quit DCUO after over £200 spent on my pc account and finding there was no way to transfer to console which had much better fps cause the server wasn't merged with the others

    I saw D&D's Neverwinter online as opportinity to express it and it was well optimised the gameplay was smootht he story was great but unfortunately I eventually didn't like the feel of it and got bored but it's combat system was good and I could fight smoothly but not as fluid I had wanted which left it feeling like I was playing an online console game that was like diablo but with a jump mechanic it was too ridgid and didn't pan out for me.

    7.Tera it's controlls were good but there was often more abilities than controller buttons that left me playing in a hybrid back and forthe between the two and to make matter worse this is one of the worst games for optimisation i'd seen as alot of these other games easily outclass this game and some are neck and neck but don't tax the computer near as much as tera does,

    plus theres some of the characters that seemed a little extreme in clothing considering what age they appeared to be (but hey thats my opinion each to their own while I can't control it and it's the devs choice I'd reconsider if I was in their shoes while not illegal i'd be surprised if no tubers have talked about this)

    all in all it's good but it felt too heavy handed and overcomplicated compared to neverwinters approach which was well more balanced for a controller… all in all they are all good games but each have their flaws

    as for the other games on your list though I have never played so I I do not dare to compare as I believe i wouldn't have the right since I wouldn't know what i'm talking about when it comes to them except other people experiences i've heard of which I don'#t believe is the way rating a game works!

  • Jeremy Lee 2 months ago


  • the music made me want to play each game mentioned on this outdated list

  • Ibe Hyji 2 months ago

    First videos was my best

  • Jaq Hass 2 months ago

    Not sure if you actually knew the difference between first/third person shooter and an actual REaction based combat system back when you made this video as opposed to avoiding labeling whatever action packed game with the "action" genre.

  • Hristo Yonkov 2 months ago

    what is the game on 0:40 ?

  • BoxHead 2 months ago

    Where is Get Amped 2?

  • Sensei 2 months ago

    onigiri is okay…unless you played the PS4 version around the first half of 2016, then it was just bad an cringy, especially the community.

  • TR LaValley 2 months ago

    Gw2 was designed around an action dodge based system true, but its become all about bunching up to stack might, and other buffs. If your bouncing and rolling in hi end content your inviting some really caustic trolling.

  • musicsoundsification 2 months ago

    raiderz also got this action combat system…

  • You said #6 but on screen it said #10

  • Vang96 2 months ago

    i left the video when DN got #4… a combat system like that should be 1 or 2 compared to vindictus.

  • BFBC2_Cain 2 months ago

    I am surprised Vinfucktus is still on lists. Sure, it looks good and is probably good in gameplay, but I and so many thousands more, will never experience it for ourselves. Why? Cause the fucktards migrated and gave zero fucks to all. Half of Europe is banned…and even those who could before migration, are also fucked, cause they just so happened to be in that part of Europe that now is banned. To be honest, Vinfuckmeintheassdicktus should be sued and banned from any lists. They should be closed down and sent to bend over and pick up soaps and mop the floors. Not that I give a flying fuck tbh, but in the bullshit and scam department – Vinpaymemomoneyhoneyictus takes the spot, after EA ofcourse…