A short and sad narrative. I find myself on a dock with no memory of how I got there, or even who I am. Where did this ferry come from? ▻Please consider …

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  • Jak The Alienistic Cat 4 weeks ago

    It takes place in the Bermuda ∆

  • Pastor of Muppets 4 weeks ago

    The bottle of Gin in the game looks like a bottle of Bombay Sapphire, a London Dry Gin

  • Alexander Willow 4 weeks ago

    didn't care 4 this game.

  • Frankie Cuellar 4 weeks ago

    Hello from Orlando Florida follow my channel

  • Ryan Mulyana 4 weeks ago

    So very awesome All games CJU games … (y) I am from Indonesian ☺
    Sukses terus broo …

  • Jackson Stone 4 weeks ago

    i was really hoping he was going to do the voice of the boiler man down in the boat with a super creepy voiceee 0-0

  • Laura Waterfield 4 weeks ago

    Love the cartoon atmosphere. Kinda of funny as well. With some sadness of course. Thanks Cju…Cheers

  • William Barber III 4 weeks ago

    Chris, damn good voice acting for boileroom, right @ the beginning; had me honestly fooled for a sec.

  • S. Tenise Reynolds 4 weeks ago

    rotfl 25:25

  • FoxQuinGamer 4 weeks ago

    o snap this game.

  • Boo Sweets 4 weeks ago

    It was enjoyable <3

  • Mwiiaaou 4 weeks ago

    Really enjoyed the video. Game was meh/good, you made the whole journey a bit more entertaining 🙂

  • funny. after 2 min I had the thought "yeah, must've be Charon and his ferry on the river styx" 😀 Nice one. well done by the developers, pretty much liked this short game, how they visualized the topic around greek mythology and afterlife… though it was also quite sad….
    Ps: my dog's named after Charon. <3 – but his temper is totally different from the ferryman here 😀

  • Silentry1 4 weeks ago

    interesting concept.

  • Whiskey Richard 4 weeks ago

    Quinine is the key ingredient in tonic water – it's what gives it that astringent, tangy flavour. It's also the key ingredient in the combat of malaria, which is exactly why gin and tonic became so popular.

  • Minahil Ishfaq 4 weeks ago

    Voice acting wow you are very talented😌😌😋😋

  • Minahil Ishfaq 4 weeks ago

    Plzzzzzzzzzzz play the school white day cju plzzzzz

  • Whale God 4 weeks ago

    CjuGames You are awesome! You really bring back the kind of let's play videos i used to love watching…Nowadays most of the people I used to watch stopped doing them and are bound to mostly one game now. Thank you!

  • Vi Xia 4 weeks ago

    not the most exceptional of games, but an enjoyable playthrough and A+ voice acting as always!

  • Scriptor13 4 weeks ago

    I totally agree with your assessment of the game, Cju. More a funky morality play than a game, really. I must admit to being distracted by the boiler man continuously stroking the handle of the coal shovel. I kept expecting to have to yell, "Thar she blows!" Loved your Sean Connery-in-hell accent for him. Great voice acting all around, as usual; but, next time I expect a full-on Scottish burr.

  • Trippin 4 weeks ago

    meh, i will like the vid because i like you so much but the game was lame.

  • Bree M 4 weeks ago

    Thank you for uploading videos while I'm sick!

  • Bene Bean 4 weeks ago

    heeey, there was a halo reference in there! "monument to all your sins"… pretty fitting for the boilerman's character

  • brandon phillips 4 weeks ago

    Resident evil 4 dlc “the merchants assistant”

  • LisaBaby 4 weeks ago

    Love you're accent lol

  • Jonas Christensen 4 weeks ago

    Nice video, lad. As always. You should try playing Bleedout, if you want to play another little indie game.

  • Beasty's Game Corner 4 weeks ago

    CJU Demon Voice Confirmed.

  • Qpr Forever 4 weeks ago

    Voice acting multi talented 👍

  • tinimaus1986 4 weeks ago

    Can’t help myself, I love it. Especially when you change voices.

  • bee pot 4 weeks ago

    Hmm I really liked this weird game.

  • Mordo Great 4 weeks ago

    So this ferry is like The Number Nine from Grim Fandango?

  • Sarah Ortiz 4 weeks ago

    Are we going to see until dawn on here? Or have you played it?

  • Elmodias1 4 weeks ago

    For some reason this game gives me a vibe of Vampire the masquerade bloodlines, perhaps because I'm replaying right now. And I hope to see you playing that one too, one day CJU.