Crying is not Enough – Official Gameplay Trailer (New Survival Horror Game) 2018 Crying is not Enough is a Third-Person Survival Horror Game.The player has …

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  • Rusty Mckee 1 month ago

    Super Mario Sunshine…? Yeah that was me intentionaly making fun of immature prepubescent toxic gamers who think that every game from a particular genre is exactly the same as every other game from said genre. Grow up people and try to understand that every game is unique, even if it does share certain characteristics. It's like being back in Junior High with some of these YouTube comments.

  • david brookes 1 month ago

    Just noticed title card 'ps4' ,yep I'll have a bit of that!

  • Medina Music 1 month ago

    Same patterns. Same shit. Nothing new in the horizon.

  • Nick Nick 1 month ago

    Bem the evil within.

  • Haraki Youness 1 month ago

    Mans not hot

  • No fucking black bars please

  • oldnotweak 1 month ago


  • karisj bhaggoe 1 month ago

    Looks like an old Silent Hill game

  • Doctor Sam 1 month ago

    Perfect video game name doesn't exi-

  • actorben 1 month ago

    What's up w/all the, "Resident Evil," clones?

  • James Shear 1 month ago

    Alan awake

  • Richard Ortiz 1 month ago

    Wow, this looks like every other scary ass games. Watching this borefest almost put me to sleep. Should be called "Boring is Enough"

  • Héctor Torres 1 month ago

    Models and movements looking like ps2, this screams: I'm indie

  • DarkDarren 1 month ago

    Looks decent, cheap animations tho..

  • Tony Plenos 1 month ago

    Silent Hill spin off?

  • Fresh Empire jones 1 month ago

    Does anyone stream dese things???

  • Aymon Mahmoud 1 month ago

    The Suffering 3!

  • ResinDreams 1 month ago

    They sure made their game look better than it actually is. Much like many movie trailers.
    The voice acting of the main character is truly horrible as well. But I’ll enjoy watching all the videos of angry gamers who spent money on it 👍🏼

  • Jacob Mcmahan 1 month ago

    Cool looking game with a stupid name.

  • Jhon Dumaop 1 month ago

    Laggy stiff movements.

  • TOTAL GAME 1 month ago


  • György Klutsik 1 month ago

    very disappointing game, pathetic graphics and silly charachters. this game is a very pathetic try to copy the big names (Silent Hill Alan Wake)

  • DoctorSess 1 month ago

    “I was wondering how people works”

  • rique hc 1 month ago

    Very Nice this game. Remember Alan Wake, Silent Hill and The Evil Within

  • It's look like Evil Within ….

  • Rashad Almomani 1 month ago

    The Last Of Us Crying Silent Evil Hill Resident’s Within…2!!!!!!!

  • PunPun 1 month ago

    "thi ivil itside"

  • Anunnaki 1 month ago

    Crying WithIn Is Enough

  • Gotham Owl 1 month ago

    Looks like a poor mans Evil within and that voice acting is almost original Resident Evil bad

  • paolo luis de guzman 1 month ago

    Resident evil within

  • Lehoir 1 month ago

    face you fill effect in the video image of the game but the same shit as others has always been

  • Edvin1011 1 month ago

    something wrong with the game, the guy is not in the middle, is this some kind of fucking sick joke? how fucking stupid is this?

  • BattleAudioRecords 1 month ago


  • mhmd Nassealdeen محمد نصرالدين 1 month ago

    Silent hill.??

  • myownname myownlastname 1 month ago

    Very unoriginal FPS. Instead of a design department they have a copy machine

  • Jeremy Smith 1 month ago

    Is it just me, or did the game companies find their old thinking caps? It's like back in the 80,s, 90's, games where awesome… then later in early 2000-2017 games where shit…. now all the sudden as 2018 rolls into summer, it's like they are back in the saddle again and all these awesome open world games are stacking up in my YouTube categories

  • Mohamed Redha 1 month ago

    Poor man's Tetris

  • VoidWalker 1 month ago

    fake evil within.