Download Vampyr ▻ Vampyr Gameplay London, 1918. You are newly-turned Vampyr Dr. Jonathan Reid. As a doctor, you must find a …

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  • Games4Kickz 1 hour ago

    This game is surprisingly well done for an Indie title. The controls are a something to get used to for me personally but the story seems very interesting. Definitely one to watch out for. Though at €50,- this is a higher tier priced title.

  • Mark's Memos 1 hour ago

    I believe you and we your audience will enjoy the playthrough.

  • Minecraftbozz22 1 hour ago

    This would be an awesome game for this channel, especially with your unique way of recording lets plays! Go all in!

  • Dave Berger 1 hour ago

    I hope you keep this one Kickz!
    A little off the path but fun.

  • RD Simmers 1 hour ago

    I really like the game, but not sure if it will be good for a let's play series… too much talking, reading, and analytical discovery. Also, not sure it really fits your video play style. But thanks for showcasing it! 👍

  • lucy bikerchick chadwick 1 hour ago


  • deathshocker77 1 hour ago

    nothing like waking up for night of partying to have bloody mary for the hangover.

  • BigSarge 1 hour ago

    cool cant wait to get this game

  • Elias Andersson 1 hour ago

    This is interesting to watch. Can't wait for more, if you're deciding on making it a series.

  • Mike Stans 1 hour ago

    I would like to see more! This was really good for an indIe title! 🙂

  • deadly sas 1 hour ago

    Really want to see more of this loved it 🙂 been following you since you had 20k subs how much you've grown 🙂

  • Drake Rodriguez 1 hour ago

    I won't to see more

  • Nahid Niaz 1 hour ago

    Make a gameplay series on this game in your second Chanel…..

  • Ryan Hutto 1 hour ago

    This game fits the channel perfectly. It is a game about the undead, which is what both vampires and zombies are. Keep playing it! I loved it!

  • Mark Carder 1 hour ago

    A lot of the game is based off of choices this has a lot of talking and investigative stuff careful who and how many people you kill (referring to people you talk to, not enemies) but there are so many choices in this game its fun deciding what is what this game is a lot of fun Im playing it atm to. Tip: be very observant because button promps to look at stuff isn't very clear for stuff.

  • Mohammed Chaibi 1 hour ago

    please kickz can you take the game bit slower and try to talk to the people

  • Whiplashll Hell 1 hour ago

    cant wait to see the next episode… Looks exciting..

  • Aakash Singh 1 hour ago

    Do more of it !

  • adam poltorak 1 hour ago

    Definitely should continue!! This is like cross of Dishonored and The Evil Within

  • lucy bikerchick chadwick 1 hour ago

    Anyone play this with controller? I suck at keyboard n mouse…a console youth 😁

  • Escipion92 1 hour ago

    Well i cant bombard you with logic if you make that crazy face kickz :/ lol New stuff, love it kickz! Hope you keep playing it because I really enjoy it 😉

  • Papa_ryry 1 hour ago

    Sweet I was hoping you would play this. Great video.

  • chronoss chiron 1 hour ago

    looks cool 🙂

  • Dark Western 1 hour ago

    This place seems abandoned…
    Lit candles everywhere… lol

  • Adam K 1 hour ago

    Im looking forward to this play through. It does look very interesting

  • Vampires rock! More please Kicks 🙂

  • I am looking forward to this playthrough 🙂

    BUT – Try to be a tiny bit slower in going through the areas and levels. You have already missed some information. Try talking to people a bit more 🙂

  • Stephen Shurkus 1 hour ago

    Yes— more please 🙂 I like this a lot

  • J Handy 1 hour ago

    Janey Mac, I don't have enough time to play all of these new games! Less sleep it is!

  • SuprSlo88 1 hour ago

    I enjoyed it i would like to continue watching you play this through. Good job Kickz

  • Ranwolfalfa 1 hour ago

    I like this game. Do you know why there are vampires? Werewolves need to eat. LOL

  • clemintine hollowit 1 hour ago

    More of this game please 😀

  • Rayury Macêdo 1 hour ago

    bring more. A love this game in this chanel

  • Jon Coxon 1 hour ago

    Yes yes yes , more please. Great content:)

  • Niklas Nilsson 1 hour ago

    More of this!

  • JayMorgie Survived 1 hour ago

    very nice deffo would like to see more con the channel

  • Julie Turner 1 hour ago

    i really would like to see more of this game please xx

  • random person 1 hour ago

    will state of decay continue ?

  • Carl Mayne 1 hour ago

    This is great … Another one of my favourite YouTuber's plays this … now I can watch it in stereo 😀

  • C4 TV 1 hour ago

    respect to you kickz posting so many videos #kickzcrew