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  • [Eiyū-Ō] Kuroryokan 2 months ago

    Kingdom Under Fire II what a bullshit since 2012 leaking news about the game on the web and we are almost at the end of 2018 and no west release or CBT even, im tired of their bullshit by saying it will come to the west.
    BUNCH OF CRAP not even a CBT so i dont see it coming here.

    And they already have an English release so they have no excuse to not bring it to the west, one of the things wich takes more time is the translation but they already have an english release so why not a west server for ppl to play.

  • I want Moonlight Blade so bad 🙁

  • Raul Holland 2 months ago

    Hi Guys, would you want the complete film? Well then search in Google as: "CineHub4U" to find the entire film.

  • who know if raiderz is gonna be released this year?

  • Lord Xephos 2 months ago

    I live in Canada and I really want to play maple story 2 and find it hard to create an account :c
    I really want the US version released fast…

  • Toxic Clone 2 months ago

    Rip Master x master !

  • lucas sousa 2 months ago


  • Katie Kaboom 2 months ago

    Webzen closed didn't it? They closed just this year

  • Katie Kaboom 2 months ago

    When ever I hear Nexon I get sad. I have an account but if you hadn't logged in for awhile you have to reset your password and getting the reset link is fine but Nexon's page it brings you to is broken. 🙁 So I can't play ANY Nexon games unless I make a whole new account every single time..

  • beckyq 2 months ago

    why is revelation online above moonlight blade….

    When people even try to compare that garbage to MLB i get triggered.

    MLB is so much better and so much more. It is a second most popular mmo in china (after WoW of course) whilst nobody even plays RO because people recognize its a shit game.

  • John Montoya 2 months ago

    after the desilution from RO, best wait for MBO…

  • ManaBirdy 2 months ago

    i just want Closers and Soul Worker online tbh :')))))))))

  • Shiro Zai 2 months ago

    Any info about where we can download Bless from ?

  • 黒目 2 months ago

    when coming moonlight and closers ?

  • Pureified Agony 2 months ago

    is moon.light blade and revelation worth it?

  • Henti Kirby 2 months ago

    revelation is slowly turning into a p2w game. like top-up really……………….

  • simmsman413 2 months ago

    I was not impressed

  • Христо Дживторов 2 months ago

    Bless Online is canceled by Aeria Games 🙂 and yes IT'S A CRIME

  • ChaoticLegion01 2 months ago

    I'm only really hyped for Bless online… I can do without the others.

  • Ana Luiza 2 months ago

    Why did I laugh so hard when you said "enough to keep you busy for weeks"? hahahaha (still laughing at it, btw) #lol XD

  • matt smith 2 months ago

    You should start showing players the truth. Players need to know the sad reality that is Western versions of Eastern mmos. You're showing clips from the Asian servers. You should show footage from the NA server for Revelations. That game is so stripped down from the Chinese version – its an embarrassment…huge chunks of story removed, obvious tonnage of graphic quality removed, and choppy action reminiscent of gameplay from early 2000's. It was so horrible – I went back to playing the Chinese version. Same thing happened with Blade and Soul.

    Maybe once enough players get mad about how were treated worse than a 3 world country by western publishers of eastern origin games, these publishers will give us something close to the quality of the original games.

  • Кагами Хираги 2 months ago

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  • Selvaria 2 months ago

    What is the game being shown in the intro? Moonlight blade?

  • Bas Mulder 2 months ago

    i have yet to see a single free mmo that hasn't been a near-dead paid mmo or had a good hype going but failed to deliver. its too bad that free mmos usualy are just visuals to get people in over quality of gameplay. few exeptions ofcource.

  • Kaval Terbang 2 months ago

    8:54 any other devil may cry player noticed those moves the character did?

  • MzLApie98 2 months ago

    what got me was the closers character being able to dance to very very very by ioi XD

  • DirtiestHaRRy 2 months ago

    does anybody know his own seperate channel? I've been not getting his vids lately and just found out youtube unsubbed me for some reason…. I remember it started with letter 's'…

  • Happily killn 2 months ago

    what do u think about your number 1 pick now…

  • Tommy Yeung 2 months ago

    finally…… kingdom under fire

  • Mihai Bandrabur 2 months ago

    What the game before the top?

  • Emily Carter 2 months ago

    wow Maplestory 2 should of been called Maplestory 3D

  • ray daal 2 months ago

    gus what was the game at the beginning

  • August Erlandsson 2 months ago

    After trying Rev, I was utterly disappointed. Boring combat, boring classes, boring world, and a trashy story. Never getting into that game.

  • 常修 2 months ago

    moonlight blade some boring.