I go through some of the horror games for the DS. SUBSCRIBE!!!

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  • Leny 1777 4 weeks ago

    You look like that famous guy with long hair and beard with million suscribers on YT.

  • Lampshade Reviews 4 weeks ago

    resi deadly silence, dementium the ward dementium 2 ,touch the dead

  • HT Poison 4 weeks ago


  • HT Poison 4 weeks ago


  • Takaithepanda 4 weeks ago

    Bit of a shame you left out more investigative horror games. Probably the best horror game on the DS, Theresia – Dear Emile was left out.

  • Lewnatik 4 weeks ago

    Anyone else notice Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City in the top Back

  • Keith Parker 4 weeks ago

    9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors – point and click but definitely horror – a bit like the movie Saw

  • SIMON wilson 4 weeks ago

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  • Can you tell me what you think about me playin FNAF?

  • Wendigo 24 4 weeks ago

    so much nostalgia with dementium and dementium 2. when i was really young i was a HUGE halloweeny, and i had a ds. logically, i had every single game you mentioned ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Debenex 4 weeks ago

    You sound like Kermit the frog :/

  • Royal Adam 4 weeks ago

    I'm forward with Resident Evil:Deadly Silent. 

  • Tray Ahzz 4 weeks ago

    dont know why they changed "Touch The Dead" from the original title "Dead n Furious." and the cover art looked better

  • DarthSidious63 4 weeks ago

    I ordered Dementium 2 on Amazon a few months back and got shafted. I got Dementium 1 instead in the sequels box. Amazon gave me back the money since they backed up the seller.

  • AlexGameplayz437 4 weeks ago

    The dementium games are fantastic!!! Though I only played The Ward Im looking for dementium 2

  • Quinn Hanley 4 weeks ago

    Whats your favourite horror ds game?

  • Quinn Hanley 4 weeks ago

    Renegade kid made moon too? I NEED THAT ROM

  • Suicidal Cat 4 weeks ago

    Gawd, u have long hair

  • DARKSONIC453 4 weeks ago

    Thanks for this video man, recently got a Ds with Pokemon but I need some horror for this device. Definitely checking out Moon

  • 9ElevenGamer 4 weeks ago

    I really like Dementium 2, that boss where you have to throw dynamite in his mouth is a total shit bag though.

  • M4MM0Th 4 weeks ago

    like dementium 2 hd, thats coming out

  • halafradrimx 4 weeks ago

    The best horror game would be 999 for Nintendo DS.

    A pity, though… The horror genre is not explored in Nintendo DS.

  • Scottsquatch 4 weeks ago

    I would love to see a few more horror titles on the 3DS.

  • crashgod4ever 4 weeks ago

    I wonder how dementium would look on 3ds

  • Rubenyny13 4 weeks ago

    yeah dementium is one hell of a creepy game . but it isnt very scary wonce u see the enemys … ull get used to it

  • HmongVangst3r 4 weeks ago

    *your not or lol

  • HmongVangst3r 4 weeks ago

    Loved or opinions

  • Scottsquatch 4 weeks ago

    Castlevania obviously has horror elements, but the series has never really been scary. I wouldn't consider them horror, but I love them to death. 🙂