Compilation of the best titles among the arcarde racers genre. Feel free to state your favorites in the comments below!

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  • Kooch man 1 month ago

    Greatest arcade game for me has to be nfsu 2

  • Danny Stotler 1 month ago

    I’m a butt hurt sim racing fan so bare with me. I do not personally enjoy arcade style games because I love the having the ability to know I can drive on a track.

  • Terrible Tanner 1 month ago

    Oh man, would it kill you to like be 1% excited? Did you make this at 5am after running three marathons?

  • [YT] Godsent Salvaloza 1 month ago

    The wangan midnight or intinal d

  • Keltern 1 month ago

    I like the narrative content, but for the love of GOD can you please speak up? I'm dying here, of boredom 😛

  • David Lawrence Lapid 1 month ago

    These games are not arcade you…. dumbass

  • Amar Sidhu 1 month ago

    initial d arcade stage would be the best.

  • Javier Vasquez 1 month ago

    Why Forza Horizon isn't on that list if at least is one of the best 3?!

  • Dizzee 1 month ago

    Rivals is utter shitte, I doubt you've ever played Underground 2 or Most wanted 2005

  • Azoid Animator 1 month ago

    Where the Wangan Midnight bruh '-'

  • Satchel Bud 1 month ago

    Top ten arcade racers, no Daytona USA, Sega Rally or Scud Racing, I do not agree with your list. Also Check out 90's Super Gp that is getting ready to launch.

  • Léo7777 1 month ago

    Arcade??? This all fucking games have nothing to arcade.

  • ReXy25 Mikey 1 month ago

    My favorite racing arcade is Fast and furious

  • SCRacing2017 1 month ago

    I love all arcade racers, to be honest.

  • brian kelley 1 month ago

    Thx going to get Unbound now!!!

  • Jetto Scranda 1 month ago

    Oh dude you have got to check out Gas Guzzlers Extreme!
    Best vehicular combat game I ever played, and I played a lot of them!

    Great video!

  • Delroy61 1 month ago

    Dude, can't wait till Distance comes to PS4

  • Hey your list is exactly like I would place them except for OutRun 2. I really love that game. Nice video. Liked & subbed

  • Adam Šrámek 1 month ago

    I do 100% agree !!

  • dragonpixi 1 month ago

    looks good 🙂

  • Kailness 1 month ago

    Nice. I always loved Burnout 😀