TOP 10 BATTLEFIELD Games from WORST to BEST Tweet me if you use my code! G2A.COM Cash Back w/ Promo “CHAOS” …

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  • jebrengl 1 month ago

    when i saw bf4 in pos.10 i paused no need to see more.

  • Parker Duncan 1 month ago

    BF4 definitely beats BF3 you should have beat then

  • Jr Nobody 1 month ago

    Marine Corps… Corps is said like core. But its corps. So yea

  • Brogan Williams 1 month ago

    Battlefield 1943


  • Joey Fearn gaming 1 month ago

    Bf 1 is the best

  • Dr.Pootis 29217 1 month ago

    I don't care which game is the best.
    It's BATTLEFIELD, one of the best video game franchises in the world. Every game from this franchise is awsome.

  • SNIPER NGEMA 1 month ago

    After seeing BF4 being ranked at no 10 i couldn't finish the list, i mean that really broke my heart literally

  • Paul Grateza 1 month ago

    Why the hell BF4 at #10?? This is insane dud.

  • Mike P 1 month ago

    Battlefield Hardline NUMBER ONE!

  • KUNAL bhardwaj 1 month ago

    true ranking

  • Owenage XD 1 month ago

    Guys which battlefield game should I get

  • Paolo Zamora 1 month ago

    I have BF1

  • Andrew Burmaster 1 month ago

    Did a channel about military games just say "in battlefield 1943 u can play as the marine corps" but said corps like corpse instead of core.

  • Sronik 1 month ago

    White's my Hardline

  • Nohil yadav 1 month ago

    if you put bf4 in 4th, then u must be 1 of the biggest fools

  • Susan Ndlovu 1 month ago

    This is why cod players don't make battlefield lists

  • OT x Fusion 1 month ago

    Bf4 is 100% definitely not number 10

  • John Simmonds 1 month ago

    There is no way that I would have BC2 above BF1. I've played both as well as other campaigns on this list. BF4 was an excellent campaign when added to free dlc on the road to BF1 that was available. BC2 should be #2 in my opinion but it was awesome to play! Thanks. Jimmy for another insightful video!!!!

  • ChewYour Beer 1 month ago


  • T92 B779 1 month ago

    BF4 must be number 2

    BF3 must be number 3

    BF1 must be number 1

    I really really disagree with you!

  • TheFlaccidSquirrel 1 month ago

    BF4 is the best

  • Latający Szatan 1 month ago

    Battlefield Play 4 Free 🙁 its mod for BF2

  • Slump - 1 month ago

    According to this list your saying battlefield Vietnam is better than battlefield 4?

  • Sniper Pogba 1 month ago

    I haven’t heard this much bs for a long time

  • stixnuts 1 month ago

    bf 1 on 10th place…. a damn nobrainer.

  • Schaquille jack 1 month ago

    Battlefield 4 is top 3 you're not a battlefield player 👎👎👎

  • That Man is John Wick 1 month ago

    Oh boy cod youtuber makes list of 10 battlefield games.battlefield hardline should be at 10

  • Killer Champion 1 month ago

    I didn't finish the video once I seen the first one

  • Mon3yMotivateD1 1 month ago

    Best = BF3. The end

  • EwbTheGamer 1 month ago

    BF4 at number 10????


  • ligmafuckinballslmao 1 month ago

    Battlefield 2 should have been #1.

  • Faiz Ramadhan 1 month ago


  • Just Yuri 1 month ago

    For me BF2 was special. It diserves a higher spot on the list.

  • kathleen bishop 1 month ago

    Yo dude i dont like bf 4 but its easy top 4 and bf 1 at number 2 ??? This list is a joke !!!

  • Azay Raichand 1 month ago

    Yes BF BadCompany2 the game which i still play on ps3.