ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol, and Violence. Online interactions not rated by the ESRB. ClassyKatie rejoins the …

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  • Singed 1 month ago

    Play with other people is overrated. People are annoying. Specially strangers. Enough with this "online" culture.

  • YaBoyChenWang 1 month ago

    FFS I hope these devs take their experience developing multiplayer games and go on to make a new IP, I think that'd serve them better and save the team from a bunch of Pissed off people like myself (seriously get out of my news feed, I played this game before and didn't like it. posting tons of videos isn't going to make me like it anymore than I do). New IPs in MMOs usually turn out better anyways, and I can tell you guys have the talent for it and are just putting it in the wrong direction. And I swear to Atom you better not lay a finger on my beloved fallout franchise! no touchy!

  • - Silver Crow - 1 month ago

    nadie juega esta wea

  • Jym Fisk Burk 1 month ago

    i dont know the game looks pretty good but the gameplay is just bad i mean the way everithing plays is boring

  • Doug Crouse 1 month ago

    The game sucks been a fan sense morrowind

  • Mr Tolerant Chef 1 month ago

    peeps need to stop looking at this game like it's a follow on from skyrim it's basically a elder scrolls themed (MMO)

  • Brad V 1 month ago

    Katie macroslicing confirmed

  • Steve Fury 1 month ago

    Elder scrolls fans are so damn entitled…Go play a Skyrim mod so the rest of us can actually enjoy these videos without running into a wall of bitching and whining.

  • Gunslinger SyayoRPG/CRPG 1 month ago

    why did battle animation I mean, there is some kind of hot skill or skill bar would you prefer to say? its kinda like mmorpg now plus dragon age inquisition-ish theme on it, I hope ELder Scrolls 6 don't do this, I love the combat smooth animation.

  • Captain Cokecan 1 month ago

    Is there a way to stay subbed to Bethesda and not get the eso videos?.

  • Hans Joachim Olsen 1 month ago

    I loved doing dungeons in eso; they're so active and engaging. Only problem is that I dunno if I could still catch up, after taking a long break.

  • Dragos 1 month ago

    whats's this wow clone? where's the elder scrolls part of the game? it's been missing since launch

  • Lennie Small 1 month ago

    This gameplay isn't representative. If you were playing with a group you'd get kicked from dungeon as soon as you go down once.

  • Dear idiots. Elder Scrolls online is made by Zeminax Online Studios which is under the Zenimax Media umberella. Elder Scrolls 6 is made by Bethesda which is under the Zenimax Media umberella.

    Elder Scrolls Online is great MMO. If you dont like it dont come here watch videos about it.

    Elder Scrolls 6 is under development by bethesda BUT it wont be announces until its ready for release (according to Todd Howard)

  • detalikota 1 month ago


  • ItzSilentStorm 1 month ago

    mmm…i smell dumb people in the comments

  • Bryan Pennington 1 month ago

    Unsubbed. too much ESO, needs it's own channel.

  • Jacob L 1 month ago

    Too little too late. Stop Pushing

  • UFO Piloot 1 month ago

    Just stop this game sucks. You Guys should focus on a game that isnt multiplayer a new Elder scrolls

  • Chiron 1 month ago

    Could you please not send ESO stuff on my feed.

  • zack kirkham 1 month ago

    is elder scrolls online free yet?

  • Dislike squad. * Flicks Wrists *

  • GrimReaper1325 1 month ago

    Stop spamming my feed with shitty ESO content.

  • JOSHUA ALEXANDER 1 month ago

    I Can't Wait To Play ESO Gold Edition PS4 This Friday

  • Roose Bolton 1 month ago

    Release the Elder Scrolls VI already, degenerate nerds.