Steam link below. Full Playthrough. Trapped inside an office with a strange force stalking you. Not bad. ▻Please consider sharing/rating this video to help the …

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  • ZorZelda 4 weeks ago

    So they've got modern phones with touchscreens , but they're using Windows 95? haha makes sense

  • Josh Parsons 4 weeks ago

    loved this game…but what the hell…that ending was horrible

  • Michael Balladares 4 weeks ago

    Oh yea. This game sucked donkey balls

  • Michael Balladares 4 weeks ago

    You the muthafuckin man brotha !!

  • Alexandria Trenier 4 weeks ago

    Zedd? Oh you mean the letter z , ok sorry

  • Alexandria Trenier 4 weeks ago

    Pennywise. That is it ℓoℓ

  • Mary Diamond 4 weeks ago

    The smoke monster reminds me of the one from Lost haha

  • Suspended Doubt 4 weeks ago

    It would be a lot more scarier if the monster was an actual monster

  • scott foulds 4 weeks ago

    all the computers must running windows me

  • CapitalGearGaming 4 weeks ago

    I need more YouTubes that aren't literally insane to watch play scary games so. I'll sub, thanks. Finally. I can masturbate in peace.

  • Alisha Berger 4 weeks ago

    loved the way you commented this game)

  • Keith Baker 4 weeks ago

    "So what were the gloves for?"
    I laughed so hard at that timing! Haha

  • SpencerFcp 4 weeks ago

    Perfect ending rofl.

  • Tatsuya Shudo 4 weeks ago

    Ending – real prize!

  • Ashley Tallman 4 weeks ago

    THIS GAME IS INTENSE… which is good of course… I love the horror games you decide to play…

  • othman tayach 4 weeks ago

    I love how he react when the main character get hit by random chairs that was hilarious…..his voice is awesome he should do a voice acting in horror game or something like that

  • othman tayach 4 weeks ago

    excited? ! this the most boring game of all the time it just weird and confusing like your being chase by blackness not a even a gas creature of darkness or anything it just a black thing all over the place

  • marquis ford 4 weeks ago

    What's the scariest game you've played

  • Alexander Willow 4 weeks ago

    Your commentary made this game so much better. "I do not trust any of you bastards" "Ah, okay let's flood the place". The game overall was not that great, very lacking. Not a game I would have played, but watching you with your commentary makes even the boring games come to life.

  • Traveler Man 4 weeks ago

    It's really a very interesting game) and awesome review too 🙂
    But i don't understand how this game finished. May be second part soon ?

  • Mhio Chan 4 weeks ago

    I enjoy watching your play-throughs … Nice expression to the ending hahaha

  • Alexandria Trenier 4 weeks ago

    You make this game seem easy

  • Noteworthy 4 weeks ago

    game ends
    *awkward silence * • — •
    Wut where the gloves for doe? ;-;

    XD lololol

  • Katie Zellers 4 weeks ago

    Genuinely curious, if you call a flashlight a torch then what do you call a stick on fire? Is it also a torch?

  • Imbhind7proxies 4 weeks ago

    That ending thou..

  • OMG! That face at the end.. so much deception.

  • Kira The Wonder Girl 4 weeks ago

    This was so funny watching you react to the flying chairs. And what were the gloves for🤣🤣🤣

  • Megan loves The dark 4 weeks ago

    This game is awful it seems more intense than scary 😐(edit) I was honestly laughing when he found out the monster was smoke lol

  • Boo Sweets 4 weeks ago

    ???….. so that's it? They could've at least explain about the monster or the unknown messenger. The game is nice but the story is a bit empty. Not much story progress… well at least you finished the game before you rage quit XD

  • ErosMaggot 4 weeks ago

    damn, you never use the gloves xD that was a scary part for me xD, but you took another way

  • Two Goths 4 weeks ago

    I'm starting to think I am the only one who likes this game. It may be the atmosphere that I like, if I played it maybe I would hate it.

  • Two Goths 4 weeks ago

    I have always thought offices looked cool at night with most of the lights off and no one around. Too bad my company doesn't trust me enough to work off hours any.

  • Mikey Saint 4 weeks ago

    These interchangeable 3D Unreal Engine (etc) games aren't a patch on static screen titles like Scratches, or 2D games like Detention. These games are formulaic and boring and are lacking in identity and atmosphere.

  • Jozy DLC 4 weeks ago

    "What were the rubber gloves for?" 😂 made the ending to the game less terrible.

  • jmm1233 4 weeks ago

    at least the environment is nicely rendered , this quite good worth the effort even tho its a little short

  • number1hombre 4 weeks ago

    The gloves were for the exposed wires in that panel next to the busted elevator early on in the game.

  • Ada Kong 4 weeks ago

    Lmao South Park reference, this is my _"Safe Space"

  • Dietersen Petersen 4 weeks ago

    nice game but the monster sucks I think 😀 I mean come on SMOKE? really?

  • akj2012 4 weeks ago

    I sense that I will pertain to gaming on my new laptop. Is it necessary to play with keyboard? I want to play with an xbox 360 controller. If possible, how would I do that?

  • Alan Naidon 4 weeks ago

    You looks like seth rogen D:

  • Schmidt 4 weeks ago

    Set rogan ?

  • Nhac TKN 4 weeks ago

    That game was very difficult.What a god damn suck game.

  • NoSlack 4 weeks ago

    Just played the first 15 minutes of this game and I was legitimately scared a few times. Not bad for $4!

  • YamShouPPow 4 weeks ago

    this guy has more balls then me to play this

  • dreedknight 4 weeks ago

    Wow, I cannot believe I've never discovered your channel considering the quality of this content.

    Keep up what you're doing.

  • Meng Lin 4 weeks ago

    Hey, really great content there. Love the narration and the meticulousness, just subbed. Looking forward to you playing other fun thriller games too (:

  • Eutopia_ 4 weeks ago

    Soon you will understand. Is there going to be a follow up to explain this game? Who is messaging you? What is that creature?

  • BASSOSOVIETICO1987 4 weeks ago

    I think the scared flashlight was high point of the game

  • DarkPrincess 4 weeks ago

    This game was pretty bad. I'm glad you played it because it helped me when I was stuck a couple times. Your face at the ending cracked me up cause that's exactly what I did when I finished it.