The Squadcast #12 – The High Life DLC is finally out, here is our Review of it. We go over the good and the bad. We also talk about new games coming out and …

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  • jesse wilbanks 4 weeks ago

    I would love to see a van like what people are calling "the heist van" were you can put your crew emblem on the side. also I would like to see CREW GARAGES that would be amazing. 

  • nmysights01 4 weeks ago

    '69 Dodge Charger R/T

  • TJ Wideman 4 weeks ago

    Can you drive the car in the first part of the video! I would have gotten done with that in way less time then you!!

  • adishero16 4 weeks ago

    who talking shite about xperttief

  • Arnie Ray 4 weeks ago

    +Dat Saintsfan a Street Racing pack much like what was in San Andreas with decals from X-Flow and Alien with custom exhaust and bumpers etc… that WOULD be awesome. with the addition of a muscle compact and sports car

  • HARLEYMODZ 4 weeks ago

    One of u made a comment about the thrust looking like the Harley Davidson. WTF is wrong with a Harley? I keen come on many college frat pussy crotch rockets does this game need I love it. I own a 2001 Electra glide Harley. And the thrust does remind me of my bike. My opinion it's the best bike on the game. And I don't think the game needs anymore damn rice burners

  • VizNxAirsoft 4 weeks ago

    There are like seven 10 car garages just the garage on the right side of the map about half way up

  • Timsalabim 4 weeks ago

    If you can customize youre appartment people would go to eachothers appartment 😀

  • TzGaming 4 weeks ago

    You should get Dynasty on squadcast

  • RealZona 4 weeks ago

    I really didn't care about the new apartments so i just bought a 10 car garage

  • The Gamer Who Does Life 4 weeks ago

    We all know what would happen if there were customizable apartments… more microtransaction. Carpeting $50000 paint $20000. Rockstar is just money whoring with this "game" at this point. They dont care about their consumers.

  • Zombie 1934 4 weeks ago

    You should be able to see ur speed

  • Axe Pack 4 weeks ago

    when will heist come out

  • GeauxBurns 4 weeks ago

    We definitely need a new Muscle; the Dukes or Stallion.

  • Deejay JeanP 4 weeks ago

    Let each other speak ! 

    Btw, the Massacro is just a Carbonizarre in the front and a Rapid GT in the back

  • Asaf Peretz 4 weeks ago

    Maybe Rockstar can just get EA Games to design a content creator for them…

  • Jason G 4 weeks ago

    Rockstar is being lazy there are plenty of other locations they could have used for the new apartments, They could have used the locations that were being speculated before this update came out, but to put the apartments in the same locations was just disappointing 

  • Monstar Money 4 weeks ago

    What happened to talking about high life only?

  • Skycat_22 4 weeks ago

    Like this comment of you watched the whole 35 min

  • Chilvey P 4 weeks ago

    How much money do you think heist will give you and how often do you think you will be able to do them?

  • DICEDUP 4 weeks ago

    You can't own houses there are limited amounts of them but billions of online players

  • Cole Peterson 4 weeks ago

    Yes! We need a custom apartments

  • +Joblessgamers +Dat Saintsfan +MrBossFTW why didnt you guys talk about THE CREW racing game

  • Ross Hurley 4 weeks ago


  • Alexander Ganski 4 weeks ago

    Wow 301st view thats amazing, that's never happened before.


  • Harrison Ganner 4 weeks ago

    i had a ten car apartment, after high life update i switched it for a 10 car garage, and i bought an apartment for its location. it happened to be a 2 car garage apartment and thats fine. i didnt hardly drive the 10 cars i had before anyway so now if there is a car im considering it just goes in one of the other 2 slots

  • Mister Sir XXIII Esq. 4 weeks ago

    A WYR: If you had to commit 1 crime and not get caught what would it be?

  • Corolla Boi 4 weeks ago

    I wish R* would add lift kits and mud tires

  • dominickd16 4 weeks ago

    Only cool thing was the new car it handles like crazy I was outdriving so many people cause I had a bounty and like 6 people chasing me couldn't catch me until a guy got a tank…. lmao

  • I want different garage styles and houses.

  • Piers Mason-Apps 4 weeks ago

    I would bring back Paul Walker!

  • Joshua Phillips 4 weeks ago

    Why is JoblessGamers so annoying in this one

  • Plus , I want to see a four door sports car , fairly fast but mainly four doors

  • The zentorno is the Lamborghini sesto elemento!!!!!!!!! Like so saints can see

  • Adam Murray 4 weeks ago

    There's like 4 or 5 10 car garages I bought one for 140 and my friend bought one practically across from me

  • legofan1799 4 weeks ago

    A lot of Halos have a name. Combat Evolved, ODST, Reach

  • Dcdeath 4 weeks ago

    Id love to have a Zentorno. IF I COULD AFFORD ONE.

  • Sir Swaggington 4 weeks ago

    almost failed at the end lol

  • Airtug_Creeper 4 weeks ago

    I was thinking that each apartment was gonna have a different interior too. Like i wasted money buying some of them. #rage  

  • 18:05 DUDE. Watch dogs isn't even out yet .. and 6 hours of playtime isn't enough

  • Macassro is BEAST at drifting and no one is talking about it. Better than Sultan RS.

  • Josh Morra 4 weeks ago

    with the zentorno i like it but it keep spawning without a door

  • Matthew Whitington 4 weeks ago

    I watched till the end

  • Team PHS Paintball 4 weeks ago

    Customizable apartments and mansions would be sick

  • SneakableTerror 4 weeks ago

    Would you rather live in china or Russia

  • nick flanigan 4 weeks ago

    i don't like the zanturno BECAUSE WE HAVE A OTHER EXOTIC CAR

  • Alexk492 4 weeks ago

    I think that the new apartments new sucks I thought they would be better than this crap

  • MrHiddenMist 4 weeks ago

    Rockstar should have a labor day dlc where they have cop and firefighter outfits and stuff like that

  • PAWNED562 4 weeks ago

    I guess I'm that 1%

  • PAWNED562 4 weeks ago

    Lol that ending xD