Right Nice Games, a small team with passion for classic 3D platformers, brings us Skylar & Plux Adventure On Clover Island. The game overall really gives us a …

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  • Ospyro3em 1 month ago

    I have to admit, I love this game! I know it's easy and short but that's partly why I like it- it's a good game to play if you just want something relaxing. It would make a good game for kids or those just getting into platformers.
    Also, CRT is an awesome character!
    Regarding the "sped-up voice" issue, I also have this for the PS4 and didn't get this issue for the first couple of times I played through, but from about the 3rd/4th playthrough onwards it has happened every time. Weird.

  • Lance Pelissier 1 month ago

    Their was dome I paled at an fur con  and I got the ps4 version free form that fur con and I loved it.

  • SuperWorldJumper 1 month ago

    Just played and finished this game. It was a lot of fun. Definitely inspired by the first Jak and Daxter with some Gadgets thrown in.

    The best compliment I can give this game is its "pick up and play" value. Simple and fun story and gameplay that really takes me back to the good old Spyro days.

    I loved the villain CRT, who ironically was a more fleshed out character than either of our two heroes. I definitely laughed at his and "Bob's" conversations as well as his over-the-top-ness. Also the conversations you can have with the rescued Loa's can also be pretty funny.

    Overall, a great indie game with a short but sweet play time. Also I am super glad it had voice acting, which is more than we got with Yooka-Laylee.

  • Owen Mania 1 month ago

    This game looks like the new Ratchet and Clank game and Sly Cooper because the cutscenes

  • Flutteran Master 1 month ago

    at least they made a good game for kidsthan can be enjoyed by anyone ,something than you dont see very often nintendo

  • Matthew Dadoun 1 month ago

    Basically a shorter Ratchet and Clank with less character, less content, horrible voice acting with less depth. I understand this is an indie developer with less of a budget but honestly they could've done a lot more. I don't think "simplistic controls" is a valid pro since in my opinion, it creates less opportunities for button combinations but is better for newer players. Haven't played it myself but honestly don't wanna give it a chance since I'd have more fun replaying Ratchet and Clank.

  • Shania Nordström 1 month ago

    The game remind me of The good old ps2 era.😀 it is good to se a New game idé that are for younger audiens.😀

  • Über Kirbeeh 1 month ago

    It disappoints me that these new games keep having so manu issues and bugs at launch. Pitiful. However the game: it looks pretty boring and slow. Also, what's the point to collect something if it just there to show the way or give more HP? But it's an ok game for the devs first game.

  • NotOrdinaryInGames 1 month ago

    If there is ever a sequel, the instant friendship needs to be addressed. Referenced, at the very least.

  • NotOrdinaryInGames 1 month ago

    Plux runs into a total stranger, and the two instantly become best friends.

    JUST LIKE IN RATCHET & CLANK PS4! 😀 😀 😀 😐 😐 🙁 >:(

  • Britney 1 month ago

    This game look a 8 or 7 out of 10? A fun game just to play.

  • Nate Joe 1 month ago

    nobody else is talking about it that I subscribe to

  • Nate Joe 1 month ago

    honestly I never heard of this game until you started talking about it

  • Tabreez Siddique 1 month ago

    0:00 – Well I knew this was coming at one point.
    0:21 – Unlike most of your other content I actually was around when you first decided to talk about this game. 🙂
    0:35 – AKA Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter and Sly Cooper combined. XD
    1:04 – That was one huge surprise to me! For some reason some people never got that but instead noticed that line Plux says; "Old blue stuff told us not to come here". 😉
    1:26 – You mean from the 1st Ratchet & Clank game?
    2:01 – Visually for the most part this game looked really impressive for a new developer, I can easily agree with you on that. 🙂
    2:13 – My favorite has to be the first few tracks from Clover Mountain, it was all so peaceful. 🙂
    2:21 – Definitely something worth looking at.
    2:40 – Definitely something from Ratchet & Clank which I highly approve of! 😀
    3:57 – I really wanted more of those puzzles to get a bit harder.
    4:33 – Pretty much like the 1st Jak & Daxter game but more simple.
    4:37 – And R1.
    4:48 – I'd say that's the map system from the 1st Sly Cooper game along with the teleporter gates from the 1st Jak & Daxter game which is really their own thing when put together so … yeah! Though for some reason the controls appeared to be for the PC version of the game and I was playing the PS4 version.
    6:02 – Even I had that problem myself when the introduction to Plux is done and he spoke but I couldn't be able to hear him, another problem occurred when in Clover Mountain near a burning house as you said; his voice would speed up! Luckily the developer noticed that problem and decided to do something about it.
    6:29 – About 2.5 to 7.5 hours depending on how we play the game.
    7:05 – I couldn't tell if it was the overuse of enemies or the overuse of the Magnetic Glove! 🙁
    7:59 – The villain had nice jokes that I kind of liked but Plux on the other hand … just so cringy! 😛 Though that ending was a little disappointing but not too bad,
    8:20 – There was one Lo'a that was really puzzling to get to but I somehow managed with the help of the momentum on the way to Clover Mountain.
    9:07 – I'll easily let that one go since this is the first ever game this developer worked on so … yeah!
    9:38 – I'll give this game a 6/10, this game has some problems here and there as you stated and I kind of liked how they made it in a way, though with the criticism they have they can most likely make an even better game next time and when that happens you know I'll be there! 😉
    10:05 – And it's really cheap if you can believe it. 🙂
    10:17 – And as always; we are all happy to watch. 🙂

  • JCHunter248 1 month ago

    I bought a triple A game, barely had any money left on my credit card… then I thought "Im not gonna buy anything else"….until I notice Skylar and plux is out, immediately I bought it without thinking twice and didn't even played my new expensive game (Tom Clancy Wildlands). Completed Skylar and plux in a few hours… already cant wait for the sequel…. Its gonna be a long few years before that happens :/

  • Henry Rodgers 1 month ago

    While I don't think I'll be playing this one anytime soon, I would probably love an improved sequel.
    Thanks Vivi for introducing me to Right Nice Games, I'm positive we'll be hearing from them soon!

  • Xavier Productions 1 month ago

    This game seems cool but just sick to the more iconic platform heroes.

  • Greatest of Our Time 1 month ago

    EVERYONE ITS STILL ON SALE RIGHT NOW! Also good review Vivi I was waiting, glad you enjoyed it I'm waiting to play it but I do own it and can't wait 👍🏽 wish it was longer though 😔

  • PrototypeKnuckles 1 month ago

    really good game, for the first game made by a small indie studio i was very impressed sure it has its problems such as the frame rate,audio, and crap dialog but it was a lot of fun, if they improve upon what came before i can see this studio being big someday

  • NegaLimbo 1 month ago

    I hate cons.

    V, did you get my reply to you? I asked if you wanted to see my list of games I need to watch to finally know them better. It's on my Google Drive, and I think I'm going to need your email address in order to share the document with you. I hope you don't mind if I could have it.

  • Kratos4ever 1 month ago

    Meh. Although im not a huge Jak & Daxter fan, im much more looking forward to play the emulated version of The Precursor Legacy on PS4 than this game.

    Also, a 7/10 seems quite generous considering all these cons. Sounds more like a 6.

  • Hassan Ghanim 1 month ago

    I played the game, and i have to say that even though its low budged(and i heard that it was made by only 5 people) i had more joy playing and finishing S&P than that boring yooka-laylee, mostly collect stuff in large levels that just feels empty, do mini games(that annoying to play) with enemies that just there for health, and abilities that hardly even used(even this game with only 3 levels has more useful gadgets than in yooka)

  • Connor Donahue 1 month ago

    VTNVIVI I think that skylar and plux 10/10 I did not beat the game but CRT is to funny and even my Cousin thinks that CRT is funny

  • Connor Donahue 1 month ago

    VTNVIVI I think that skylar and plux 10/10 I did not beat the game but CRT is to funny and even my Cousin thinks that CRT is funny

  • Michael Noble 1 month ago

    I agree with the cutscenes and the game is short but of I know one thing on inventing. it's on about with prototypes.

  • coverandoacasa 1 month ago

    It's a meh and poor ratchet & clank ripoff, pass

  • Monkbot10 1 month ago

    You think they could patch the issues?

  • ShadowDragon23 1 month ago

    Right Nice Games is a small indie studio, they could improve over time and learn from their previous mistakes for a possible sequel

  • Monkbot10 1 month ago

    Well this is random as hell. First I guess.