The Long Reach is a pixel art style adventure game filled with shock, thrills and horror. It’s a game that’ll make you question your perception vs reality as you …

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video rating: 4.72
duration : 6:8
likes: 117
dislikes: 7

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  • Luis Alamilla 1 month ago

    Oh yeah, here's my Twitch page if you want to check it out 🙂
    and some reviews from earlier this week in case you missed them (that darn sub box is wonky lately!)

    ♡Steredenn: Binary Stars Review :
    ♡Darwin Project Preview :
    ♡Flinthook Review :

  • Triche H 1 month ago

    this game has a great atmosphere at first for a telltale style walking dead kinda game a bit slow paced but the suspense made the first 10 min moody and fun then the real game started and i realized it was just a walking simulator with few puzzles that dont make sense and the dialogues were irrelevant filler and after another 20 min of wandering around waiting for something to happen i got really bored and uninstalled it.

  • Stewart Rippley 1 month ago

    Hey! I'm stuck with the safe! Any help? 🙂

  • Stewart Rippley 1 month ago

    Hey, thank you!

  • Avel Rodriguez 1 month ago

    I would say stream on youtube more ppl have accounts here and more views for you. Also like myself I would not make a twitch account just to watch live streams when I can watch them here…no offence…

  • Daerhan Liu 1 month ago

    Hi Luis, are you reviewing Ni No Kuni 2? How do you like it so far?

  • Monolith Gaming 1 month ago

    This is probably the only game to ever take place in my home state so I'm definitely excited to play this lmao

  • Junior Jaw 1 month ago

    Youtube : Ah it's The Technomancer!

  • Quietstorm tcb 1 month ago


  • Levi Bechtold 1 month ago

    Sometimes I twitch. Must be a condition.

  • Jonatan Cruz 1 month ago

    Review on Outlast 2 for switch? (its okay if you can't since already been released on other platforms.)

  • Im a regular user of twitch, and id say you have to have a big name to do good on twitch. But at youtube its easier to get views. Also its harder to get recommended on twitch compared to youtube.

  • Touch of Chaos 1 month ago

    This looks really good but 4 hours? Ugh short games always pain me 😢 idk I'll definitely be keeping an eye on it. Thanks for the video Fam

  • Julian Perez 1 month ago

    Personaly I think That Youtube gaming is the best because, Youtubes rules are not as strict as Twitches, Plus all of the subscribers you have now will not have to migrate to twitch to watch your live streams.

  • Mastelit 1 month ago

    You should stream on twitch.You will get more attention and i personaly like twitch more

  • Bearded Oranges 1 month ago

    Hey great review! I have enough money for a $15 switch game and was wondering what to get. My thoughts were Super Meat Boy, Splasher, Enter the Gungeon or Mr.Shifty. I already have Stardew Valley tho.

  • This remind me of the Telltale games, but in pixel art

  • Umbra Witcher 1 month ago