My top 10 adventure games This time, about my top 10 adventure games. All of this games are pieces of art. Of course they have amazing soundtracks too.

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  • Red 3nergy MS 13 mins ago

    Feeble files
    simon the sorcerer
    monkey island
    randals monday

    not in order but i would stay these my favourite.

  • Yassin Alami 13 mins ago

    Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons for me its the best adventure game ever made

  • Noble Alfred 13 mins ago

    Nice list.

  • AIRBUS A321 13 mins ago

    Syberia 1,2,3 are the best quests games.

  • suejak1 13 mins ago

    Interesting list!

  • João Gonçalves 13 mins ago

    How I wish I could have "Discworld Noir" and "Curse of Monkey Island" on my steam library…

  • turelion85 13 mins ago

    Whispered world seems so sad

  • Richard Earle 13 mins ago

    great list! i had never heard of The Whispered World. gonna try to buy it somewhere

  • katyas mom 13 mins ago

    I loved Grim Fandango! And totally addicted to the Gabriel Knight games. Love that Jane Jenson has to back to adventure gaming!

  • H Straz 13 mins ago

    My favourite will always be Monkey Island 2. So much imagination, humour and also elements of horror. Truly a masterpiece! Did you ever play Zork Nemesis: The Forbidden Lands? Such a beautiful, dark, challenging game from 1996…. highly recommended

  • dido5 Ivanov 13 mins ago

    The whispered world got allot of hate and i am not sure if i should play it …

  • Tristan 13 mins ago

    whats the music during the myst section?

  • Matthieu Gagnon 13 mins ago

    Sanitarium, that was a Great game! Remember playing it.

  • Jonathon Wirth 13 mins ago

    Sam & Max? Full Throttle?

  • Keinonen 13 mins ago

    So many good games and each of them unique masterpieces in their own way. Haven't played all of them, so might as well try out a few of them when they're on sale on COG or Steam.

  • Tore Høy 13 mins ago

    I have played adventure games since beginning of the 90s. Its hard to choose a favorite. But I think my vote has to go to Monkey Island 2 Lechucks Revenge!

  • All about movies, tv shows, games, and starwars 13 mins ago

    grim fandangois my fav and good to see it no.1 on this list, and overdew for a sequel, or a telltale series

  • John Rom 13 mins ago

    Simon the sorcerer, monkey islands brilliant. Whispered world though was awful

  • xxsakataoo 13 mins ago

    syberia is my # 1

  • DunDiditpdx 13 mins ago

    Great list! You should try Book of Unwritten Tales you'd like it

  • Tacola8 13 mins ago

    1 Black Dahlia
    2 Jack Orlando 
    3 Sanitarium 
    4 Still Life 2 
    5 Deponia 
    6 a new beginning 
    7 the whispered world

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi 13 mins ago

    Why there is no Broken Sword?! Really?!

  • Sweet toto 13 mins ago

    I love Mokey Island.

  • Fester Blats 13 mins ago

    Why do you have Myst on that list? They are not adventure games.

  • Pirate Hunter Zoro 13 mins ago

    Syberia is by far the greatest adventure game ever made!!! Followed by The longest journey and Discworld Noir. And Broken Sword we can't forget about broken sword

  • lebellerachael 13 mins ago

    Well its all subjective!, Nice List!………..Manny is my dreamboat!

  • Ginger Tom 13 mins ago

    Grim Fandango is definitely the best.

  • Drisina7 13 mins ago

    I believe the 7th place is a bit low for Syberia (this in case the order has any importance and it is just my personal opinion).
    EDIT: TLJ also, but what about Dreamfall?
    EDIT2:You should try Beyond Good and Evil if you haven't.

  • CubanFury 13 mins ago

    i played your top 5 games in 90's and i agree with you.

  • Craig Valenta 13 mins ago

    King's Quest or Space Quest????

  • Fidgety Rock 13 mins ago

    People say syberia is the best.. I will have to say the longest journey a norwegian game, and then syberia.

  • guzel sumerli 13 mins ago

    the inner world , broken sword ,desperados wanted or alive , monkey island and leisure suit larry  are the best pc games in my opinion  but thanks for your video too 🙂

  • Chris S 13 mins ago

    anyone know the name of the song playing at the start of this video?

  • Rynoa Lesca 13 mins ago

    Wao very nice list, thx! I played a lot of them. Do u also play smaller indie titles like Journey of a Roach or Machinarium?

  • Phantom Wind 13 mins ago

    You forgot to put the "not" in the title.

  • Jarmo Sits 13 mins ago

    what's the tune on 2:00 does anyone know?

  • Kenn Tollens 13 mins ago

    Nice list, I've played nearly all those. Have you ever played Fantasmagoria or Hero's Quest? 

  • Deniz Onmuş 13 mins ago

    Amazing list. Thank you.

  • Zack Baillie 13 mins ago


  • UFSplaying TR 13 mins ago

    The Curse of Monkey island !

  • Lázoss 13 mins ago

    you are fucking kid