Hey guys Here is the top 10 single player games with the best story line for your pc, ps4 and xbox one. We got games sorted out from 2016 and 2017 as well.

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  • Egemen İpek 4 weeks ago

    mafia 3 is really "story rich"

  • Alpha Oni 4 weeks ago

    why do you put the shit that comes out in 2018 whats the point?!!!

  • GWD.Merkymurk 4 weeks ago


  • The Ordinary Gamer 4 weeks ago

    Sniper ghost warrior 3 is not just a rich story game it's also rich bugs

  • Bikram Dhiman 4 weeks ago

    Mafia 3 is seriously one of the worst games ever. Game breaking bugs and glitches aside, it was a very repetitive and boring game. Mafia 2 was way better.

  • Ilyas Nashid 4 weeks ago

    Youre a retard

  • MehmetHcArda 4 weeks ago

    all of them suck shadow of war is the best

  • 6:42 ENGLISH

  • Mister lolxdcum 4 weeks ago


  • Nagani 4 weeks ago

    why add games that have not been released yet dip shit "2016 – 2017"

  • PsychoTone 4 weeks ago

    This is a troll. I can confirm. Mafia III, all the unreleased games, Sniper Ghost Warrior… like come on might as well put fucking Call of Duty Ghosts on this list. And FIFA. And Forza.

  • Melo Attard 4 weeks ago

    how the fuck is the witcher not in here lol ?

  • axel van hoorn 4 weeks ago

    Maffia 3 is crap

  • THAC0MANIC 4 weeks ago

    Story Rich Mentions games not out or games with little story … Seems Legit

  • Sorry but it's obvious your'e just reading everything you say. not good.

  • John Meeks 4 weeks ago

    Most if not all of these games ive played and they are nothing close to having a rich story. There is zero narrative that draws you in its all mindless playing to fill up your time.

  • Levente Panta 4 weeks ago


  • Rickard Larsson 4 weeks ago

    spiderman will only be on ps4 tho

  • Bohadana Yitzhak 4 weeks ago

    why you dont add a list off names to the info ?!!

  • PhilonPC 4 weeks ago

    you`ve got my 1tsd like .

  • oImpaa 4 weeks ago

    lol look at the hateon this saves anyoone watching js

  • HALF LIFE 2!

  • Abdallah Dandashli 4 weeks ago

    games like metro redux please?

  • dobbz _ 4 weeks ago

    this guy is fucking retarded! these games werent out when this video was made! oh and prey was shit

  • hugo goulden 4 weeks ago

    holy fuck that is one gay ass intro… was good video though

  • seth william mills 4 weeks ago

    South Park is a real place I live near their

  • Jct Asen 4 weeks ago

    1.Have you played all those games?
    2.Some are not out yet on this list.
    3.Mafia 3, really?
    4.South park? Funny but story rich? nahhh

  • Chosen o 4 weeks ago

    Re core… seems like a shit version of horizon zero dawn to me

  • WessTech 4 weeks ago

    I am happily your 600th dislike

  • Dekstar 4 weeks ago

    fucking maga