This is a list of the top 5 upcoming next gen horror games of 2016 in no particular order! 1). Visage 2). P.A.M.E.L.A 3). Allison Road 4). The Peterson Case 5).

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  • DABANG SATVIK 29 mins ago

    what about outlast

  • Daniel Reyes 29 mins ago

    does anybody know how to get the p.t silent hill? like how download it? i just got a ps4 n i wanna play P.T

  • damn that alison road……i would die playing it

  • Reiswaffel / 200 Abos 29 mins ago

    Stop looking at comments and go back to the video xD

  • DZ tech blasters 29 mins ago

    can anyone suggest released gs simmilar to P.T and Layers of fear

  • Exiler 29 mins ago

    fuck 1:18

  • Rosen Valchev 29 mins ago

    Allison rd shit is scary

  • oran solomon 29 mins ago

    4:18 forget about that its a horror game and think about how good its will be if
    a fps game would have that graphics

  • Victor Aravena Leal 29 mins ago

    damn sometimes I feel like trying horror games but the i check and they look as "fun" as staring at my room lights off…

  • bren320 29 mins ago

    Can I use this video on my channel in 3d sbs format?

  • Xtreme Madness 29 mins ago

    You guys should have put Arya on this

  • Karan Koul 29 mins ago

    for me amnesia is the scariest game evr made , outlast didnt even move me

  • horror game graphics ar good man

  • Mr Chunz 29 mins ago

    pt-like games

  • Haninos 29 mins ago

    Who still call it next-gen ?!

  • Preston Lopez 29 mins ago

    Those fucking violins

  • Brother Nick 29 mins ago

    The PT demo clearly has been a curse on the First Person Horror genre!

  • Why I can't find any of these games?Where to buy?

  • crunkbees 29 mins ago


  • DoomGuyStreams 29 mins ago

    Now where did I leavy my chainsaw?! Get it? Leavy.. Leaf.. Leafy? Hhe he he.

  • Captain Bleach 29 mins ago

    Pamela seems to be good

  • jinxx alexander 29 mins ago

    visage looks exactly like silent hills.

  • Jayya Nicole 29 mins ago


  • I have no legs I have no legs 29 mins ago

    I do t get they canceled kickstart but it's in the intro?

  • babyplaze 29 mins ago

    I wouldn't hold your hopes up with Alison road, the dev gave a piss poor announcement that it had been cancelled, no apologies, nothing. looked extremely promising but hopefully Visage will fill the void that P.T and Alison Road have left.

  • Brady Vay 29 mins ago

    343i is at it again, changing halo and now into a horror game. Lol

  • mafy gaming 29 mins ago

    cel mai tare joc horror pe care lam vazut :))

  • Calbin Hinshaw 29 mins ago

    I really, really hope when the game "P.A.M.E.L.A." gets released it doesn't turn out to be shit like the other games or downgraded in any possible way.

  • Phil Mcahkiner 29 mins ago

    Bahhhh!!! I love when these things give me the chills! Can't wait for some good news on allison road.

  • Honeyydo 29 mins ago

    Can't wait for all these to come out! Also, Outlast 2!

  • Jonny Horror 29 mins ago

    That third one tho

  • Guzzo TV 29 mins ago

    Please Tell Markimoo To Play These Games

  • n0ledge 29 mins ago

    How can a flashlight be as inefficient as in peterson case… Even a flashlight that you can mess around with the spot doesn't go as bad as in this. And why would he use it that way in the first place… man just do a quick turn to fix it for fuck sake…

  • Curls Before Girls 29 mins ago

    So are there any horror games available now for me to play on ps4?

  • TheGameFeeling 29 mins ago

    Descrizione accuratissima dei 5 giochi:
    1)Talmente pauroso che il tizio grasso di Outlast si sarà nascosto dentro l'armadio
    2)Non ho visto nemmeno tutto il trailer quindi non saprei
    3)Ho la merda che mi risale dall'intestino soprattutto sull'ultima scena 😀
    5)….figo lo stesso

  • ZeR0 Co0L 29 mins ago


  • Chris Rodriguez 29 mins ago

    already seen two beautiful games horror games coming with unreal engine 4

  • Yanyan Li 29 mins ago


  • Shandy Sulen 29 mins ago

    You guys should include timestamps in the info of your vids

  • Shandy Sulen 29 mins ago

    that red door from Visage is so Insidious

  • R3vengeable 29 mins ago

    Allison Road was canceled the same as PT , i hope visage sees the light

  • GETxS0ME 29 mins ago

    Pederson case, is about alien abduction?

  • TimtheBigDaddy 29 mins ago

    Okay, so can someone clear this up: Is Allison Road cancelled or did they just cancel the Kickstarter because they found a publisher?

  • SquillyTwoShoes 29 mins ago

    Allison road, Peterson case, and Visage look dope

  • SquillyTwoShoes 29 mins ago

    7:20 she keeps constantly shaking her head is this chick on Crack or some shit

  • ソランジュ 29 mins ago

    I really love how Silent Hill P.T (correct me if I'm wrong, was there an even earlier one?) revolutionized the horror genre gaming. BUT sadly, these kind of games only have that one time appeal and are not really replayable.

  • SuperBlastDude 29 mins ago

    Who else is hyped for resident evil 7 and outlast 2