Hi guys! Here are my top 20 retro driving/racing games. Only games from the sixth generation or earlier are allowed, and no games that have a driving element …

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  • onaretrotip 1 month ago

    Just to clarify, the systems mentioned are the systems on which I played these games. Many were released for numerous other systems as well. Hope you guys enjoy the video, and let me know your favourite retro driving games!

  • mightydegu 1 month ago

    Monaco GP (arcade), Virtua Racing (32x), F-Zero X (N64), F-Zero GX (GC), Enduro (2600), and Night Driver (2600) are the ones I've enjoyed the most through the years.

  • Ocram32 HHCITY 1 month ago

    What is with S.R.E.A.M.E.R/Bleifuss?

  • Vasileios 1 month ago

    Sega Rally (Saturn),
    Outrun (Arcade),
    Outrun 2 (Xbox),
    Lotus 2 (Amiga),
    Vroom (Amiga),
    Chase HQ (Arcade),
    Side by Side Special (PSX),
    Ridge Racer 4 (Psx),
    Daytona USA (Arcade),
    World Rally (Arcade),
    Sega Touring Car (Saturn),
    Mario Kart 64 (N64),
    Metropolis Street Racing (Dreamcast),
    Road Fighter (NES),
    Need for Speed 3 (PC),
    Enduro (Atari 2600),
    Rage Racer (Psx),
    Super Hang On (Megadrive)
    F355 Challenge (Dreamcast),
    Fzero (Snes)

  • KamEAleX 1 month ago

    Due to your taste, I was expecting that little crazy thing called Split Second somewhere in the list.

  • john D 1 month ago

    Nice video🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • Prince Jamie The 7th 1 month ago

    Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 will always be #1 in my heart. Sure, it's a clone of Outrun but I don't care. Number 1 truly surprised me however and I'm glad Ridge Racer made an honourable mention. You missed out on Re-Volt however, that's the best R/C racing game ever made; nothing can beat it

  • Edward Z Norton 1 month ago

    My top retro racing games although a couple generations newer then any of yours would be nfs carbon, juiced and juiced 2, gran turismo 3(i believe) apex, and various others

  • Tropixx_XLR 1 month ago

    One of my favorites has definitely got to be Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 on PS2,as far as Arcade/Sim hybrids go, it was perfect in all categories, one of the best games on PS2, ever! Some of my other favorites include Burnout 2, 3, & 4, Hot Wheels Turbo Racing & World Race, Road Rash 64, WipEout, FreekStyle, SSX, Daytona USA, DethKarz, Hydro Thunder, H2Overdrive(sequel to Hydro Thunder in arcades only) Rallisport Challenge 1 and 2, Jet Moto, Test Drive 4, 5, & 6, Rollcage, etc. I'm also a big fan of Arcade racers too, they're just too much fun, and I do have a lot of fun with Simulators too, like Gran Turismo. Glad to see someone with similar tastes, great stuff, dude!

  • AceRay 24 1 month ago

    did you play sega rally sequels ?

  • AceRay 24 1 month ago

    tokyo xtreme racer?

  • GameHammer Classic Gaming 1 month ago

    If number one isn’t Out Run, I’ll cry.

  • CheesestringXX 1 month ago

    A Megadrive owner and Road rash gets no love? Rage racer was the absolute dogs back in the day too.

  • Gamer Virgins 1 month ago

    Great video! I wasn't expecting Diddy Kong, completely slipped my mind but when it popped up I was like yes! of course!

  • Gajbotron 1 month ago

    Hey man, great video! I wonder, can you help me to get that OST from Quarantine, lookin for it for years, I still play that awesome game! 🙂 My e-mail is gajbotron @ gmail com

  • Matt Lacey 1 month ago

    Well shit. It's only taken 25 years for me to understand F-Zero's name, and I'm an F1 fan!

  • Project Gotham racing on og xbox is my favourite racer mate, good job pete all the best mate Jonny

  • Crappyvideogameplayer 1 month ago

    Great video .. I love driving games, so had to watch!
    Have you ever played buggy boy on the Amiga ? I love that game,was hoping it would pop up as one of your favourites too and Mario kart double dash on the GameCube is the most unique Mario kart game out there with the double items you can carry..saying that, the switch now has that too but it's not quite the same or as good.. It was fun having the 2 riders and being able to switch driver to rider & vice versa inturn saving a power up to the back for later .. Anyway like I said great review .. I'll be watching more ! 🙂

  • Erik Sundstrom 1 month ago

    Excellent choices! I played Stunts like a maniac. Me and my friends competed on custom tracks.

  • Pixel Power Gamer 1 month ago

    Here's my top ten:
    10: SCUD Race
    9: NASCAR 06 and 07
    8: Burnout 3
    7: Sega Rally 2
    6: Crazy Taxi
    5: Mario Kart Double Dash
    4: F-Zero X
    3: F-Zero
    2: Daytona USA 2
    1: Daytona USA

  • The Rah Pah Gah Channel 1 month ago

    I didn't know that you'd ever liked metal – my music collection remains rammed with some of the greats.
    I always remember saying that "I don't like driving games" to people, but I love and own a fair few of the games on this list, and looking on the shelves a great many more too. I think I'll have to stop being a closet driving game fan. I definitely agree that arcade racing beats out simulation style driving games though. I'd recommend giving Rock N Roll Racing a try, it was made by Blizzard of all developers. I loved the Mega Drive version as a kid (I think there's a SNES version too) and it still holds up today.

  • MythicThom 1 month ago

    Amazing vid! I played SEGA rally tonnes when I was younger.. even looking at that white car with the Castro logo on the back brings back memories!! Great vid man. Makes me wanna play some driving games!

    I'm doing a lot of retro gaming at the mo on my channel if you get s mo come check it out dude. Thumbs up and subbed from me 🙂

  • TGApuleius 1 month ago

    Great video! Really nice editing. I think my list would be about 75% of the video.

  • Pika Chu 1 month ago

    Daytona USA and the Screamer serie are missing here. ^_^
    Veeeery nice list thou!

  • Blast Processing 1 month ago

    Quarantine is a game I haven't thought about in years – now all I want to do is track down a copy and have another go! Great list Pete

  • 16BitBaz 1 month ago

    I liked Top Gear 2 and Exhaust Heat on the Super Nintendo, Rage Racer and GT2 on the Playstation and Roadkill on the Amiga 1200… that would have been my top 5…. I think Roadkill would have won out for me personally, I can still play it for an hour now and really enjoy it.

  • Great vid Pete.
    As it's probably my favourite genre, here's my top 5:
    1. F-Zero GX – Nintendo GameCube
    2. Mario Kart: Double Dash – Nintendo GameCube
    3. Outrun – Arcade
    4. F-Zero Climax – Game Boy Advance
    5. Super Mario Kart – Super Nintendo

  • Retro Heads 1 month ago

    Awesome video Pete I love all the little bits of info you give about each game,
    I used to love off road on the arcade I remember spinning the wheel like crazy lol
    Can't argue with your number 1 choice it is also 1 of my favourites

  • tenderstems 1 month ago

    Sad to hear mashed is a pal exclusive! Looks right up my alley! As always, another great video, Pete!

  • Silicon Nights 1 month ago

    Sweet video mate. Lots of games I love in there. Still play CTR often with the wife :).

    Did you ever play Fatal Racing on the PC? I remember liking it a lot.

  • Mongoose On A Unicycle 1 month ago

    Some classics there Pete, Naughty Dog make one random kart racer…and nail it xD
    Loved diddy Kong racing too, funny how it surpassed mario kart 64, and wipeout well that was a system seller when the PS1 was released
    Fantastic stuff as always mate 🙂

  • lactobacillusprime 1 month ago

    Shox? Totally missed that! Wow!

  • Matropolis 1 month ago

    Can't argue with Micro Machines being up there! I'm not a huge racer fan but do enjoy Mario Kart and a few other titles you listed. Awesome to see Blur got a mention at the beginning as I love that game! Steve introduced me to it.

    Great video as always Pete 🙂

  • R. F. R. 1 month ago

    Flatout 2 🙂

  • CraigsHereAgain 1 month ago

    Great list of racers boss 👍 played pretty much all of those, i like the surprise entries like shox and super off road featuring above mario kart 😀

    The gigantic huge massive missing game from your list imho is daytona from the arcade. I would also have to squeeze in spy hunter arcade as another oldie, also all from the arcades, power drift, continental circus, deffo chasehq instead of sci and apb 👍 honorable mention as well to wec le mans 😀

    Also, good shootout on blur, can I please put forward sonic and mario all stars racing as a last gen racer please? I played it to death on the wii u unlocking everything, ace fun racing around the afterburner aircraft carrier and other classic sega inspired world's, also out on other systems, thanks 😀

  • pac-fan-83 * 1 month ago

    Nice top 20 pete,, I got rock n roll racing on the snes as a kid back in the day played the hell out of it..loved it..

  • Let's Talk Retro 1 month ago

    Great video mate. I remember playing Pole Position on the BBC Micro during school lunchtimes if the teachers forgot to lock the computer away. I think you have included most of my favourites but I think possibly PlayStation racers Toca, Porsche Challenge and a Colin McRae would have crept into my list somewhere. Top video though, really enjoyed it. Colin from Let's Talk Retro.

  • BASSINVADER 1 month ago

    Really informative video and always a joy to watch even it's a game Ive played to death!
    I shall keep a close eye of mashed and shox again..racers Ive never heard or seen!
    Some absolute belters here boi! Appreciate the quality vids bud!