Episode 9 – Like rally racing games? So do we. Don’t like rally racing games? Well, you should. Check out the Game Sack Episode Guide!

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  • Gief Grief 21 mins ago

    It is now more than 7 years later. Nintendo still just has Mario Kart. Good call, Joe!

  • Tristan 21 mins ago

    Whats the music playeing at the end?

  • Brian South 21 mins ago

    The Xbox isn't 32bit

  • Matthew Simplay 21 mins ago

    The Arcade version of Sega Rally 2 was much better in both graphics and gameplay

  • JohnSmithAprilMay 21 mins ago

    Fun to go back to early episodes and see you guys tinkering with the formula, especially liked the "makers of [obscure game no one has ever played/blemish on corporate history]" jokes. Nintendo did have a couple rally games on the FDS btw.

  • Jason Simonds 21 mins ago

    What? No Rally Trophy???????

  • Natasha McEwan 21 mins ago

    Wish I'd seen some Colin McRae Rally, mostly 2 or 4. Played 2 to death on my old computer. 🙂

  • Roland Perteev 21 mins ago

    I am deeply suspicious of a rally racing game ep that features neither Colin McRae Rally 2.0 or 4…

  • Lutfi Makarim 21 mins ago

    Didn't Nintendo have Top Gear?

  • Justin A 21 mins ago

    Man I love Sega Rally Revo!!

  • SwankeyMonkey 21 mins ago

    Saturn Sega Rally >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sega Rally Revo
    Graphics do NOT make the game.
    Someday lazy programmers will realize that simply pumping up next-gen graphics does not substitute for good play mechanics, which is demonstrated in why so many people are returning to retro gaming over next-gen gaming.

  • Dave Bladegun 21 mins ago

    Damn it. I went a couple months without watching much Game Sack, and now I'm binging my ass off. Help! HELP!!!

  • DerekSiems 21 mins ago

    "That was awesome! you've gotta show that to the world, put it on YouTube!"

    Mission Accomplished.

  • Dave Torres 21 mins ago

    Sega Rally Revo it's the most addicting racing game that i've played in years, easily one of my all time favorites

  • Retro Game Players 21 mins ago

    I bought Sega Rally 2 on launch, and it took me a long time to figure out the controls, but once I did I thought it was great. My friend and I would always play that or Tokyo Extreme Racer.

  • drunkensailor112 21 mins ago

    v-rally on dreamcast was also very good

  • TheCatLovingGamer 21 mins ago

    there is also sega rally on gba

  • Bucket feet 21 mins ago

    Missing the Colin McRae games

  • Ryan G. 21 mins ago

    This is back when Game Sack pre-announced which games they would talk about.

  • WeirdoGuy01 21 mins ago

    What about Pro Rally on the GameCube? It's a Ubisoft game but was licensed by Nintendo!

  • TheUpliftingGuy 21 mins ago

    V-Rally / Test Drive Rally / Colin McRae Rally for the PS1 where one of the best rally games in the 90's.

  • Heel Race Driver 21 mins ago


  • Dean Allman 21 mins ago

    As if you said the Xbox is a 32 bit system

  • Joe Digger 21 mins ago

    I could be wrong BUT….by the time the ps2 and the og xbox came out it would have been a 128 bit system. Granted by then no one cared about bits any more but I'm pretty sure that it was not 32 bit.

  • Walter Hunt 21 mins ago

    I'd love to see another Rally episode. I love rally racing games and am always looking for new ones to try.

  • hashrulsubzero 21 mins ago

    Why listen to music while you're racing in DiRT3 when you can hear those awesome car sounds especially the Audi Sport Quattro car sound 🙂

  • Punk Rock Piper 21 mins ago

    Saturn rally as I call it, is one of my favorite games ever

  • Timothy Knott 21 mins ago

    nintendo did have a rally game its called top gear rally

  • GamingTV 21 mins ago

    with all the rally games that was on the PS1? not a single PS1 rally game?

  • Wyzax76 21 mins ago

    How can you not include Colin McRae Rally 2.0? The greatest rally game…ever!

  • zintosion 21 mins ago

    Wow matt turner won again? Damn what a lucky guy

  • Natalie Barker 21 mins ago

    Isnt the original xbox 128bit like the ps2

  • TheMentalRelapse 21 mins ago

    I have noticed that the textures on sega saturn games don't warp as much as the original playstation. Why is this?

  • Robert Mayweather 21 mins ago

    xbox was 128bt like a dreamcast not 32bt

  • László Balázs 21 mins ago


  • FhargaZ 21 mins ago

    Playing dirt 3 with a wheel like G27 is like a different game, nice 😀