Sound plays an important part in games, and one such use for it is to TERRIFY THE BEJESUS OUT OF US. Here are just some game sounds that cause us fear, …

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  • Outside Xtra 3 weeks ago

    Good sound design is extremely effective, as shown by these noises that still haunt our nightmares… Hey…is…is your radio supposed to be crackling like that..? 📻

  • LSDFoxGaming 3 weeks ago

    What about the final boss in Spider-Man (2000)

  • Ash Landers 3 weeks ago

    Yes but where is the Sonic drowning noise

  • Kristine Falls 3 weeks ago

    Where are the sounds from Dead Space? Those are some truly horrific noises.

  • Renren Yco 3 weeks ago

    STARS… -RE3's Nemesis. 😱

  • Kate's Takes 3 weeks ago

    I'm still scarred to this day over a sound clip from The 7th Saga.
    If you encounter another apprentice/adventurer and they want to fight you and they win, you wake up in an inn and you get this dreadful "you just lost everything you worked for" sound.
    To this day, at age 28, I still cannot play the 7th Saga with the sound on…

  • Masta_ Jobo 3 weeks ago

    One of the most scariest sounds in any video game is the sound of something wielding a chainsaw, getting closer and closer behind you. Like resident evil, or evil within

  • Creativity At Random 3 weeks ago

    The scariest sound ever: battle music from Ark starts playing

  • Colin Donovan 3 weeks ago

    I so remember the Metal Gear "!" sound

  • KingdomofAMVHearts 3 weeks ago

    Getting aggro in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. It's just a quick tone, but if you're a healer or DPS and you're in a dungeon, it's a sign that your tank is incompetent or dead and you're about to be next.

  • jet 469 3 weeks ago

    The cave noises in Minecraft

  • MrClassiccarenthusia 3 weeks ago

    🤔 What's wrong with smooth jazz?

  • Ruslakall 3 weeks ago

    Demon from Quake 1

  • FluffyWoWNerd 3 weeks ago

    The rogue stealth noise in Warcraft…

  • Orla Ortiz 3 weeks ago

    Could do without the hosts horrible acting

  • Andrew Shuboy 3 weeks ago

    Junkrat shouting "Fire in the hole!" and D.Va shouting "Nerf this!"

  • Krekodile 3 weeks ago

    This was a good idea for a video, but it was poorly executed.

  • I am You 3 weeks ago

    Wow you guys manage to waste like 7 minutes of video on stupid jokes nobody cares 😰 (that are not even funny)

  • bezoticallyyours83 3 weeks ago

    Funny vid..:)

  • Bryana Corrigan 3 weeks ago

    from my experience:
    – Sonic Drowning noise
    – noise ndicators that signal the presence of certain enemies in Fragile Dreams
    – Redead moaning
    – Smash Ball shattering when it's an enemy player's grab
    – any time-running-out sound

  • Dins Fire 3 weeks ago

    When u step on a dogs tail and it screems 😢😢😢😢 its more sad than scary

  • bezoticallyyours83 3 weeks ago

    I don't think redeads sound scary.

  • Mia Walthour 3 weeks ago

    "Fetch me their souls "

  • Emmanuel Morales 3 weeks ago

    Best ringtones ever!

  • Michael Jarrett 3 weeks ago

    Ashley's Dialogue from Resi 4 is forever etched into my brain…

  • Void - 3 weeks ago

    Head crabs aren’t that bad, they never scared me

  • batman Arkham 3 weeks ago

    And then there's witcher 3

  • Remix71 3 weeks ago

    No distant Dragon roars in Skyrim?

  • Saren Drei 3 weeks ago

    Lavendar town

  • Saren Drei 3 weeks ago

    What about chains rattling from persona?

  • Varyag13 3 weeks ago

    Really, no Outlast?

  • Donte Pringle 3 weeks ago

    Zubat’s cry

  • JayHog1992 3 weeks ago

    And technically, it's not the sobbing that triggers Left 4 Dead players, it's the witch's chase theme, especially when they're mowing down a horde and somehow they managed to accidentally hit a witch in the crossfire, realizing they're not after your team mates, but your ass instead.

  • Lechuga 1815 3 weeks ago

    Gears of War… Berserker. I can still hear the screeching

  • Daniel Hutson 3 weeks ago

    What about every bloody noise in dead space ?

    And that God forsaken vent noise as the alien moves back into the vents, it's safe when you know where it is but if that vent sound happens you spend the next 2min wishing you could see it and wondering if that shuttered vent is safe or your going to jump out your own skin whilst shitting your last part of clean pants as you close your eyes and play over one of the death animations in your head because you realise it was your own fault you stupid stupid idiot