There are some awesome racing games for the N64. Some are hidden gems. Lets take a closer look int some of the best racing titles of that generation.

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  • Frank McDoodle 1 month ago

    Lemme guess, Mario Kart 64 at #1

  • Rocky Fisher 1 month ago

    What???….no stunt racer 64…… whatta gyp… the best racer ever…loved it

  • Daniel Garcia 1 month ago

    What's the n64 game with the women in the cover

  • Cruis'n USA but not World or Exotica?

  • e30kitty 1 month ago

    All you guys didn't play the best N64 Racer ever? World Driver Championship!!!

  • Quinten Boosje 1 month ago


  • fripp555 1 month ago

    WDC should be on the list somewhere. It takes itself more seriously than some of these other titles here and I consider it like a Gran Turismo style of game. Should be on any N64 racer enthusists list in the know.

  • ArunRaj Abraham 1 month ago


  • Reshyrah 1 month ago

    California Speed in my opinion beats out Beetle Adventure Racing as an actual hidden gem, completely underrated with excellent tracks that fuse realism and fantasy elements together. Silicon Valley literally has you racing through a computer, it's a lot of fun. As a runner up I would also have to include Off-Road Challenge, a great monster truck racer.

  • TeslaChad 1 month ago

    Glad to see we had such great taste in N64 Racing Games 😉 I made a video on Top 10 N64 Racing Games as well. I did see some games on your list that I have not played yet. I'll have to pick them up!

  • Ashley Pollard 1 month ago

    I thought for sure I would see hot wheels turbo racing on this. Have you played it? It truly is awesome!

  • astonwhite 1 month ago


  • Vincent Howard Devilleres 1 month ago


  • Emaad Awazem 1 month ago

    What about road rash 64

  • Hard to take this list seriously without World Driver Championship, just amazing graphics in that game. Solid gameplay.

  • PedestrianRage 1 month ago

    hydro thunder!!

  • mariofan0009 1 month ago

    Wheres mickeys speedway?

  • world driver is 64 times better than Mario kart…

  • MetalJesusRocks 1 month ago

    Thanks for the shoutout in this video! I do love me some Beetle Adventure Racing 🙂

  • Happy Farmer 1 month ago

    if i had a dollar for every: really cool and very i heard here, i would be very very rich and that would be really really cool! Nice vid thanks!

  • Gummylox 1 month ago

    Dead give away for #1

  • Cube Williams 1 month ago

    Mario kart 64 was and still the best of all Mario kart games ( FTW)

  • FrenZy Mesa 1 month ago

    F-ZeroX was my favorite

  • Luffy Ace 1 month ago

    you guys should know about that the DDK copied the recipe of the Mario kart 64.