This is a speed VOD review. Overall final impressions of the series is that the jury is still out for me on Griffin. I think they could make a serious run for Worlds if …

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  • Jans6ever 3 weeks ago

    Its a shame that Khan has to play Mundo, he is wasted on that pick. Also Peanut not on point with the spears lol.

  • David Xu 3 weeks ago

    Hey ls, what do you think about NA tarzaned's pathing? Is he the best jgl NA, and is he better than some kr jungles?

  • luuk groot 3 weeks ago

    Nick going spectator mode for a sec 29:10

  • Isaac Stetson 3 weeks ago

    Can you play in game audio at a very very low volume for filler noise maybe?

  • can't find skt game that LS talked about where they group up in the jungle and play so well coordinated, can someone link it please?

  • Arne Verschoor 3 weeks ago

    no clue why king zone is still playing with Peanut.

  • Joseph McKenney-Barschall 3 weeks ago

    you want to know an apalling thought? You know how life and saviour were throwing matches? what if pray and gorilla were in something similar? you would actually hope that they were kongs.

  • Nathan Houser 3 weeks ago

    "if if if" kingzone got slapped hard 2 games in a row, just give it to them lmao

  • thibault vandenbogaerde 3 weeks ago

    So kingzone is a meme now?

  • namjamonatrain 3 weeks ago

    What game was that Skt Vs Kt fight that LS talked about.

  • Tyler NV 3 weeks ago

    LS the type of guy to make you laugh your ass off even though he's a giant nerd

  • IYPITWL 3 weeks ago

    Pulling the Morgana adc ban. Hype

  • Wouter R 3 weeks ago

    Hey Nick I just want to tell you that all of us watching really appreciate you taking your time to make these videos. Love your vids as always!

  • Tyler TT 3 weeks ago

    GRF HYPE <3

  • jiminfested 3 weeks ago
  • Dee Roberts 3 weeks ago

    Wait, who used redemption at 20:35? Bot lane doesn't have it and Zoe looked out of range…

  • Dee Roberts 3 weeks ago

    G 👏 R 👏 I 👏 F 👏 F 👏 I 👏 N

  • Jack Sully 3 weeks ago

    i love your smart ass comments LOL

  • Frothar 3 weeks ago

    I'm down to support griffon to worlds. I always enjoy teams from new talent. I don't know how the team was drafted but they play like they have been together a long time

  • Dark of Legend 1 K 3 weeks ago

    Love your vids <3

  • Michael Doll 3 weeks ago

    I'm aboard the Griffin hype train.

  • oscar s 3 weeks ago

    Wait, where is game 1