Bonk’s Adventure Arcade Version 1994 Kaneko. Full game. Level: 4. 7.

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  • Marc Baker 1 month ago

    They really should call this 'Bonk's Emoji Adventure'.

  • Paul Contreras 1 month ago


    I never knew that


  • DJCandyManMike 1 month ago

    I never heard of this game until Feb. 29 this year. It was the mystery Monday game at Galloping Ghost arcade that day, and I got the highest score of the day with a little under 5,000,000 points on one credit. The next day I upped it to 5,444,690 in one credit, and that score was briefly the world record.

  • Djungelurban 1 month ago

    How did you get it to display the US version of the game? I've been poking and prodding at anything I can find, but I can't seem to find the switch that does it…

  • Jason Smith 1 month ago


  • wingnut4427 1 month ago

    I cannot get this to work. What version of MAME are you running ?

  • dead account 1 month ago

    What also makes me LOL Was the fact that it was really a baby. XD

  • dead account 1 month ago

    I Loled at the fact the F Bosses Icon Was Flipping You Off

  • dead account 1 month ago

    It's Also Weird That It wasn't Released In The US

  • Jolt-Z 1 month ago

    They give you a bonus at the end of each level, If you have 10 smile bumpers, you'll get a lot of points.

  • GameStealth 1 month ago

    Sembra un gioco carino.