Gameranx takes a closer look at the claim that racing games can improve your real life driving skill. Can it actually do that? Subscribe for more: …

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  • Jakob Lindholm 4 weeks ago

    I was driving an old like 74ish range rover on a field at my great granpas house and i span out. Edit: im 12 yrs old

  • Kara Makara 4 weeks ago

    I learned English in 2 years, playing video games (deus ex)…

  • The Recipe 4 weeks ago


  • Fazy Laze 4 weeks ago

    I learned to drive manual playing Forza games

  • Jake Paul 4 weeks ago

    not when your playing NFS or the crew LOL

  • ShadowGamer542 4 weeks ago

    sometimes im sleepy that i think im playing a videogame

  • Kid who Likes cars 4 weeks ago

    It helped me I raced with a wheel for a month and then tried driving for the first time and I did great and I also knew how to brake at the right time

  • Kras Silver Fang 4 weeks ago

    Before i bought a wheel and shift stick i sucked at downshifting sequentially and quickly in real life. After a week of using it, now that has transferred to my real life skill.

  • I Live In Your House 4 weeks ago

    If you play with a wheel, yeah

  • blkbrdsr71 4 weeks ago

    "Where did you learn how to drive"
    "Gran Theft Auto!"
    The only reason to watch that stupid movie. Ugh!

  • Wade Cortez 4 weeks ago

    Want to Have Hacks For Your Games? Then you should Search "Crutygames4u" in Google. There You Will See Many Cheats For Games.

  • rosenscharf 4 weeks ago

    Racing simulators sure can help you understand the physics of driving. Remember those racing driver's licenses on the old Gran Turismo?

  • delloda 4 weeks ago

    yes, many times i've avoided crashes and made decisions that minimised the damage of both cars almost instinctually. I tend to attribute that to gaming. This driving recovery habits from fast driving games and quicker reactions help during times of imminent accidents.

  • AR KING 4 weeks ago

    Idk how to drive 😢😢😢😢

  • Dwayne Diah 4 weeks ago

    Playing gran turismo assetto corsa projetcars forza motorsport wrc dirt help with driving to passy my driving test

  • Gamachis Temesgen 4 weeks ago

    I played all GTA since I was 10 and now I drive better than my dad in real life and nobody believes me that I learned by playing game. but I don't have A driving license as I am 15.

  • Zain Rafiq 4 weeks ago

    What game is that at 3:23?

  • Beastobitchio 4 weeks ago

    Been playing grand Turismo since I was a kid. Passed my drivers test with flying colors and it was my fist time driving a real car. I’ve been driving for 3 years with no tickets or collisions.

  • nitramsk8 4 weeks ago

    Racing games and first person shooters improve your reaction time. The same can be applied with driving.

  • DORI Convoy 4 weeks ago

    Initial D improved had my driving skills

  • GamerFoust 4 weeks ago

    I want to drive soooo bad I’m 14 and my birthday is in March so😭😭😭😭 I have to wail a little over 9 months to drive,( you need to be 15 and a half)😭 I want a Nissan r32 to drive that’s my dream car

  • funkmachines 4 weeks ago

    assetto corsa

  • Deviant Garage: Tommy 4 weeks ago

    I learned to apply a racing line on roads from my Logitech G27 on rfactor, plus I learnt heeltoe and I use the self steer way more than before, so I drive way better

  • MinigunGaming 4 weeks ago

    I'm getting quite decent at Forza…

  • Jaska V 4 weeks ago

    You will surely gain knowlage of cars and prolly become a car guy and thats a plus

  • KUTLINE 4 weeks ago

    Racing games help you If you want to become a racing driver, simulator games more specifically. Maybe if you'd get a gaming steering wheel, pedals and gearshifter, multitasking will be easier when you begin to drive IRL.

  • I am Bruce Lee 4 weeks ago

    but if u play with a steering wheel and gears i hope a bit

  • Loathingbody 51 4 weeks ago

    What about American truck simulator