Best PS2 Racing Games Of All Time Best PS4 Racing Games : Best PS1 Racing Games : Best PS3 …

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  • mono dead 1 month ago

    gran turismo 4 was the peak of PS2 racing, very in depth but still accessible through the license tests and it even still holds up. also it's the game with a real passion for cars, their stats and the simulation of their unique feels. NFS still doesn't to anything for me, way to arcadey to the point where it's almost wipeout in a city with cars that handle like they're on a rails. burnout was fun as hell because it didnt try to be too serious but just great high speed enjoyment with lots of violence, that applies to both 3 and revenge. i dont remember which one I liked best but it's good stuff.

  • Opal Warner 1 month ago

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  • Jeff Chandler 1 month ago

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  • Isaac Tuohey 1 month ago

    most of these games look more like combat games more than racing games

  • Ognjen Ivanovic 1 month ago

    ford racing 3?

  • mehdi wahbi 1 month ago

    what the fuck where is NFS undercover ??? those are all boring

  • Bud Spencer 1 month ago

    My Top 5 PS2 Racing games:
    5) 24 hours Le Mans
    4) F1 04
    3) Indycar series
    2) F1 06
    1) Rallye Paris Dakar

  • Vincent Henderson Jr 1 month ago

    NFSU2 should have been in here.

  • Rayhan Gaming hd 1 month ago

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  • Abdalkdos The ghost raider 1 month ago

    Were's need for speed carbon

  • Chris Roughley 1 month ago

    TDU? GT4? Flatout? Driven to destruction?
    Many games better than these…

  • Mitchell Beseler 1 month ago

    THE BEST GAME HANDS DOWN 0:54 MIDNIGHT CLUB 3!! It will stand as a stamp of my childhood forever.

  • HiVeN DaVidSoN 1 month ago

    its multiplayer ?

  • Alejandro Álvaro Garcia 1 month ago

    i love f1 2005

  • Axl Cummings 1 month ago

    where's NFS pro street!!!

  • martiniglistensyeah 1 month ago

    imo, Burnout Revenge is better than Takedown, and GT4 is better than GT3. Also, Need For Speed Carbon is a great one!

  • Deathstroke 1 month ago


  • BlackBird GTR611 1 month ago

    Tokyo xtreme racer zero?????

  • how could anyone possibly miss GRAN TURISMO 4 and NFS: UNDERGROUND 2? -____-

  • Zigzak123 1 month ago

    a few suggestions, TOCA race driver 3, TDU, Crash tag team racing, Cell damage overdrive (i think) NFS carbon F1 career challenge 1999-2002. These games were how i lived when i was a little kid

  • arachno000 1 month ago

    haha fail Gran Turismo 3 is not good …

  • account 1 month ago

    TOCA Race Driver 3?