SHN Rating Resident Evil HD Remaster is the first nominated for SHN Horror Game of The Year 2015 ¨ Video !!!! is made in High Quality with Sony …

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video rating: 4.80
duration : 4:22:24
likes: 3520
dislikes: 147

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  • Spenser Farman 1 month ago

    They could have shortened that items name to plant chemical. It just seems a little silly to give such a long item name.

  • CelestriumMusic 1 month ago

    Thank you man. Your a pro!

  • Ankonite Reaver 1 month ago

    love this game mate, it is so epic.

  • serialdoener 1 month ago

    when the perspective confuses you so much, that you can not find the way anymore 1:19:30

  • The king of legend 1 month ago


    There are zombies in this game.

  • Japan Trip 1 month ago

    I only have played the PS1 original but this looks great

  • IGrewup StillDeontefrombladensburg100 1 month ago

    I am buying the remaster remake Resident Evil too I got get them all.

  • Ari Builds 1 month ago

    ❤❤❤I absolutely loved this game and the remake!!! I can't wait for cap com to release some more amazing games!❤❤❤

  • Greatest game of all time in my opinion. Absolutely flawless

  • Kero81 1 month ago

    cant believe tahtere are ppl doing full walkthrough without commntary! there should be more of you! Thank you very much! =)

  • Bruce Santiago 1 month ago

    We need physical copy of this

  • Potato chan 1 month ago

    Hey @SHN are you excited for RE2 remake? 🙂

  • Crazy Me 1 month ago

    I sat with my son way back then, he was 6 and I was like 28 playing this in the dark. I was just as scared as he was. Loved this game. Tomb Raider and Resident Evil were game changers and pace setters. Those 2 series set the gaming world up for billions in revenue.

  • Ana Llakaj 1 month ago

    This story reminds me of Until Dawn. Y' know, people going itchy, insane and VERY HUNGRY, feasting on human flesh, those monstrous animals. Only they turn into zombies, not Wendigos.

  • ReformedOrderPart2 1 month ago

    This is what the RE 2 REMAKE should have also been. Not a remake of 7 as 2. Fucking retarded twats at the top in the corporate world.

  • MrFallior 1 month ago

    Only reason I dislike this game is any time you open a door is plays that stupid animation of doors opening, which wastes several seconds of time PER door opening. And since you have to keep going room to room, it plays over and over and over and over and gets soo annoying and wastes so much times for no reason.

  • Truth Hurts 1 month ago

    2:50:30 “we can’t stay here any longer, we have to get to the others and find away out of here.. you with me? Then I’ll go ahead.. let’s split up again, you’re on your own, bye!” lol WUT

  • Riptozur 1 month ago

    Still one of my favorite games. This was the game that made me want to get a gamecube for a long time.

  • Anna Kin 1 month ago

    ㅗow the hell did anyone ever figure this game out? e.e

  • Anna Kin 1 month ago

    zombies? Scary. Zombie dogs? Ten times scarier.

  • Jango Fett 1 month ago

    why is the Difficulty selection so different on ps3?