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views on youtube: 22640
video rating: 4.66
duration : 2:8
likes: 81
dislikes: 6

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  • Henry Toliver 4 weeks ago

    This is an awesome game!  And when you get the Armo(u)r, It fuckin rocks out!

  • aguywhodoesntexist 4 weeks ago

    This game is made by EA. Problem?


  • this did not help me beat ANYTHING

  • Adrian Mills 4 weeks ago

    this is the best DS game. easy 10 for me.

  • tconman31 4 weeks ago

    Games Weasleby?

  • RJ Jones 4 weeks ago

    @gamebug0 I daresay that piracy is the reason for that, ol' chap!

  • GameBugZero 4 weeks ago

    I need help ASAP
    my Henry Hatsworth rom keeps saying "data could not be written"
    I don't know what I did wrong 🙁

  • KanineKruizer 4 weeks ago

    I have this game and it is easily in my top three (I have more than 20 DS games so you get my point.

  • ShaolinViolin 4 weeks ago

    take it easy there chris crocker

  • Spalding1250 4 weeks ago

    Reminds me of zelda with the rupees and hearts lol

  • batmanofni 4 weeks ago

    You have a brilliant review voice, also I'm sure I heard your voice on 'GAME radio' in GAME.

  • Jess Bailey 4 weeks ago

    how dare you!
    Moonwalker was amazing!!

  • ipodkiller6 4 weeks ago

    i want this game to be honest

  • ZOMG

  • Delokrat 4 weeks ago