GAMEPLAY: Atari Flashback : New Live Broadcasts …

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  • Jesse Garza 1 hour ago

    I liked and subscribed. You’re good people.

  • TigerBearCatBrandon 1 hour ago

    How did you control it without touch ? I have this app on iPad and it doesn't support MFi gamepads. Does a mouse work ?

  • samus vikerness 1 hour ago

    So annoying god. Your not Pewdiepie.

  • sam robacker 1 hour ago

    Hey, I know this is old, but I recently tried the first adventure on an emulator, and for some reason-I'm going along the maze and I somehow….die(I think?) Because it'll reset me back to the start.

  • Spladam 1 hour ago

    Yar's Revenge was easily my favorite, coded by the same guy who coded ET, as you probably know. I like your vid's content, but you might want to tone down the wacky kid's show stuff. Will watch more though.

  • N Bédard 1 hour ago

    River Raid

  • The 8-Bit Guy 1 hour ago

    Hmmm… Favorite 2600 games?  I can't pick just one.  My favorites were Mrs. PacMan, Yar's Revenge, Pitfall 1 & 2.

  • Traveling Texan 1 hour ago

    I remember The Bat.  That thing is the most evil, cruel villain ever devised for a video game. It will steal your sword and leave you at the mercy of the dragons.  It will always appear out of nowhere and snatch the item you need most.  It will even drop off a dragon right in front you before there's proper time to react.  Then there's all the times it will steal the chalice right when you're about to make it home.  And the worst part is that you can't kill it.  You just have to suck it up as that evil monstrosity continues to frustrate your every move.

  • Connor Velez 1 hour ago

    And wizard of WOR are my favorite Atari games

  • Connor Velez 1 hour ago

    Solar fox

  • Yars revenge and H.E.R.O are my favs I still have an Atari they are gold

  • χριστος Χριστοφη 1 hour ago

    chris can i make a statement with an if then app .close gps when the the application dont need it and open it when it is needed?

  • Nolife2692 1 hour ago

    Hey bro have you ever try this yet look for this Smiths Original Frazzles Crispy Bacon Flavour Corn Snacks

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  • William Dial 1 hour ago


  • Diana Pirillo 1 hour ago

    "Stuff"  :))

  • WaybackTECH 1 hour ago

    Although my comment won't be about Atari, this video reminds me of a game I used to play on my parents Packard Bell PB500 XT computer.  Very similar style of game. Maybe it was called Adventure, I don't remember, it was slightly different though from this. But maybe that was just because it was the PC version of the game.  Now I will have to look for that. 🙂

  • Jordan Rufus 1 hour ago

    Hey Chris, I love your vlogs and CPUs can please do a video of what's on your iPad and on the LG L Fino please

  • ajcochran98 1 hour ago

    My grandparents had a super nintendo and i think you should take a look at star fox. Thanks:)

  • asphixmx 1 hour ago

    12mb the game? I guess it should be 12 kb… Mistake?

  • Jason Disbrow 1 hour ago

    Ah I love this game too! I still have my 2600 and the cartridge at my parents basement I should go pick it up. I love the older systems much more than the newer ones.  For the Atari I think River Raid was my favorite though..or maybe this one I don't know.

  • Dr Lee Percussion 1 hour ago

    Right on Chris I remember going through walls with the chalice! LOL

  • James Clark 1 hour ago

    LOVED Adventure. Holy crap haven't seen it for years. I'm having flashbacks.

  • Brandon Holcomb 1 hour ago

    Frogger or Cops and Robbers

  • pam2125 1 hour ago

    if anyone is using feature points , ill use ur code if you use mine. Thanks all 

    awesome vid btw 😀

  • Paola M 1 hour ago

    Yeah, I'm an old fart too, Chris and I LOVE retro video games as well!!! So many favorites out there but I use play Pacman, Defender, Joust, Centipede, Breakout & Space Invaders to name a few. Love these vlogs!! Thanks, Chris! 😘❤️👍

  • Mark Turner 1 hour ago

    My favourite Atari 2600 games are Circus Atari (so addictive), Pitfall II and River Raid!

    I love the fact that Sega Genesis controllers worked in the Atari 2600!

  • Deon Spates 1 hour ago

    Love the classics

  • thesnare100 1 hour ago

    Chris, one of my favorites was Raiders of the lost Arc, do you have that one?

  • thesnare100 1 hour ago

    Chris, ever want to mod Adventure, and make your own stuff in it? I think it's written in assembly

  • thesnare100 1 hour ago

    definitely not worth $30 if the game is that short

  • Chris Pirillo's Tech Geek Nerd News Talk & AMA 1 hour ago

    This oldie but goodie was a favorite!

  • Kirk Morrant 1 hour ago

    Wow! I remember playing this game! I can't remember exactly where and when but I think it's safe to say it was over 25 years ago!

  • Willy Rosado 1 hour ago

    I had Atari 2600 as well

  • Tim Doty 1 hour ago

    River Raid or Ms Pac Man were two of my favorites.

  • Retromancers — Retro Game Let's Plays and Reviews 1 hour ago

    Nice; I must have spend hundreds of hours playing this bad boy back in the day.