Review of the Playseat Challenge fold-up gaming race seat.

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  • Paolo P 9 mins ago

    I chose this model of seat for lack of space in my playroom, after one year, a plastic part is broken and makes my seat unusable. I tried to contact Playseat customer service to find out if I could get the piece, unfortunately the answer was negative.

  • Yndiax 9 mins ago

    @people who own this; How does your back feel after sitting in this for 1h or longer?

  • ahumeniy 9 mins ago

    The price is too expensive new, but I'm considering getting one of these used. I live in a singles appartment so space is critical

  • Mohaned SIFER 9 mins ago

    Looks really really really cheap and it's way too expensive

  • DISABLELIVE 9 mins ago

    Hi man can i ask how much your weight is? Im a bog guy who trains and i am 120kilos.

    Is there room for me in that playseat? Thanks

  • LuKa Luke 9 mins ago

    Hello! is it stable with full FFB ? Greetz from Germany!

  • I live in Australia bein in Australia u can b in the garage in winter it ain't that bad lol well depending Wat Part of aus ya in

  • Urban Chaos 2.0 9 mins ago

    Lmao., This rubbish doesn't even look comfortable.

  • Gory Glory 9 mins ago

    wish they had a gear mount support. I am still getting this as my TMX broke after mounting dismounting so many times on the desk..Plus with the small room I have this is perfect

  • Tom Moore 9 mins ago

    Ha! Lego Test Car on the shelf, man I loved that kit.

  • Juan Pedro Marroquín 9 mins ago

    how tall are you?

  • Davidson Dudes 9 mins ago

    I'm Getting one this weekend

  • Rafał Kaczerewski 9 mins ago

    How tall are You man?

  • Roy Thompson 9 mins ago

    I liked your review good advice

  • bliglum 9 mins ago

    I was thinking of getting one of these, but instantly reconsidered when I saw that price tag.. $250 for what is essentially a glorified lawn chair is MASSIVELY overpriced!. I'm seeing $99 here, $150 at most..

  • DVAFP 9 mins ago

    i'm planning on getting this playseat and attaching a couple of vesa bracket mounts to the side bars and sticking my x55 throttle and stick to them with velcro.

    i hope there is room next to my legs for the bracket mounts and that the throttle and stick will be within reach since the metal tubes where i could attach them seem very forward on the seat.

  • johan axling 9 mins ago

    I really like this guy

  • pepep44 9 mins ago

    Great video! I am going to buy it including the DFGT…maybe!

  • noor sher shah 9 mins ago

    This is like showing candy to a baby while he crying, not made for real Gamer 

  • Alejandro Mengual 9 mins ago

    I Have just received my Playseat Challenge but Can't mount my DFGT. How did You fixed Your DFGT to the wheel base? Could You make use Of the screws?
    Thanks for Your comments.

  • Tor Harald Olsen 9 mins ago

    is it compatible whit g27 and gearshifter on side?

  • Wasabi Soda 9 mins ago

    is this seat compatible with the gearshift holder mount

  • Hussien A. 9 mins ago

    please can you tell me what type of diecast car is this near the books @2:19

  • SternLX 9 mins ago

    That would be the noise that all DFGT Wheels make when the Force Feedback gets a little too busy. 🙂 I never hear my DFGT, I always race with a Gaming Headset on.

  • Jordan Warner 9 mins ago

    This is a good video

  • TheJ666C 9 mins ago

    to much money and not stable enouth for me