Third part to my tribute to past video games by using FH3’s Groove Music feature! Previous tributes: Part 1: …

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  • Adam Garcia 1 month ago

    Sega gt 2002 hit me hard bro

    I actually forgot if it was 2002 or 01?

  • Cristian Hernandez-Leon 1 month ago

    GTA VC?

  • Cristian Hernandez-Leon 1 month ago

    Auto Modilista!

  • You are fucking amazing dude, you are fucking amazing! I have no words to express my gratitude for making this!

  • Forrest Johnson 1 month ago

    Awesome job!!!

  • Evan Lamping 1 month ago

    Labels would be nice

  • QuattroGuy 1 month ago

    Test Drive, Colin Mcrae Rally, Daytona Usa, Gran Turismo, Auto Modellista, MY FAVOURITE FREAKIN GAMES MAN! Sooo many good memories 😀

  • Pramudya Miftah 1 month ago


  • Agustín Hoj 1 month ago


  • Zip Zap 1 month ago

    SEGA GT 2002 <333

  • Takumi Auditore20 1 month ago

    Driver San Francisco and NFS Carbon, please

  • That Alfa Romeo 156 from "Martini Racing". The Martini Promotion Version of "Screamer". "Screamer 2" was one of the best Games in the 90s.

  • Im addicted to this kind of videos. Make more, i wanna guess more games 😀

  • 1. Tokyo Xtreme Racer
    2. Forza Motorsport 1
    3. Driver 2
    4. NFS 2 SE? I guess not because soundtrack
    5. Sega Rally 2007?
    6. –
    7. Daytona USA
    8. Twisted Metal
    9. Midnight Club 1
    10. The Need For Speed (1994)?
    11. Sega GT?
    12. Automodellista
    13. PGR?
    14. –
    15. Stuntman
    16. Forza Motorsport 2
    17. Midnight Club Los Angeles
    18. –
    19. Test Drive 5?
    20. Vanishing Point
    21. Blur

    Grand Theft Auto Vice City
    Need For Speed Underground 2
    Gran Turismo 1

  • The Copyrighted Racer 1 month ago

    You missed one of the greatest and most a e s t h e t i c racing games of all time

    Ridge Racer Type 4

    Still, well done on recreating the others 😀 I have some suggestions for your next one (if you decided to make another one):
    – Ridge Racer V (and Type 4 Obviously, and maybe RR6 & RR7 aswell)
    – Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero and DRIFT Series (Import Tuner Challenge aswell)
    – The PS2 D1GP Games
    – Burnout Revenge
    – Daytona USA 2 (Because you did the first one)
    – Scud Race
    – Test Drive Overdrive and Offroad 3
    – DiRT2
    – Racing Lagoon
    – The rest of the Sega racing games, specifically the Sega Rally series and Sega Touring Car Championship

    Also, do another Initial D one with M.O.V.E playing in the background and another Wangan Midnight one with one of the latest song.

  • Driver 2 being followed by PGR2 was like a double whammy nostalgia gut punch

  • Eduardo Fernandez 1 month ago

    that gran turismo part… takes me back.. and i wanna cry now.

  • MOVGAMESCurtis 1 month ago

    Wow, you remembered Vanishing Point! Nice to see some more forgotten games on this list. What's next, Gumball 3000 or Motorhead :p

  • shortcat 1 month ago

    But there's no annotations

  • Đurica Marosević 1 month ago

    OH my, NFSU2 and then Gran Turismo 1= too much nostalgia feelings

  • iceshadows911 1 month ago

    Smuggler's run!

  • Arexion5293 1 month ago

    Welp, time to guess them again:

    1. Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3
    – The song was the one that gave it away instantly. I suppose the driving is also a big hint, but I just can't recognize that car from the game. Also I'm pretty sure TXR3 didn't have Hondas in it. 😛

    2. … It says Forza Motorsport on the rear of the car. I don't know what else to say.

    3. Driver 2
    – The car is a clear nod to the Driver series, and since the previous video had Driver 1, this is probably Driver 2.

    4. Test Drive
    – The classic series. I'm guessing this based on the use of Jaguar, the race having a Viper in it and the music sounds like it belongs to a racing game from the 90's. Not sure which installment it is though, so I'm just saying Test Drive in general.

    5. WRC 3 or 4
    – The music sounds like something that would appear in WRC games. And since it's that Impreza from 2003 or was it 2004… either way, the model of that Impreza makes me think it's probably either WRC 3 or 4.

    6. … Stuntman?
    – I dunno, the music sounds corny and the car's design is unique but I'm still just guessing here. I don't know.
    EDIT: Ohh, it's probably Flatout! … Or probably not. I dunno, I'll go with Flatout since Stuntman is already in here.

    7. Daytoooooooonaaaaaaa!
    – Nice livery. Also dat song.

    8. Twisted Metal
    – The music and the interesting replication of Sweet Tooth's Van.

    9. Midnight Club: Street Racing
    – That looks like a replica of the Taxi you start the game with. Also that early 00's techno music. The way you're chasing the car in front of you seems to be emulating the way you had to chase people you wanted to race with.

    10. … No idea. The music makes me think of arcade racing games, and the car reminds me of Outrun again, but you're clearly not drifting and instead focusing on high speed racing.

    11. Enthusia
    Lounge music that doesn't sound like it's from Gran Turismo, and unmodified cars racing. But this is just a guess, I'm not fully sure.

    12. There's that guitar again that makes me think of arcade games… I was going to guess NFS High Stakes, but the music doesn't really fit and the livery on that RX7 seems very unique. So.. no idea.

    13. Due to the amount of Mazda MX-5's, I would've guessed Gran Turismo, but the music seems to be implying that it's an arcade game. So no idea, sorry…

    14. Cruisin' World
    – The song. I actually didn't recognize the cars, even though I've played this game more than Cruisin' USA.

    15. Stuntman
    – The song and the car. Goddamnit, now I know for sure that the guess from before was wrong…

    16. Forza Motorsport 2
    – That's a very good replica of the 350Z from the boxart.

    17. Midnight Club Los Angeles
    – The song Dandy Lion, and that s14 looks exactly like the one you start the game with.

    18. … Test Drive 4×4? I have no idea…

    19. Test Drive 4
    The Blue Viper, the Red Cobra and that white Saleen. It might be 5, since I don't recognize the song.

    20. No idea. None at all.

    21. Blur
    – The menu theme song, and the cars during the race. Not only that, but the race you're in is somewhat emulating one of those tracks that takes place next to a beach.

    – Bonus –

    B1. I don't get it. I only recognize the song, but I'm not sure why.

    B2. I don't get it either.

    B3. NFS Underground 2
    – That replica of the Skyline looks nice.

    B4. Gran Turismo 1
    – Dat car shop music.

  • Mikis94PL 1 month ago

    Gran Turismo 1 <3 8:33

  • SUPER_STREET_ RACER 1 month ago

    Wow the Granturismo show room at the end almost made me cry ;,,,) it's magical

  • Eddy BT 1 month ago

    oh god, Forza 1 gave me crazy memories

  • Kinn Louis 1 month ago

    6:00 – Far Cry 2 (2008) 😀

  • ethan aldrich lamatan 1 month ago

    hope you make part 4 when porsche is in fh3

  • conenubi701 1 month ago


  • REN- KUN 1 month ago


  • REN- KUN 1 month ago


  • zedex26 1 month ago

    OMG that NFS U2 "modification" part!!! So nostalgic!

  • randy54746 1 month ago

    I was just playing Cruis'n World.

  • [god.mode] 1 month ago

    Stuntman got me right in the memories

  • Pedro Lucas 1 month ago

    That's good.

    That's real good.

  • TheAdmiester 1 month ago

    Man, PGR2…

  • Gabriel Pereira 1 month ago

    All three of your FH3 recreations make me happy watching them. 🙂

  • Jason Glennie 1 month ago

    This is amazing, please do more of these

  • Eric Yui 1 month ago

    Don't forget to check out the previous ones:

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