Aliens: Infestation review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Aliens: Infestation from WayForward Technologies and SEGA for the …

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  • Tartuffe the Spry Wonder Dog 21 mins ago

    The combat looks pretty dull and stiff.

  • FirstGentleman1 21 mins ago

    Just ordered it.

  • It's a trvp 21 mins ago

    just picked this up today for 5 dollars 🙂

  • Hetkanookanders 21 mins ago

    This is a realy good game! the games on the ds are way better then the 3ds.

  • Rectus Rectumius 21 mins ago

    I thought you said Aliens: Incest-station.

  • Anthony Davis 21 mins ago

    This is in my top 3 ds games of all time. I wish more companies took this 2d look to ds. Yeah like Contra 4.

  • Lowlight23 21 mins ago

    I love the way extra lives are actually different soldiers in a team. that is a great take on the extra lives concept in a game. plus if gather them up throughout the game, you can read all their stories in the extras menu… a very nice touch. 🙂

  • algol291 21 mins ago

    i bought it new just now for $18, plus ship and handling = about $22, but it's new, so worth it.

  • Actor Adam Anouer 21 mins ago

    I like this game but I do feel it is a little overrated which isn't to say it's not a good game because it really is. It's just the focus on calling it a MetroidVania seems like a misnomer since exploration in this game really doesn't add anything except a slight damage buff on certain weapons and some potential extra lives (or marines in this case). I prefer to think of it as a retro SNES style sidescrolling action game which is very good (and surprisingly challenging)

  • Turin Turambar 21 mins ago

    This game sucks ass hard. Shitty level design, too many of the same couple enemies, ridiculous boss battles, this game is total garbage.

  • Sherbert's World of Schlock 21 mins ago

    Oh, I am all over this game!

  • Warrior of the Emperor 21 mins ago

    An Alien metroid game? I'm sold!

  • gilgamesh310 21 mins ago

    I don't know how I never heard of this game.

  • Raiken Xion 21 mins ago

    I really want to get this because it reminds me of Alien3 on the snes, those were good times. This game would be a great nostalgia trip I think.

  • Connor 4048 21 mins ago

    I got it last one 8$ still cheap

  • Shane Leonard 21 mins ago

    Great game this one, funny too- they really nailed it

  • I bought this for $6 at my local Target. It was the last one!

  • Sie Fi 21 mins ago

    I just bought this yesterday, and it is awesome so far.

  • MPT1983 21 mins ago

    This game is better than any Aliens games that have come out on consoles since Alien Trilogy on PS1.Great game for DS

  • Paul Sarin 21 mins ago

    CGRundertow, thank you for the perfect Review.

  • Ricky Schink 21 mins ago

    I hope Sega does a good job with the ALIEN survival horror their doing. Looks like they didn't screw up their last game.

    Alien: Isolation looks awesome.

  • DravenWolfe 21 mins ago

    I ordered this at BestBuy (Dot) Com a few days ago, and it arrives tomorrow. Can't wait to play it.

  • Moff Xanatos 21 mins ago

    Is it me or does this game look like it does a better job of being Colonial Marines than Colonial Marines? Seriously I didn't even know this game existed until a few minutes ago, now I gotta go find it…

  • musicmex 21 mins ago

    Totally agree, anything WayFoward does is amazing. Great review.

  • Tim Faketon 21 mins ago

    Maybe he simply didnt want to spoil the game too much?

  • Skyedogg 21 mins ago

    Better reviewed, better made, better played. Hell, any way you want to put it.

  • roarshach13 21 mins ago

    I totally thought you were talking about Gearbox before I saw what you were replying to. XD In their case I don't hate them. I just mistrust them. They've released two epically terrible games (The first being Duke Nukem Forever) and in both cases they blamed somebody else. With Duke it was 3D Realms, with Aliens it was the million and one developers who worked on that damn thing. I just think that's irresponsible behavior for such a renowned company

  • Winona Ryder looked like a 19 year old male in Alien Resurrection
    But she was smokin hot in Coppola's Dracula!

  • ThatDracoMan 21 mins ago

    Better than Colonial Marines.

  • 787theninja 21 mins ago

    I love this game, and from what I have seen, is better reviewed than Aliens Colonial Marines.

  • Skelentor 21 mins ago

    So you are going to hate a company for making one bad game?

  • bad4brain 21 mins ago

    got this for 5€ from a bargain bin today 🙂

  • supersmashbro596 21 mins ago

    this> aliens colonial marines.

  • cjcool91 21 mins ago

    This game IS better than Aliens:CM….I actually played this before i sold my 3ds.

  • mattacuk 21 mins ago

    This genuinely looks better than Aliens CM!!! If only I had a DS :((

  • Hossi Blumengaarten 21 mins ago

    Silent Hill: Book of Memories was made by WAY FORWARD GAMES

    they can GO FUCK THEMSELVES for all I care!!!

  • Andrew Buck 21 mins ago

    $9 at Kmart – boom!

  • pcbflare 21 mins ago

    from the review it looks as if the game consists only of wandering aimlessly left&right shooting stuff with the same backdrop all the time, i can't see why the praise… Videoreview should show more than piece of one level… Otherwise it could have been just a podcast with picture.

  • Ryuuken24 21 mins ago

    Man, you know what, Fuck Gearbox! SEGA had no fault in their fucking bullshit! SEGA held their end in giving out the money and the absurd amount of time to get the game done right. Gearbox totally fucked them over! SEGA has made a lot of bad decisions, but I can now see the light, they put a lot of trust in other companies to provide a respectable product, and time and time again they get fucked over. Some game devs should be sued!