My top 10 adventure games This time, about my top 10 adventure games. All of this games are pieces of art. Of course they have amazing soundtracks too.

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  • Red 3nergy MS 1 month ago

    Feeble files
    simon the sorcerer
    monkey island
    randals monday

    not in order but i would stay these my favourite.

  • Yassin Alami 1 month ago

    Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons for me its the best adventure game ever made

  • Noble Alfred 1 month ago

    Nice list.

  • AIRBUS A321 1 month ago

    Syberia 1,2,3 are the best quests games.

  • suejak1 1 month ago

    Interesting list!

  • João Gonçalves 1 month ago

    How I wish I could have "Discworld Noir" and "Curse of Monkey Island" on my steam library…

  • turelion85 1 month ago

    Whispered world seems so sad

  • Richard Earle 1 month ago

    great list! i had never heard of The Whispered World. gonna try to buy it somewhere

  • katyas mom 1 month ago

    I loved Grim Fandango! And totally addicted to the Gabriel Knight games. Love that Jane Jenson has to back to adventure gaming!

  • H Straz 1 month ago

    My favourite will always be Monkey Island 2. So much imagination, humour and also elements of horror. Truly a masterpiece! Did you ever play Zork Nemesis: The Forbidden Lands? Such a beautiful, dark, challenging game from 1996…. highly recommended

  • dido5 Ivanov 1 month ago

    The whispered world got allot of hate and i am not sure if i should play it …

  • Tristan 1 month ago

    whats the music during the myst section?

  • Matthieu Gagnon 1 month ago

    Sanitarium, that was a Great game! Remember playing it.

  • Jonathon Wirth 1 month ago

    Sam & Max? Full Throttle?

  • Keinonen 1 month ago

    So many good games and each of them unique masterpieces in their own way. Haven't played all of them, so might as well try out a few of them when they're on sale on COG or Steam.

  • Tore Høy 1 month ago

    I have played adventure games since beginning of the 90s. Its hard to choose a favorite. But I think my vote has to go to Monkey Island 2 Lechucks Revenge!

  • All about movies, tv shows, games, and starwars 1 month ago

    grim fandangois my fav and good to see it no.1 on this list, and overdew for a sequel, or a telltale series

  • John Rom 1 month ago

    Simon the sorcerer, monkey islands brilliant. Whispered world though was awful

  • xxsakataoo 1 month ago

    syberia is my # 1

  • DunDiditpdx 1 month ago

    Great list! You should try Book of Unwritten Tales you'd like it

  • Tacola8 1 month ago

    1 Black Dahlia
    2 Jack Orlando 
    3 Sanitarium 
    4 Still Life 2 
    5 Deponia 
    6 a new beginning 
    7 the whispered world

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi 1 month ago

    Why there is no Broken Sword?! Really?!

  • Sweet toto 1 month ago

    I love Mokey Island.

  • Fester Blats 1 month ago

    Why do you have Myst on that list? They are not adventure games.

  • Pirate Hunter Zoro 1 month ago

    Syberia is by far the greatest adventure game ever made!!! Followed by The longest journey and Discworld Noir. And Broken Sword we can't forget about broken sword

  • lebellerachael 1 month ago

    Well its all subjective!, Nice List!………..Manny is my dreamboat!

  • Ginger Tom 1 month ago

    Grim Fandango is definitely the best.

  • Drisina7 1 month ago

    I believe the 7th place is a bit low for Syberia (this in case the order has any importance and it is just my personal opinion).
    EDIT: TLJ also, but what about Dreamfall?
    EDIT2:You should try Beyond Good and Evil if you haven't.

  • CubanFury 1 month ago

    i played your top 5 games in 90's and i agree with you.

  • Craig Valenta 1 month ago

    King's Quest or Space Quest????

  • Fidgety Rock 1 month ago

    People say syberia is the best.. I will have to say the longest journey a norwegian game, and then syberia.

  • guzel sumerli 1 month ago

    the inner world , broken sword ,desperados wanted or alive , monkey island and leisure suit larry  are the best pc games in my opinion  but thanks for your video too 🙂

  • Chris S 1 month ago

    anyone know the name of the song playing at the start of this video?

  • Rynoa Lesca 1 month ago

    Wao very nice list, thx! I played a lot of them. Do u also play smaller indie titles like Journey of a Roach or Machinarium?

  • Phantom Wind 1 month ago

    You forgot to put the "not" in the title.

  • Jarmo Sits 1 month ago

    what's the tune on 2:00 does anyone know?

  • Kenn Tollens 1 month ago

    Nice list, I've played nearly all those. Have you ever played Fantasmagoria or Hero's Quest? 

  • Deniz Onmuş 1 month ago

    Amazing list. Thank you.

  • Zack Baillie 1 month ago


  • UFSplaying TR 1 month ago

    The Curse of Monkey island !

  • Lázoss 1 month ago

    you are fucking kid