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  • Tribute Man 1 month ago

    Crytek was shut down 🙂

  • TiredGamer 1 month ago

    Guys take a look at my channel too.

  • Paulo Lameiras 1 month ago

    Amazing list! Indie gaming is simply the best thing that happened to this indrusty in decades.

  • YLLUEMNATI JONES 1 month ago

    Like Metal Gear Survive?

  • The Osh 1 month ago

    Please can you do upcoming roguelikes?

  • CAPODELFINO 1 month ago

    I really love your videos I wish I've found you before <3

  • CeliriaRose 1 month ago

    Gleaner Heights 🙂

    It's horror game meets Harvest Moon (No I'm not joking)

  • Anzhel Dilov 1 month ago

    But can it run Crysis??

  • Grumpy Munchkins Comedy & Gaming 1 month ago

    I'm a huge horror game fan. Agony here I come! XD

  • TeleDude 1 month ago

    Ad Infinitum looks like a game that came out years ago, with the whole Slenderman hype… called 1916 (Der unbekannte Krieg)… There you were hunted by robot raptors. Yet the artstyle is so similar.

  • Un Usuario 1 month ago

    0:44 a horror first person shooter shooter?

  • Rafael M 1 month ago

    4:30 System Shock Remaster has been put on hold. 🙁

  • Stuart J 1 month ago

    This is cool. Good job on this video. Agony looks ace!

  • Gravity Queeen 1 month ago

    So excited to play Blasphemous on ps4! The art style is awesome, I just hope for a solid gameplay and level design as well.

  • Luiz Gagliardi 1 month ago

    Does anyone know the name of a game where a psychopath keeps calling you at home and telling you to do things while monitoring you through cameras. I'm not sure exactly what's it's like, but I believe he kidnapped your family or something. I remember a scene where he calls a prostitute and tells you to kill her.

  • Sudstah 1 month ago

    Call of Cthulhu better be good because the original was the most underrated masterpiece I have ever come across, yeah it had flaws but its thoroughly enjoyable with a good unique story and should be on everyone's radar!

  • Giant Goblin 1 month ago

    Are there not any new exciting 2d horrors coming?

    I do not know of anyone and I hoped there would have been some in this video. It's not meant to be a complaint since I think the video was good.

  • mayte sutin 1 month ago

    GREAT video guys love the channel the only thing I'd recommend is saying which platform each game is on. Agony looks so good now I gotta see if it's comin to PS4 lol. Seriously though indie games are the best -keep up the good work on the channel!

  • Penguin DT 1 month ago

    Call of Cthulhu and System Shock both look so darn good. And considering we will likely never see another Dark Seed game now that The Great Giger is no longer with us, Scorn is the closest to that we're going to get… so it better be good. A bit surprised that Vampyr didn't make the cut, though.

  • Víctor Perolio Ausín 1 month ago

    Amazing TOP. I am really enjoying your channel. Do you know anything about the hypothetical continuation of "Eternal Darkness"?

  • RemBrant 1 month ago

    I love when indie companies make AA games with decent price

  • Mac Foraday 1 month ago

    A great lineup indeed. I'll have to get some of these. I like a good horror as long as it's more psychological than gory. Will most likely get Visage but I will wait for reviews of Call of Cthulhu since I am wary that a videogame could do HP Lovecraft justice.

  • Doi Bantikov 1 month ago

    3:33 literally the second you said "cosmic horror" I started drooling.

    Yes, I'm aware my Lovecraft fanboy is showing.

  • Jordan Little 1 month ago

    There's another Survival Horror game I saw a preview for, but I can't remember the title. I believe you play as a female character, who has to guide her little brother through some sort of plague city. The only enemies I saw in the trailer, were a bunch of rats, and the girl tried to keep them back with a torch. I can't remember anymore than that.

  • Dv8_NO 1 month ago

    Man Scorn looks nasty! Like the art style and quality of the 3D-models and animations are just too good ^^

  • sleepwalker 1 month ago

    With such great videos you guys should easily have more subscribers.
    The games from today's video that I'll want to have in my library are "System Shock" and "Visage". Real eye candy :3

  • Steve Macallan 1 month ago

    While horror is really not my cup of tea, sci-fi certainly is, so both Moons of Madness & System Shock look and sound interesting. I'm not a big first-person fan anymore, which doesn't help, as horror generally needs to be first-person for the scares.

  • Just watching a list of games that i surely won't play hahaha

  • Emilio Mirkovski 1 month ago

    Holy cow, the graphics of video games are becoming better and better. Someday perhaps they could match reality as we know it!
    The games in this list are really cool and you did well on the video, keep it up!

  • tophfan 1 month ago

    Close to the Sun looks so good. System Shock would be higher on my list but okay

  • WaniNoKo 1 month ago

    the h and e in hommage are silent

  • Get Indie Gaming 1 month ago

    Hi everyone – our look into our top 10 scary / horror indie games due out this year – anything we missed, please let us know 🙂

    Well there goes Number 8: