Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Kinect Rush, a Kinect game from Asobo Studio, Disney …

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  • Szabolcs Derzsenyi 1 hour ago


  • J0HN Man 1 hour ago

    Disneyland adventures is great. I think it's way better than this. I bough disneyland adventures in April. It's August and I still play it

  • BankKung_Ch 1 hour ago


  • Ciaran Yuill 1 hour ago

    I love a bugs life

  • Niamhey1123 1 hour ago

    Was I he only one who found it hard to run?

  • lauren bieber 1 hour ago

    personally i prefeard kinect rush to disneyland adventures

  • slstep0575 1 hour ago

    i love it

  • Eruantano 1 hour ago

    Honestly, I was expecting Derek to passively mention that he hates Pixar movies in this review since he seems to have something against CG animation.

  • AnthonyTheAwesome500 1 hour ago

    yea mine too. im still dissaponted that the sequel was turned into a pointless game that no one bought or cared about, GIVES US THE INCREDIBLES 2!!! whats the point of ending the movie like more is comming?

  • joelatron1 1 hour ago

    it was an all right review, but i dont think it is fair to say that it has crappy motion recognition, because you are playing it in a tiny playspace, it also might help if you tuned the kinect to the area you r playing it in

  • Canalave Maiden 1 hour ago

    I agree! 😀 gamecube>xbox ah, screw it! gamecube>all other consoles

  • Jason Woods 1 hour ago

    To be fair your head wasn't totally in the outline

  • MegaNosgamer 1 hour ago

    this doesnt mean the kinect sucks there have been some great games on the kinect its just that this game isnt one of them due to its poor controls and gameplay

  • Lustra Guy 1 hour ago


  • herodragon98 1 hour ago


  • AshmoreVid 1 hour ago

    the kinect is a travesty.

  • Zac _ 1 hour ago

    nice to know thoes who invested into this are still getting the same games a year and a half later, were you just wave your arms and running. The kinect just seems like a gimmick wont be to long til no one cares about it just like the ps move.

  • supersmashbro596 1 hour ago

    telling the truth. sorry, but ive yet to see any gems the kiinect has produced. xbox 360 by itself, ill admit, brought in some excelent gems. ehh, my oppinion though.

  • Guernicaman 1 hour ago

    I'd love to see an action-advneture game this good-looking, but done w/regular controls. They could let you use Kinect for peripheral actions, like mini-game activities, throwing objects at the screen & even character conversations. Kinect is still too imprecise for quality full-body recognition, not to mention its impractical for character full-body movement.

  • FastTquick 1 hour ago

    It's embarrasing that the Kinect sensor gets 5-10 bad games for every good one. At least it's better than the Wii getting 20-30 bad games for every good one. I don't hate Kinect, but I'll only take it seriously once the sensor actually gets the good games it deserves and once Ryse and Steel Battalion hit the scene.

  • AnimeWolfgamer 1 hour ago

    Ya I think the kinect should be invented when its like at the 21tht century.

  • Eternal Anglo 1 hour ago

    I think the use of the word "rush" is fitting.

  • Hellslaughtr10 1 hour ago

    man kinect is getting even worse than the Wii

  • Crystal Keyblade 1 hour ago

    Can't tell if fanboy or just telling the truth, i'm going with telling the truth.

  • Pál Krisztián Nagy 1 hour ago

    I miss the "review" part from the review

  • GameScape 1 hour ago

    personally, The Incredible is my favorite pixar movie of all time

  • supersmashbro596 1 hour ago

    this is why kiinect sucks.
    i dont think were at the point where we could "become" controllers.
    while the wii actually felt new, and had some great gems that didnt require fancy motion controls, kiinect looks to me like a souless ripoff of anything bad with the wii.
    nice try microsoft. but nintendo will always beat you in the end.

  • TheAlexJ 1 hour ago

    ratatouille? really

  • TheAlexJ 1 hour ago

    69viewer ftw!!!!

  • Hopper Grieves 1 hour ago


  • AMERI-FREEDOM! 1 hour ago

    First grade needs to get you "laid" with it first.

  • Ryan Neely 1 hour ago


  • key7900 1 hour ago

    Comment Removed.

  • key7900 1 hour ago

    Kinect is not good at all.

  • nomercy8989 1 hour ago

    Kinect just isnt good for gaming. Good thing microsoft released to other media/groups that actualy can use the technology for something good

  • 88119966 1 hour ago