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  • FilmNutCase 2 months ago

    Ninja Gaiden, try it, you'll love it : ).

  • Omgitsgodzilla 2 months ago

    "Playing Dante with his full arsenal is fucking awesome"

    As much as I love DMC4, I have to call bullshit. I thought sequels are games that takes it predecessor and improves and extents upon it. Yet DMC4 took out so many moves and weapons from DMC3 and gave Dante less options to play around with.
    For example: DMC4 have no wild slide, wild stomp, pointblank from gunslinger style or Tornado kick from real impact from Swordmaster style or no DT explostion. Pandora feels like a shit version of Kalina Ann. (Though the other moves are good.)
    No spiral, Agni and Rugda, Artemis, Cerberus or Nevan.
    The only new weapons was Lucifer and Pandora, along with introducing enchances moves when he is in DT. (Darkslayer barely add much to the table.)

    The point is, Dante's arsenal in DMC4 is nowhere NEAR his full arsenal especially when a lot of moves have been taken out from DMC3.

  • Google+sucksballs 2 months ago

    DMC's shitty opening just reminds me of the cheesy blood rave opening scene in Blade.

  • Zyx Whitewind 2 months ago

    Did you say that DMC3 had a lack of variety of settings because it is mostly all in one castle but DMC1 had great settings? My memory of DMC1 is hazy but wasn't that mostly all in one castle as well?

  • Nikki S. 2 months ago

    I still overall enjoy Devil May Cry 3 the most, however the charm and wonder with the first game, plus how mind-blowing it was and at times still is , is just a huge feat. Because it was meant to be a Resident Evil game, the level design and the entire world of the game has a ton of character and charm, which overall for Action games tends to not be the case. Which is why every other DMC game to come after the first, has less of a interesting or breath-taking world/level design (imo). So honestly the first and third game tie as my favorite for different reasons that kinda compliment each other.

    Games I love not mentioned on here, though I do recommend to play, even if Simmons and some others most likely will not like as much as I (no biggie) or think much of them.

    -Otogi 2: Holy fuck is this one of my favorite action games, easily top 5. The game is GORGEOUS and one of the most impressive looking ones on the Xbox. This game has a huge cast of characters that you play thru as and get to decide when to play them for each mission and level. The fluidity of your attacks and how varied each of the SIX characters played kept it very fresh. I loved the destructable levels in the game, as it gives off and shows that your characters are powerful! Not to mention being able to grab most enemies and throw them into groups of others (some enemies exploding on contact0gaea v satisfying "hey FUCK you!" vibe. I also love the kind of somber story, which does take a backseat to the chaos of playing, but I highly recommend this gem of a game. I wish it would be brought back and continued.

    -God of War 1-3, the games are very enjoyable and the satisfying way to brutalize foes is such a treat, plus some epic boss battles and one helluva soundtrack.

    -Darksiders 1 & 2: I love both for different reasons and while they are def not masterpieces, I loved the LOZ design in the first game and how fluid the combat in the second one became. I love the story and prospect of being one of the Four Horsemen in both games and while there are some issues with both games, I def say give them a chance.

    -Zone of the Enders 1&2: While yes it's a mech game it still plays like a full on action game and while overall a simple game compared to more in-depth, I don't think it should be overlooked. Loved the use of sub-weapons, the design for the mechs, awesome soundtrack and some crazy moments of combat (more so the 2nd game than the first) This game was the reason I bought a [email protected] on it's initial release despite thinking I wouldn't. It's a shame this game had a small following and was overshadowed because the first came with the demo for MGS2 and ppl just bought it for that reason only.

    -Genji. I wonder how many people remember this game? I think this is a game that didn't make too big of a blast when it came out and while a bit short, I think the game deserves at least a small chance despite it being very much overshadowed by God of War and Devil May Cry.

  • Adrian Duran 2 months ago

    This video finally proves that Nintendo is better than Activision

  • Living Lightning 2 months ago

    I agree that the first DMC had the best overall setting and atmosphere that the sequels could not recapture. I also agree that DmC wasn't as bad as most people made it out to be. Personally I would've included Castlevania Lords of Shadow. It had the atmosphere on par with the first DMC and visually it was awesome. On a side note I have Bayo 2 and never played past the first level. I just couldn't get into the crazy anime-like aesthetics of the game nor could I follow the action as it felt very MvC-like with a whole bunch of stuff on screen.

  • NightmareSnake 2 months ago

    DMC 2 was a decent game but I understand why it didn't make the list. Though I personally would rather see it there than DmC.

    Also when's God Hand?

  • mackvinly ssg 2 months ago

    good review simmons only thing I do don't agree with is dmc 1 but that only because I was spolid with the game play of 3 and 4 before even trying 1. once switch come out I go get a wii u to pla baynetta 2 cuz I loved 1

  • Hugo Alberto Lopez Hidalgo 2 months ago

    darksiders 1 & 2

  • Fgarfio01 2 months ago

    The 3D ninja gaiden games for the 360 especially the first 2

  • Noah Fade 2 months ago

    I love both intros to DMC4 and DmC haha

  • Shampooken 2 months ago

    hey, you can try Nanobreaker (Konami), for the PS2
    Also, a question: does Onimusha series enter in this genre?

  • GeneralSecura Let's Plays 2 months ago

    Now I understand why people usually go with a one-per-franchise rule for Top 10s.

  • Drakenzord 2 months ago

    Where's Anarchy Reigns…..Or Max Anarchy, whichever works.

  • Drog2099 2 months ago

    So is Max the only one that played Asura's Wrath?

  • ViewtifulOtaku 2 months ago

    I am pleasantly surprised that No More Heroes made this list. Still probably one of my favorite games of all time. You should give 2 a try though.

  • Tim Macone 2 months ago

    I'm gonna just assume you haven't played a GOW game. And for those who are saying GOW is shallow in comparison, you are wrong. I used to think this until I played God mode on GOW1, where I HAD to delve deeper into the combat system. It is very rewarding once you master the combos and the potential is deeper than most would think. Add in some if the best pacing imaginable in an action game and some spectacular scale and you certainly have a contender for this list.

  • Kevin Wager 2 months ago

    Wow this really was semmons list and it was great 👍

  • CookieCereal 2 months ago

    2 words: Ninja Gaiden.

  • RenovatedLee 2 months ago

    No more heroes 2 is a personal favourite of mine, New bosses ranging from
    an amalgamation of Cloud and Dante,
    an Irish Hip Hop preacher,
    a jock and his army of cheerleaders piloting a giant quarterback mech,
    a Travis Touchdown fangirl wielding a Darth Maul style beam katana(voiced by Jennifer Hale)
    a millionaire shooting money at you in a bank vault (Voiced by Paul Eiding)
    one of Travis' weird anime waifus,
    a horror slasher villain wielding a flamethrowing axe,
    a poison based bondage girl at the end of a metal gear style boat infiltration,
    Three playable characters,
    general gameplay streamlining(no pointless overworld, jobs are now 8bit style minigames(that are actually fun this time), no grinding required, can now use classic controllers thank god, can now switch between 4 different beam katanas on the fly)
    They also make fun of the nonsense ending of the first game.

    Might make for a fun stream.

  • Call Me Anger 2 months ago

    To be honest, I'm really surprised by this list. 4 Devil May Cry, without the special edition for three of them (but I assume you count both Vanilla and the SE in this top, as you are speaking of the remaster for DmC and we can see the Trish/Lady intro for 4), NMH, Korra or Transformers.
    But I totally respect your opinion, even though I would not have put some of these games here and my top would have been different.

    You may want to check :

    – Killer is Dead (not that great imo, but No More Heroes is on the list so …). Also, of course, No More Heroes 2 if that's not already done.
    – Madworld and Anarchy reigns. Again, they are not the best 3D action games but that's Platinum.
    – Some underrated gems, for me at least, God Hand and The Wonderful 101. Two masterpieces of the genre but you will have to invest your time, they are not easy to get in.
    – Last, but not least, the Ninja Gaiden franchise. Especially Ninja Gaiden Black on Xbox and Ninja Gaiden 2 on Xbox 360 (3 Razor's Edge has a lot of flaws in term of gameplay).

    Have a good day, and I hope you will enjoy these games if you never touched them.

  • Jacob Thomas 2 months ago

    Wonder if Simmons will do a 2D version of this… I was about to comment, "well what about Viewtiful Joe, another kamiya directed games?" Then I realized that that was a sidescroller

  • InsertDisk2 2 months ago

    Glad you got Korra and dmc on this. Really solid games and I GLADLY salute the ArtDirection of dmc over the original pretty boys in gothic castles approach the mainseries has going. Also, lots of stomping EBM music helps, but I am from Europe maybe that's why.

    Anyway, you gotta try out VANQUISH.

  • Quique Leal 2 months ago

    Stream Okami and or Viewtiful Joe.

  • Timothy Payne 2 months ago

    I can't believe that you had room on your list for The Legend of Korra, but not a single Ninja Gaiden game.

  • Gabriel González 2 months ago

    And this is why like the one game per franchise rule.

  • Kip Smithers 2 months ago

    Please play Ninja Gaiden my dude. it is also among the greats of action games.

  • Sigarian 2 months ago

    Not really an full action game but i am hyped for NieR automata. I just hope that Square Enix lets Platinum make the combat as good as their previous titles.

  • nickweb99 2 months ago

    play god hand pls

  • DeathWing03 2 months ago

    Oh god, I forgot how shit DMC's intro is :))

  • mutalord 2 months ago

    Have you tried Madworld? is a fun and quick to master action game, with HILARIOUS comments from the "announcers" and has the Black Baron…. nuff said =)

  • DinsFire 2 months ago

    Awesome list! But no Wonderful 101? Not enough of a 3D action game, maybe?

  • Suja DeCoteau 2 months ago

    Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, and ninja Gaiden 3 razors edge. Please do a stream on at least one of these. BTW, razors edge is basically dark souls on speed…. Without potions

  • WilliamT S 2 months ago

    I honestly think you guys should finish the Wonderful 101.

  • Swamp Roo 2 months ago

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

    The combat is so fucking good dude. It's developed by the Raven guys so it would come as no surprise that it's gory and bloody mayhem at all times. Logan takes visual damage to the point you can see his ribs ect and watch it all heal back.
    The games only flaws imo is that they based it on the movie and the framerate on console tanks into slideshow territory. There was a pc version but it doesn't exist on steam.

  • Mythril JoJo 2 months ago

    Yakuza is an Action Brawler series that has been overlooked for the longest time, despite it having a really satisfying combat system. It doesn't have long combos but their are tight counters and posibilities to do good setups with attacks. Especially in the upcoming Yakuza Zero with the style changes.

  • Harry Li 2 months ago

    felt u guys would like gungrave, the only down side of the game is lacking ingame music

  • Dango Gamer 2 months ago

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but I recommend Darksiders 1 & 2 to both you and Max. They're Zelda-style action games with GoW/DmC style combat, and they have everything both you and Max would love personally – visceral combat, rewarding gameplay, great level design and dungeons, over-the-top and hype-as-shit moments, and Zelda-style exploration and puzzles (although that part is more for you, Simmons ^^; ). And with both games now remastered on PC at 60fps, there's absolutely no reason not to at least try them out. 😀

  • kurisu nf 2 months ago

    Good list, here's mine:

    10. God of War: Chains of Olympus
    9. Darksiders
    8. Wonderful 101
    7. Ninja Gaiden Sigma
    6. Devil May Cry (1)
    5. Metal Gear Rising
    4. Devil May Cry 4
    3. Devil May Cry 3
    2. Bayonetta 1
    1. Bayonetta 2

    I dunno if Vanquish counts, but you should definitely check it out.

  • MrBigg1esw0rth 2 months ago

    I'm just going to assume you didn't play No More Heroes 2 because it's not on the list. Playthrough please ?