JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure was created by Capcom for the PS1. We Join Tyler again as he is just trying to enjoy his weeb stuff when suddenly gbc decides to …

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  • Kyreese Alford 2 months ago

    I should check out JoJo's Bizarre Adventure someday. Either for the PlayStation 1 or Sega Dreamcast. BTW, I think the Sega Dreamcast version might be better than the PlayStation 1 version, 100%. And I believe that Classic Game Room's review of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is better because Classic Game Room reviewed the Sega Dreamcast version.


  • Earthbreaking Da rulez 2 months ago

    Good lord, the first 2 minutes of this review reminds me of my older reviews. (That's not a good thing btw)

  • Deadly Darin 2 months ago

    At the time you hve 999 subs now 1000! (I subbed so im your 1000 subscriber)

  • kalel Rojas 2 months ago

    Que tal es este juego
    He jugado tekken 2
    Soul blade y son exelentes

  • Navi, The Real Fairies Queen Former YANG. 2 months ago

    Actually manga starts ran in 1986.

  • SwagDoll420 2 months ago

    You pronouncing the names made me Cringe

  • Wilstar IsTheBest 2 months ago

    Nono's strange quest is the best series

  • GHOST 3594 2 months ago

    Knockoff JonTron did a review on an AWESOME game

  • Scott Pilgrim vs Za Warudo 2 months ago

    The arcade game was a lot better

  • JoeTheJRPGManiac 2 months ago

    The trick with Tower of Gray is to catch him with Hierophants trap. Kakyoin is actually top tier.

  • SPBN0VA 2 months ago

    shoot em up is fun, what are crying about

  • vikingrGER 2 months ago

    Would you share how you played the game (which emulator, which settings)? PCSXR cut's off right part of the screen for me.

  • I have memes 2 months ago

    Who Cringed When He Prononced Polneraff Wrong?

  • Philip Hunt-Bull 2 months ago

    Kak is the best legal character.

  • Homo Saxaphone 2 months ago

    D I O !

  • Zack O'Donnell 2 months ago

    Where do you go to get your anime suggestions? Do you go to sites like reddit or myanimelist? Thanks!

  • captain pepsi 2 months ago

    Aye me again so i watched the whole video cus i didnt have time so WHY THE HELL DID U MISS SAY ALMOST ALL THE NAMES

  • captain pepsi 2 months ago

    Why just why with the mascot

  • Ivan Flores 2 months ago

    P.S : The only reason you would in Jehova's sake play Story Mode is because you want those extra characters

  • Digiman Live 2 months ago

    He may hate you, but I don't! Subbing for this awesome content!

  • MrPoller 2 months ago

    Awesome editing