Introduction and gameplay for Pitfall Mayan Adventure, PC game produced by Activision in 1994 …

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  • AxelGCI 1 month ago

    yo tengo el disco del juego original para pc :D>

  • Rahul Gomez 1 month ago

    My Childhood Memories

  • Mathias Lindroth 1 month ago

    I like and play this particular game, but I don't like this video of the game. The player had low skill and made inefficient use of weapons, and there was no background music. That is a particularly bad thing in the case of this game, since it has brilliant soundtrack.

  • Bayili W. OSSEYI 1 month ago

    the scenario was pretty cool, the boss fights too

  • Leonel Mena 1 month ago

    youre like the worst player Ive ever seen. I remember I used to play that game.

  • Cody Culbertson 1 month ago

    eh. doesn't beat the snez

  • Back Door Daddy 1 month ago

    who ever is playing this sucks bad

  • Jared Arbizu 1 month ago

    Man I loved this game as a kid.

  • Sóstenes Santos Ferreira 1 month ago

    Onde está a música?