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  • Beverly Tankersley 1 month ago

    alien isolation is the best horror game i have ever been scared in i was so scared in that game but i loved it i love scarry games i wish they would make another alien isolation but 4 the xbox 360 they do not have a whole lot of games 4 xbox 360 anymore since they have come up with xbox one everything is 4 xbox one people still have xbox 360 out here to but u can't hardly get any games 4 it anymore makes me so mad

  • hamza ahmad 1 month ago

    Bioshock was supposed to be HORROR?????? Alien coloniel marines is best??????? you all right?????

  • salim B 1 month ago

    alien is the best one

  • Rakesh Kapoor 1 month ago

    BioShock is a fps game

  • Kareem Hanoun 1 month ago

    Bioshoc is not horo

  • Kareem Hanoun 1 month ago

    Slender the aririvel what about it??

  • Kevin Ryan 1 month ago

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  • joel garcia 1 month ago

    eeeeeeee bioshock no is a horror game is a first person shooter

  • rub meow 1 month ago

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  • Almir Babic 1 month ago

    My 5 horror games:
    Alien isolation
    The evil within
    S.H downpour 3D
    S.H homecoming

  • mikel gaming 1 month ago

    Do outlast 1 exist on xbox 360

  • المحترفة في ترجمة الأغاني 1 month ago

    Thx 😘😘 part 2 ????
    Please do game kenact 😍😚

  • What is Condemned Blood Shot

  • Peter Attia 1 month ago

    alan wake is the best

  • Hamed Banaderi 1 month ago

    Silent Hill-Resident Evil-Alone in the Dark-Alan Wake …

  • Majdouline 1 month ago

    I don't know why you're still alive if you haven't play The evil within yet. It's one of the best games I've played so far. I can't wait for The evil within 2❤️

  • Bobby Bottleservice 1 month ago

    So basically fear bioshock and anything aliens regardless of quality… Seems legit.

  • National Geographic Abu Dhabi 1 month ago

    Dislike for ur intro annoying

  • AscendedVulture 1 month ago

    Evil within 1:15 definitely Jeff the killer

  • MineZygmunt PL 1 month ago

    BioShock and Doom are FPS ._.

  • Snake eye 1 month ago

    bioshock is horor?