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  • Chitta Mcgee 3 weeks ago

    Hiding in a barrel is so hilarious!

  • Blu Wolf GamR 3 weeks ago

    lol killed by a beach ball

  • Panda4President 3 weeks ago

    This looks awesome! I love Tintin!

  • roselle495 3 weeks ago

    Haha, is that Bianca singing?

  • ScientistCat 3 weeks ago

    I know the books and cartoons were in French, seeing he was created by a Belgian (if I recall correctly). I guess it would've been too much to expect the game makers to hire voice actors for everything, heh.
    Were they using "TV" audio from the cartoon, I wonder… But then, the books were translated to many languages, so I imagine the cartoons were too.

  • FaceInCake 3 weeks ago

    The Adventures of TinTin is originally French. So all they did was used voice actors who spoke English. They don't care much about other details.

  • ScientistCat 3 weeks ago

    LOL all dialogue is in English, but the TV(?) is in French.
    Snowy has such a puny bark, but it's enough to literally throw rats off.
    And at 14:05 beautiful double hit. 😉

  • matildabohlin1 3 weeks ago

    wow I want this game!!!!! but can I download it to macbook ? someone who know ?<3

  • Freddy Fazbear 3 weeks ago

    i support pc games ayaannygaming

  • Ranae Fenner 3 weeks ago

    Who else here plays minecraft? 😀

  • Cashew 3 weeks ago

    Why on earth would you jump of the cliff

  • MrRetlav 3 weeks ago

    Stealth mission….. attack the staff while your at it…