The final frontier isn’t just filled with unexplored planets and shining stars, at least not according to videogames. Some of the best horror games choose the void …

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  • Greg Karam 4 weeks ago


  • Raptor Cawk 4 weeks ago


  • Random User 4 weeks ago

    Alien isolation is underrated…..

  • DANIEL RAIN 4 weeks ago

    Dead Space 3 the weakest? troll

  • Unknown Entity 4 weeks ago

    4:45 wow "space is known for causing most sounds to fall on deaf ears"? seriously? did he seriously have to say that? that's the worst pun in the history of puns and I'm not amused by it.

  • Balian Febru 4 weeks ago

    Benedict CumberBIATCH, lol

  • Mr Sneke 4 weeks ago

    Dead space: 14, Dead space 3: 8

  • Dirty Deed Indeed 4 weeks ago

    Martian Gothic: Unification would need a remake. The game itself was absolute carbage to play due unacceptable amounts of bugs, glitches, errors, missing things, design mistakes and dialogue/voice acting. However, it has one of the best written story, plot and concept in videogames and that's why someone should pick up the rights and remake it from ground up. The whole setting of the game is this:

    Rescue team of 3 people are send to this space station in Mars to investigate, why it has been silent from communication for 10 months.
    Last message received from the space station was: ''Stay alone, stay alive''
    Rescue team arrives at the station and immediately are infected with this unknown bacteria, that has been discovered from ancient alien mummy, found from the Mars's soil by station employees and scientists. The bacteria is self aware of itself, so when it senses other living organism with same bacteria nearby, it takes control of the host human and blends all other infected nearby humans into this single mutated, seriosly messed up creature.
    Scientists and researchers have also found this sort of ''Pandora's Box'' from the Mars soil and accidentally opened it, that lead to the death of all of the people in the base, caused by this mass posession of the humas by that event. There was shootout, on which all of station personnel died and that Pandora's Box then resurrected them as these mindless zombies trying to attack any normal human beings. Zombies will heal their wounds with the posession, so they can resurrect again after certain period of time. Those three survivors have to create antidote in order to survive and be able to be in a same room again. After that, they discover, that there's this giant volcanic mass underneath the space station, that can be erupted with some explosives, to completely destroy and wipe off the base and the ancient stuff from the Mars. They then escape from the base with emergency shuttle.

  • lukaj1n 4 weeks ago

    All of them are great games, except for DOOM3.. it kinda disappointed. You dont have that horror feeling when playing doom, its just a "gocrazyandkill" vybe. Dead Space 1 and 2 where awesome but couldave been a lot better than they were considering the atmosphere, graphics and ideas. Dead Space 3 only gets a pass due to the ending, which explains a lot about how and why the shit hit the fan… but still, it leaves you haning and wondering about the 'why' of it. A lot of potential but not fully used.
    Cant say too much about the others since I just played demos

  • wreathofpalmaria 4 weeks ago

    metroid fusion should be on this list.

  • M. Ostrowski 4 weeks ago

    P.O.L.L.E.N wasn't scary.

  • Tristin Hamilton 4 weeks ago

    I'd get rid of Dead Space 3, put Dead Space 2 in its place and put Dead Space 1 in the top 5.

  • Kalle Ameln 4 weeks ago

    Seeing clips from these games really made me realise how old the "exploring a lost facility/ship in space while trying to avoid monsters" theme is getting. we really need to come up with some new ideas.

  • reyes robledo 4 weeks ago

    04:40 this looks just like the game I saw in my dream

  • xrion236 4 weeks ago

    dead space 3 should not be on this list, it's got so much recycling in it, it's utter rubbish.. story was OK though.

  • Zaine Ali 4 weeks ago

    No System Shock 2!?????

  • celestie110 4 weeks ago

    I feel sad that I have yet to play any of these games

  • celestie110 4 weeks ago

    That epic background music tho

  • Luis Vargas 4 weeks ago

    I say dead space 2 is the best for now

  • Arif Kamil 4 weeks ago

    You guys definitely should get more subs

  • William Sanders 4 weeks ago

    you deserve more subs. you constantly upload great quality and entertaining videos. you deserve more credit, and keep up the great work !