Manual Samuel Ending, Final Boss Fight – Walkthrough Playthrough Gameplay Part 3 (No Commentary Let’s Play) (Steam Adventure PC Game 2016) This full …

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  • Homestuckfandom 1 month ago

    O h my fucking god ehy is this guy so FUCKING BAD!!!!!! ITS ANNOYING THE HELLE OUT OF ME HOW BAD HES DOING I WANT TO DIE!!!(not really)

  • Braden Best 1 month ago

    God damn it, I sat through a 37 minute video titled "ENDING" that doesn't have the ending of the game. Have all of my dislikes, you clickbaiting ass.

  • Joseph Abusman 1 month ago

    i'd rather live in that kind of hell

  • Paper Kirby 1 month ago

    So easy!!!! The final battle!

  • LuigiNumberOne 1 month ago

    What happens if you actually manage to type "No no, plz don't, this is no fun, this is no fun"

  • noah joseph 1 month ago

    death finally achieve to do a kick flip on the skateboard in the end

  • IceShadow 1 month ago

    what did Tony's cafe do to you?

  • mincraft 4309147 1 month ago


  • Some dude On The Internet 1 month ago

    Death is bad at kickflips

    (At least he does one in the final battle.)

  • Mr.Man The best man. 1 month ago

    I give the game 10/10 for killing children.

  • Mr.Man The best man. 1 month ago

    Liked it, but where can I find the music?

  • matias gamer 1 month ago