Nearly 10 years ago the Playstation 3 was released. Since then we’ve gotten hundreds of awesome games for the console. This week we are counting down the …

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  • yashoo 76 1 hour ago

    1.5x speed, help yourself.

  • Caarthurnax THE LORD FO FREEDOM !!!!!!!!! 1 hour ago

    fuck you

  • ARCUS FOCUS 1 hour ago

    BioShock is my favourite game

  • VaterraAlpha Gaming 1 hour ago

    The only reason I liked was because Skyrim was in the thumbnail

  • Victoria Stansfield 1 hour ago

    I have a ps3

  • Leon S Kennedy 1 hour ago

    this dude sounds like he would be perfect in a cartoon

  • Jack Pliskin 1 hour ago


  • Randy Davis 1 hour ago

    If you tied your hands together could you still talk??

  • Jarnail Singh 1 hour ago

    my favourite game God of war 3

  • project dollphin 2001 1 hour ago

    Nnnnnuuuuuummmmbbbbeeerrrrrr6666666 bbbbbbiiiiioooooosssshhhhoooccccckkkkk

  • Shadi Dahir 1 hour ago

    your mouth is like a donkey 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  • Jason Strom 1 hour ago

    I don't consider the PS3 "Retired" just because they stopped making games for it. There are somewhere between 1,000-1,500 titles for the console. Until I've played the majority of those titles, or at least those that I deem playworthy, I am not retiring anything and neither should anyone else…. It's not my fault that these console makers move so quickly. That's just their way of hustling the majority of gamers, and most fall for it……. I don't see 7 or 8 years as a generational gap and I don't think the term New Gen or Last Gen (old gen, or any other type of "Gen") should be used when talking about these things,, be. Technically those terms don't fit right and I'm fairly certain that the gaming industry purposely uses them. In doing so, their previous consoles seem outdated to the general public and gamers huslting them into buying their products faster… Terms like "Old Gen" and "Retired" get planted into pop-gaming-culture and BOOM!, sales skyrocket do to peer pressure…… I love playing my PS3 just as much as the PS4 and there's absolutely no way -even in 2018- that I'll use the term "Old Gen" simply because the gaming Community has no patience for playing things that came prior to PS4 or XB-1…. That's an easy way to miss a ton of great games that came out for the PS3 or XB-360. People overlooking good shit and allowing themselves to be conned into flocking to what they consider the next best thing without finishing all the greatness that their predecessors had to offer…. Don't ever let yourself get conned into to doing something so stupid like that, and stop allowing yourselves to be peer pressured by a bunch of inpatient desk jockies who allow the tiniest difference in graphics to push them to premature ejaculation in their tity-whities….. Enjoy what's out there and don't just shelve something great because Society tells you it's outdated.

    Most of this was written for the iddiots who allow this type of thing to happen to them….. Those with common sense can exclude themselves from being a target of this criticism….lol!👍

    New Gen? Old Gen? Retired?….. That's all garbage….. Take your time and play both systems as much as possible…. Never speed up how you do things just because the Gaming Community pushes you to do so. There's too much greatness out there to let that happen.

  • Bunny Beats 1 hour ago

    diablo 3

  • Nico Sapone 1 hour ago

    Good taste

  • You sound like a used car salesmen doing a commercial pitch, good channel though.

  • Ricardo Jara 1 hour ago

    Why you talk like.. "number teeeeen"

  • Lucky Dutta 1 hour ago

    As always Last of us is at the Top

  • Goodwill Fikameni 1 hour ago

    And what about the call of duty franchise man you sick as hell

  • SageModeLuis 1 hour ago

    I think the ps3 has alot if amazing RPGs

  • Cassius Clay 1 hour ago

    Replace south park with ac3

  • John Vincent Malinao 1 hour ago

    God of war is the best 🎅

  • Skull Gaming 1 hour ago

    I think far cry 3 and 4 are the Best games for ps3

  • Ethan Eville 1 hour ago

    GTA 5 I already new was going to be on the list because it's awesome

  • webhead 809 1 hour ago

    #7 basically persona 5

  • Igor Mentor 1 hour ago

    mY TOp tEn LiSt

    Ac 1
    Ac 2
    Ac Brotherhood
    Ac revelations
    Watch dogs 1
    Far cry 3
    Far cry 4
    Gta 5

  • LouisTrentDarby 1 hour ago

    Your list is freakin' spot on. Couldn't do better!!

  • i got Hacked 1 hour ago

    skyim is the best

  • Chrisjb1983 1 hour ago

    Demon's Souls, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Infamous were amazing. 3 of my favorite games last gen next to The Last of Us, GTA 5, God of War 3, Uncharted 2, Gears of War 3, Batman: Arkham City, Devil May Cry and Rayman Legends.

    My personal top 10 last gen, all must plays.

  • Hilal TheGamer 1 hour ago


  • Brandon Reina 1 hour ago

    What about Minecraft: PS3 Edition? Barbie & Her Sisters: Puppy Rescue? DuckTales: Remastered? The Simpsons Game? Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension? Monster High: New Ghoul in School? Disney Infinity? Brave: The Video Game? Skylanders Superchargers? LEGO Dimensions? Those games are kinda fun to play.

  • Tasha LuvsBangtan 1 hour ago

    Mass effect ??

  • Dean Toledo 1 hour ago

    Can you talk any quicker?

  • caterpillar rr 1 hour ago

    A list without assassin's creed name