Details Adventure Quest Worlds is a free to play browser based MMORPG. With thousands of quests …

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  • Singularity Gaming 5 mins ago



    Oh god this is best online mmorpg i ever seen.
    This game is my childhood… now i am crying watching this in 2016 and aqw dying…

  • Quantimize 5 mins ago

    that awkwrad moment when there are alot more active people than now 2016 lol

  • Kham Yang 5 mins ago

    This game is a waste of time!!!!! Runescape the bomb lol

  • MC MC 5 mins ago

    My name in aq is mr_diamond

  • Black Shadows 5 mins ago

    free to play but the company is too much greedy and all they want is there player's money

  • William Foged 5 mins ago

    You make it sounds lame. I loved these old times..

  • Bjarne Hansen 5 mins ago

    Friend me on ROBLOX name: henr360a

  • Darkwoops 5 mins ago

    worst review ever…

  • SyncBO2 5 mins ago

    And ummmmm 2550 attack and spell power on lvl 1 im fucking 58 and my attack like 450 and spell fucking 50

  • SyncBO2 5 mins ago


  • yhulid londoño 5 mins ago

    regalo mi cuenta lv 40

  • Antonio montereperto 5 mins ago

    love the video evryone must leave a like and share and subscribe 😀 love the games 😀

  • dana simoni 5 mins ago

    Awesome game

  • Jackie Perez 5 mins ago

    Love the video

  • Narijenar (Vlogs fo Days) 5 mins ago

    Yay… Wish you did lets plays

  • MrComandoBaker 5 mins ago

    It's a "pay2win" game?

  • Supany22 5 mins ago

    I don't know if someone already mentioned… But there are new Armor too.. New starting armors since the start of 2014 or around that area.. Maybe before..

  • Philip Orallo 5 mins ago

    I can beat you I have ninja class

  • Philip Orallo 5 mins ago

    Im level 17

  • z5zack12 5 mins ago

    Level cap increase to 60

  • Lizard Patio 5 mins ago

    so much negativety

  • mike custer 5 mins ago

    Why would someone play this when there is a 10000x better browser mmo in runescape. or even Sherwood dungeons..this game looks so bad.

  • Lysa Eunice Villarin 5 mins ago

    I hate you just play the game I'm not just sitting here and just blahblahbla I'm sitting here to lvl up

  • +Gympo Gerin its funny how 55 is max LOL LIER

  • Nyxarc 5 mins ago

    Wait, did i write that? really? i didn't know…. and yeah it's 2008

  • charles roilag 5 mins ago

    started 2008 1st oct and beta ended 13th oct :S

  • Nyxarc 5 mins ago

    Really? I thought that aqw was on 10 October 2009

  • Gympo Gerin 5 mins ago

    i have aqw lvl 58 xD

  • charles roilag 5 mins ago

    The story line aint even done yet you idiot how long you been playin 3 months?
    And btw this game kinda sucks been playin for 5 years soon started 2008 24th sept buuuuuuut it kinda suck!

  • charles roilag 5 mins ago

    It is not over 100 classes its 78…..