Hit for the latest and greatest Xbox news, previews and more! Boo. The Xbox On team appear from the cover of darkness to …

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  • Savannah Federico 3 weeks ago

    I can’t find among the sleep for Xbox one.

  • Benevolent Waffle 3 weeks ago


  • YajisS Hulk 3 weeks ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh my name is Allison but I am 6 years old

  • Laggers of fear is unplayeble on Xbox one s 20 FPS or something

  • Cip Trevino 3 weeks ago

    Layers of Fear is the best horror game to play (on this list).

  • Alfie Little 3 weeks ago

    How is doom a horror

  • Is perception any good? I wanna buy it cause it looks great

  • Dankster Heaven 3 weeks ago

    I don't see Doom as a horror game

  • MINEWARS 3 weeks ago

    Outlast and layers of fear are the best horror games

  • Bobby Allen 3 weeks ago

    Fear is just your conscience playing with you if you let it

  • CharlesBoi99 3 weeks ago

    Among the sleep is good but not scary

  • Richard strickland 3 weeks ago

    I was thinking of getting an Xbox one but damn, they do t have a single good exclusive

  • FaDeZz Gaming 3 weeks ago

    I don't see Allison road on Xbox one… And it's 2017

  • Amir Asa 3 weeks ago

    where the silent hill????!(p.t(

  • "popping you in the wobbly nugget of a 2 year old kid" Give that man a raise!

  • Tyler Dunn 3 weeks ago

    the park was pretty bad it had good potential but I was done in 45 minutes it's not worth it

  • 1866 Yellowboy 3 weeks ago

    for outlast is that Claire (Ali a girlfriend

  • Dylan Garcia 3 weeks ago

    Is outlast ther

  • Large Taint 3 weeks ago

    What is the best on On a scale of Scary. I'm looking to buy one and not sure which one is good.

  • Gamekiller 41 3 weeks ago

    Fear 2

  • Matt Shaw 3 weeks ago

    Only Layers of Fear is worth a go and scary on this list!

  • Nizz 0matic 3 weeks ago

    every "top game" list these days is 90% indie games that are like 4 hours long. I want real actual games please.