Details – Rift amazon Link – VIVE Amazon Link Which is the best Virtual Reality head set for Racing Simulators The Oculus …

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  • David Frisken 1 month ago

    So after all of that. Are you saying the Vive is the best for the future? The complaint seems to be the gpu power needed to drive the better technology? A GTX 1080 should be enough for the moment or not?

  • Henrik Paulsen 1 month ago

    I think you will need some pretty good connections to get access to the queens corgis…..

  • slaven momcinovic 1 month ago

    in 3d you can make your own car and press buttons , not sure about the game but saw some trainers you can maybe use.

  • slaven momcinovic 1 month ago

    i found some occulus on ebay very cheap and ill try to get it. not just for racing , more for movies and software.

  • slaven momcinovic 1 month ago

    i know, and i have seated in many cars, i understand there is no more 3d than looking in front of you almost all the time.i have rear camera and can wiev around, but still cant get into helmet.

  • slaven momcinovic 1 month ago

    i will try to bye it for different purposes watching and playing in 3d, for racing you can use headtracking with almost same results, but it wold be nice to get into car.just for a sake of it.

  • Zsavage1 1 month ago

    Neither one is worth a shit.. get a Windows Mixed Reality headset .. I did some shopping around and looked at a lot of reviews and ended up with the Lenovo Explorer WMR .. better all the way around than oculus or vive.. and coupled with a program called REVIVE for the price you can't beat it.. got a pair of lenovo's for 200.00 so I ended up getting a second pair for my other system(wife's) 🙂 far better, first off the resolution is better, and no bs censors to setup for room scale.. So don't waste your money on these overpriced goggles as they are also uncomfortable after about 20mins of use.. just do some homework on them and you will see how much better off the WMR is.. peace all..

  • I Live In Your House 1 month ago

    Gear VR

  • Steve Worrell 1 month ago

    Why do I know you?? WHere do I know you from????

  • Tbh, I’m not a fan of VR racing

  • Sam van Geel 1 month ago

    Do you still think the Rift is better? I'm planning on buying one next month.

  • Peter te Linde 1 month ago

    I'm a vive owner and i still love it after 2 years, but your analysis hits some good points.

  • Snipsy 1 month ago

    how do u set up the htc vive in forza horizon 3?

  • Michal Valta 1 month ago

    But the real question is… Should I order Oculus Rift now? Like right now?

  • Enduring the Liefe 1 month ago


  • ComandanteJ 1 month ago

    Have you tried Elite Dangerous with them? Th'ats basically what i want a VR set for, i read that people tend to prefer the rift for it, too, but people who have the Vive say that it's very cool to be able to move around the cockpit from time to time.

  • PCGAMERCF 1 month ago

    which is best for any game more like = rift

  • PCGAMERCF 1 month ago

    I think everyone usually says the rifts better probably all around bar the sensors. but upgrade to 3 theres your perfect rift. still a bit cheaper+headphones+clearer. BUT people with the vive and rift tend to say that the vives better and always pin point the wireless speakers because theres nothing else to talk about even if the rifts clearer ive read alot of reviews so guys dont just say the vives better because you payed more money for it so you want to think its better there is no reason the vive is better than the rift. the graphics is clearer on the cv1 headset then the blurry vive and its got headphones there similar on your face no problems. so guys git your finger out and stop talking nonsense just because you payed more money for something doesnt meen its better which is really true in the vives case its actually worse.

  • Will an I7 5500U and GeForce 940 MX work with VR good on IRacing

  • Fred Haskins 1 month ago

    Are the graphics better than the SBS videos that are posted on YouTube

  • Thisisnot Veryimportant 1 month ago

    First of all: Great video!
    So I'm still a little in between the Rift and the Vive, I'm not sure which one to pick. I do own a 1080 (not sure how much that affects the whole FPS issue with sim-racing). The thing I keep coming back to although the Rift controllers seem to be really nice while the Vive supports more room-scale action aswell as features like vr desktop and the Vive "Chaperone" is that HTC has said that they will add more gear to use with the current VIVE such as gloves etc. which i think can be really cool if integrated with sim-racing with. What are your thoughts? Which one would you recommend?