I look back at all the games I played online for the PS2 such as SOCOM, Frequency, Tribes, Auto Modellista, LOTR, Twisted Metal Black, Everquest and many …

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  • emarskineel 4 weeks ago

    My first game with voice chat: Crimson skies for the originally Xbox. My dad help me set it up and the first person we talked to was pretending to be Michael Jackson and my dad freaked out lol

  • Just2Options? Irrational: FearOrExuberance? 4 weeks ago

    PeteDorr ,
    PS2OnlineGaming YT channel has uploaded many videos (many relativrly recent) of PS2 Online and XLink Kai gameplay footage. Many titles have a private server DNS listed in the description.

  • Isaiah A 4 weeks ago

    Freeport was the name of the city in the desert. I remember that hive thing your talking about. I think it was around the gnome/dwarve/halfling area. I have a vague memory of green skies around it. My experience was similar to yours when it came to dipping my toes in MMOs with EQOA and then onto FFXI. I did play Runescape a few months before that. My biggest regret was leaving FFXI for WoW.

  • Zesty Penguin 4 weeks ago

    In the 8th grade I would go to my best friends house every Friday and we would stay up playing Socom online till 5 or 6 in the morning. No worries or responsibilities, good times lol

  • Some game servers are still up. Socom II server is still up. I'm not sure about Twisted Metal but Call of Duty 2 and 3 servers are still up.

  • Jose Rios 4 weeks ago

    I played many many hours of Amplitude. I think it was a sequel to Frequency. You could download remixes from other players. Had good music. 🙂

  • RobertBulldog 4 weeks ago

    cringy tags

  • Crying Zombie 4 weeks ago

    ''Champions of Norrath: Realms of EverQuest'' provided my first online gaming experience! It still kicks ass! ''Champions: Return to Arms'' is still one of my favorite PlayStation 2 games!

  • Aaron Garza 4 weeks ago

    10:45 – CHAMPIONS!

  • Aaron Garza 4 weeks ago

    4:14 – MY MAN!

  • Aaron Garza 4 weeks ago

    SOCOM was the first console game I played with voice chat.

  • 卍TBallz 4 weeks ago

    great video dude! There is call of duty series and killzone on ps2,that are the best ps2 multyplayer games,have you ever played?? There still server active ,but not oficial, here the servers for now

  • Faceless PDM 4 weeks ago

    Evil Dead A Fistful of Boomstick
    Evil Dead Regeneration
    All Star Wars Battlefront
    All ratchet and clanks
    Force unleashed

  • downnice 4 weeks ago

    You can still play SOCOM on the PS2 online with XLink Kai

    any game with a Lan Option will work with it, all you have to do is create a xlink account and download the program, that will create a IP and then you can play

  • downnice 4 weeks ago

    My first online game with voice chat on PS2 was Everquest Online!

  • BowenKids TV 4 weeks ago

    mine gta 5

  • JohannvanderZee 4 weeks ago

    Tribes Aerial assault you can still play online set your DNS to auto

  • grandmakittens 4 weeks ago

    Halo reach

  • Matt Zeidan 4 weeks ago

    Socom series, man. I completely agree with you. My favorite shooters of all time are socom 1 and 2. That obsession is something I understand greatly. I spent many many many days sitting in class in middle school waiting for that bell to ring to hop online and start fragging away. To this day, I still miss that series more than any other game.

  • retrovideogamejunkie 4 weeks ago

    awww, playing time splitter 3 online… until cheaters began to fly … luckily we were good snipers…

  • Never got to play my ps2 online :/. My first voice chat game was actually halo 3 lol

  • sajan sj 4 weeks ago

    and the last server shutdown today

  • Crimson-fox Twitch 4 weeks ago

    Games with LAN support(Like SOCOM or Gran Turismo 4) can be LAN tunneled through Xlink Kai, which essentially allows for online multiplayer.

  • Crying Zombie 4 weeks ago

    I had been playing ''Champions: Return to Arms'' since Day Two!

  • Crying Zombie 4 weeks ago

    10:37 I now have all my gear exactly the way I wanted it! Let us back online and I can share it with others. Oh, the memories…

  • Nicky Biscuit 4 weeks ago

    Great vid chap. I never managed to get mine online 🙁

  • M a r t i n M i l k 牛乳 Live Gaming 4 weeks ago

    Twisted Metal Black is back online through Private servers.
    AutoModelista also have a person working to bring it back online. 🙂

  • Tee Woodz 4 weeks ago

    Resident evil outbreak the hype was there but the gameplay fell short.

  • Tee Woodz 4 weeks ago

    When I first got ps2 back when it launched. I got frequency, and socom. frequency was massive Omg.That game had no voice chat. Lobby based with keyboard chatting lol. Socom was the first I remember that started voice chat. Oh yeah and Tony hawk back then had keyboard chatting too.

  • Sbanger58 4 weeks ago

    PS2's COD3 is still online…However, fan base has dwindled quite a bit since most players are on PS3 & PS4 now. You can still find me playing there on the weekends.

  • This isnt Retro 4 weeks ago

    THUG 2 was my shit. that and RE outbreak file 2 hard mode was probobly my most amazing online experience

  • WWE Hulkamania 4 weeks ago

    Socom 2 lol video games ain't the same or as good as they once was. Now people care about graphics

  • GamerToast 4 weeks ago

    voice chat Red Dead Redemption

  • PulseOfDarkness 4 weeks ago

    I haven't played too many PS2 games online but the ones I did play were:

    Call Of Duty: Finest Hour
    Everquest Online Adventures (Original and Frontiers)
    and Hot Shots Golf Fore!

  • Jeremy Damen 4 weeks ago

    There is a group called "EQOA Revival" working to bring back an EQOA private server. If you want more info, let me know. You can also run around a save state right now if you ever want to go through some nostalgia and explore the world.

  • Alfie Joseph Jazmin 4 weeks ago

    Just setup xlink or visit to play MGO1 again. JOIN IN MY GROUP SO WE CAN EASILY COMMUNICATE

  • rutherford levensque 4 weeks ago

    resident evil outbreak

  • Inubito 4 weeks ago

    The one I played the most online was Auto Modellista, unfortunately because of the "wall bouncing" it just ended up with who can slam into the walls at the best angle instead of actual racing.  Took a lot of the fun out of it.  I actually bought the big network/hard drive adapter for the old fat PS2 to play it as well.

  • i tried to play ps2 online because i was really in to star wars battlefront one but my ps2 wouldn't read the start up disc because it was blue.  This was the day i switched to xbox and xbox live and never looked back.  did playstation 2 online have friendslists like xbox live did?

  • uppishcub1 4 weeks ago

    anyone here play swbf2

  • franwex 4 weeks ago

    My first console online with voice chat was Rainbow Six 3 on the Xbox.

    Before that I was into Midnight Club 2 and played it online sometimes.

  • Tim huggins 4 weeks ago

    Hay dude online ps2 call of duty 3 & 2 r online olny

  • Tim huggins 4 weeks ago

    Hay dude online ps2 call of duty 3 & 2

  • LoneWanderer 4 weeks ago

    have you ever played phantasy star online